October 22, 2008

My Squishy

I shall call him squishy,
And he shall be mine.
And he shall be my squishy.

From Dory the fish, upon meeting a baby jellyfish

Calvin is one of the most cuddly, huggable, squishy thing I've ever met.

There is just something about his composition that makes his hugs the best ever. 

And so I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine:)

When I first started calling him "squishy" a few weeks ago, he said "I am not your squishy. Ollie is your squishy".

No, no Calvin, Ollie is not my squishy. Ollie is 100% solid. No squish there. And Finn? He's very skinny and has no squish-factor whatsoever. I love all my boys' hugs equally, but there is just something extra special about Calvin's hugs. In fact, I cannot go more than an hour or 2 without requesting hugs all around. I pay no regards towards personal space issues.

And he's gotten used to me calling him "squishy" lately. I think he kind of likes it. We still call him GeGe too, but I think squishy may be here for a while. 


  1. So sweet! I'm just starting to get little hugs...unsolicited even!

    And I love squishy's Curious George tee...so cute!

  2. I love your squishy Geegee. He is the adorablest thing ever. And he look great in his CG shirt! Finally, someone in the family can wear yellow!

  3. What a perfect little squishy he is too! And yes, I love the CG shirt also.

  4. I love his hugs too - and he's very generous with them:)

  5. That's so funny. My middle boy is my squishy one, too. He was the most attached as a babe, nursed the longest (so far) and he still likes to climb on me and hang on me and cuddle, etc., at almost 6 years old.

  6. I love it hee hee. What BEAUTIFUL photos. My second (youngest, so far) is my squishy one.:) At four he is still pretty clingy and cuddly too. I'm enjoying every moment of it cause one of these days he's gonna decide he's done bein squishy...

  7. Oh, man - he is so, so adorable!!

    My younger son gives those amazing hugs, too - I love, love, love it!

  8. thanks again, auntie jessica, for my curious george shirt. it's my most favorite shirt ever!