October 29, 2008

from the sidelines

Yesterday, Finn was putting on a one-man-show, playing soccer in our backyard. Calvin pulled up some little chairs and decided to watch from the sidelines,with orange kitty as his honored guest.

Finn was on a roll, and so Calvin started clapping and cheering wildy.

"Great job Finn!", he shouted.

And then I heard him quietly say "Wow, Finn is amazing", in most sincere admiration, as Finn scored his 27th goal against himself.

Calvin pointed to this photo of Ollie and said, "Ollie is wearing a pants-hat".

I'm guessing that's because Calvin has pants in the same camouflage pattern as the hat??

On hearing Ollie scream from the other room:

"Calvin", I hollered, "Did you hit Ollie?"

"No,  I just tackled him", he said as sweetly as possible.

I've always appreciated Calvin's honesty:) Not that he didn't get in trouble...

However, all this tackling is getting a bit out of hand lately. John has decided that it is alright for Finn and Calvin to tackle each other. Otherwise, they will be pansies, he said.

Ollie is definitely off-limits, and I am not so sure that Finn and Calvin are responsible enough to handle all this tackling business either. Since they began tackling a few weeks ago, the number of kicking and hitting incidences/accidents has multiplied exponentially. Honesty I don't remember them hitting or kicking at all before all this tackling.


  1. Sweet sweet boys! :) I love how the little ones look up to their bigger siblings. It is like they can do no wrong...at least until they are tackled.

  2. "Pants-hat" Love it!!

    I also love how you are so on top of it to capture such seemingly little, yet grand moments in your boys' lives. You will look back on those pics of Calvin and Orange Kitty and be so glad you captured that! They really are sweet photos!

    Oh, and my husband and step-son wrestle around ALL the time...it drives me CRAZY!

  3. I love the sweet look on Calvin's face watching his brother. Sibling love is so precious.

  4. Your boys are so precious! I love their sweet spirits!

  5. Awww, I love it all! And I'm glad Orange Kitty is enjoying his time in the sun!

  6. Your boys make me laugh. I love how they love eachother...even if they tackle!

  7. I can't wait to have three boys! I hope they love each other the way your boys love each other... tackling and all. :)

  8. Too cute! I like that John thinks that too!
    Sweet post :)

  9. it is so sweet how he looks up to Finn... and that must be so neat for you to see. A little reward!!

    Hmmm, tackling... now that is something we have not experienced yet at all. So I think it's hilarious. hehe :)

  10. So precious! I want three boys so bad! You are so blessed Davi! And I love the "pants hat"! It is super cute!

  11. Gary says... wait 'til they get to junior high and get "the claw" week in and week out. Love finding your blog... your boys are hilarious. I love it! Claudia

  12. Oh the wrestling. We only have 1 boy, but he and my husband get down and play-fight ALL the time. I'm usually squeeking from the sidelines... "BE CAREFUL!"... and usually it ends in crying. Of course... 5 seconds later Logan is over it and tackles his dad again. Ugh. Boys. lol.... gotta love it.

  13. Hey Claudia! What a fun surprise visit from you!

  14. hi davi! i love this post! calvin is just the funniest kid of his age! i keep coming back to this post. even had to show it to my hubby to share the admiration :)) it's soooo sweet :)