July 1, 2008

swim lessons

After months(actually years) of procrastinating, I finally did it! I signed my boys up for swimming lessons. I feel so proud of myself. I tried to sign up for the infamous Mr. Bonetti (sp?) last month, but was informed that I should have signed up in February. That completely took the wind out of my sails and I almost gave up. Until the other night at small group when I saw Finn's buddy Zach jump off the side of the pool and actually swim around. I was so impressed. I decided to try again for lessons.

It took me the entire morning yesterday to accomplish this task. I had to drag all 3 boys to the aquatic center to fill out paper work. I could not believe the mental gymnastics required to pick the dates for a 2 week session...let alone the time of day I would take them. No wonder people sign up in February! Get those swim dates on paper and then plan your summer accordingly. Ollie was screaming the entire time and I finally realized he needed a diaper change and ASAP. There was no where to go, so I had to plop down on the middle of the floor and change him there. Classy, I know. By the time I got home I was practically shaking from starvation and the exhaustion of the whole experience. But I was victorious. Due to vacation plans, I could not get them in til July 21st. So in the meanwhile, we'll just stick with our kiddy pool.
You know Calvin dressed himself when his trunks are on backwards.

Doesn't this small slide look enormous in this picture?
Finn, the water boy, at his usual post. He extremely possessive of the hose.

Ollie's first time in the kiddy pool. Of course he loved it. What kid doesn't love water?


  1. Way to go Davi! My sister had Brogan in lesson for the 1st half of summer---they were M-Thurs. and I felt like her whole life revolved around those darn lessons. Hopefully, it will be more managable for you and your boys!

    Looks like Finn has opened a pretty nice water park :)

  2. Dude, your pool is rad!!! Now I'm almost embarassed of the little dinky thing we have in the backyard for Sam! Can we come over and swim?

    I taught swim lessons in college. Of course, I worked at a community pool, where parents dumped off their kids for six hours of time for babysitting, er, swimming. I'm sure your lessons will be much better.

  3. Hey Davi. Just wondering where you signed up the boys for swimming lessons? Did you happen to notice if they had evening sessions? I, too, saw how amazingly Zach swam and was horrified by Rylan's lack of skill....lessons here we come!!! :)

  4. Aw man, Ollie is looking like such a big boy in this post! :*) You'll have to let us know how the swim lessons go!

  5. Josh loves real pools, but hates the kiddie pool at home. Go figure! We'll do swim lessons with him next year.

  6. hey, we have a real pool and the kids still love running through the sprinklers and playing in the kiddie pools! Swim lessons are a pain but well worth it in the end, I think!!

  7. well, good for you at accomplishing this daunting task! It may sound like I am poking fun, but I mean that seriously... going anywhere with kids, especially appts and sign-ups is tricky. And you have THREE!
    They are so cute in their little seim trunks. I hope they love swimming lessons.