October 26, 2008

pumpkins at last!

I love pumpkin patch posts. I have rather enjoyed looking at all of your lovely pumpkin photos and patiently waited for my turn to come. Day after day I hoped John and I would be able to make it happen amidst his crazy volleyball schedule. I needed John there. I cannot take pictures with 3 boys running in 3 separate directions.

I even laid out the boys' old fall clothes on their dresser, just in case.

We were planning on going camping with our church this weekend. As much as we wanted to go, it was looking more and more unrealistic as the days passed. Our house was/is in shambles and we could barely make it to the grocery store...or the pumpkin patch...let alone camping. We just did not have a peace about going, and so we decided to stay home.

Well yesterday, my big day finally came. The sun lined up with the moon and stars, and we were finally able to take the boys to the pumpkin patch. I was so excited. I even curled my hair for the occasion!

When we got there, I was a bit dismayed at all the throngs of people that decided to join us. It was really crowded. But, I decided that I was not going to let anything damper my spirits. Not even the mass swarms of humanoids.

Calvin found a great pumpkin candidate almost instantly.

Ollie, of course, instantly made a bee-line for the off-limits area. I told you I needed John there.

I found some pretty white pumpkins, and was hoping to entice the boys with them.

As challenging as it was to keep up with Ollie, it was so much fun to watch his face light up over all these glorious, magical pumpkins. He was in awe of God's creation.

Though the boys are wearing old clothes, I must confess that I did purchase them all some new sneakers last weekened. Calvin was not in dire need of a pair, but I could just not refuse these funky-fresh grey converse, complete with orange trim and lime-green laces. They had Calvin's name written all over them. No, I could not resist.

I was having a bit of trouble taking photos with all the people roaming about. The boys looked liked they were struggling a bit too.

We headed over the bridge, in search of more peaceful pastures.

I finally found the perfect little nook, that was out of the way of everyone. It was perfect, complete with a little pond and barn in the background. I gathered my troops and started to set up camp. My kids looked a bit stone-faced, but I figured I had a few more minutes to mix things up before the sun went down.

And this is when things started to go down-hill. Finn and Calvin informed us that they had to whiz. My heart literally sank. All I wanted was a couple of nice family photos. But this was not going to happen. We literally had 10-15 minutes before the sun would go down.

Such is life, when you are dealing with pint-sized bladders. And that is ok. That is our life right now, and so what you see is what you get.

Back we went, over the bridge, fighting the mass humanoid swarms, once again. Out to the parking lot to our new destination. This was our definite low point.

Ollie was a bit of a bear, desperately trying to claw his way into the outhouses. It was difficult to restrain him.

After all the whizzing, we went back to my nook, and John took some photos of me and the boys.

Ollie did not want to take photos with me. He would much rather play with his new pumpkin toys.

As the sun went down, the festive white lights began to twinkle.

I really wished I had paid more attention in my photo class when they were discussing night-shooting. I kind of tuned out once they started talking about tri-pods and special flash apparatus. It really is a pity, because this place actually would have been quite beautiful to shoot at night.


  1. I also have dreams of getting to the pumpkin patch...

    You got some cute pictures...even if they weren't all that you had imagined. I love the one of Calvin fourth from the bottom.

    And the Converse are awesome!

  2. Looks like a great time at the patch. Our local patch is like a desert... It's so dusty and without shade, so it's not a fun place to take pictures... Yours on the other had are awesome.

  3. Love the photos. We too were too over loaded this weekend to camp. I'm with you sista! Oh well, there's always next year right? And BTW, when we were out there Briggs had stage fright and Barbie totally convinced me to let him pee in the PATCH! ahhhhhggg! Not on any pumkins or anything. I was pretty sure they were going to kick us out. You were SOOOO smart to take John with you ! :)

  4. Where is this pumpkin patch that you guys all go to?? It looks awesome!!

    I love your photos, as always.

  5. OH Davi...my pumpkin patch adventures didn't go as expected either. My girl REALLY hates posing and well...a decent family picture is still a distant dream :)

    Your pictures turned out beautiful even if they weren't perfect ;) I especially love the night shot...stunning.

    Oh and those portapotties were NASTY! I actually think your little nook was where Briggs peed ;)

  6. They are fabulous and make me jealous that mine are never that good.

    Sally, there's a fabulous pumpkin patch on Taft Highway east of Buena Vista Road. AT least I think it's Taft highway...or what ever street is south of Panama Lane.

  7. I am so glad that you, John and the boys got to have a fun outing.I actually thought camping was next weekend.The pictures were great:)

  8. I'm convinced that the worst photographer/subject relationship is "mom photographer" and "child subject"...it just doesn't get worse than that, so take heart, you are NOT alone!

    I've learned to lower my expectations and just see what I get. I always get the best pictures when I least expect it...the unplanned, no expectations moments....the moments I try to create and plan never seem to work out.

    I have to say that John is a trooper. I drag my husband around for photo shoots too and it can be quite torturous trying to meet my expectations. These men that love us so dearly deserve awards!

  9. oh my dear, you need not a tripod or a flash, your pictures were BEAUTIFUL without them! and oh my goodness so were you! You're always beautiful, but you looked stunning, I think the fall colors agree with you.

    love you!

    coffee this week? it's been so long...

  10. I LOVE all your pumpkin patch pictures! You all look so cute!! Was that the pumpkin patch out on Taft Hwy?? It looks like the one we were at for Logan's field trip. I love it at night! We are planning to go as a family some time this week... maybe this time I'll remember my camera, eh? lol.

  11. I love the pics! You looked fabulous and your boys are always adorable!

    Miss you too...can we hang out sometime soon?

  12. Your pictures are beautiful! The pumpkin patch looks so much nicer than the one we went to, haha! And I am honored that you added me to your blog links. :) I hope it's all right if I add you to mine!

  13. thank you all for your encouragement and kind words:)

    murphys--i was soooooo tempted to have the boys pee right there, but john would have killed me;)

    things we say--yes, being the mom photographer can be challenging, but so cool that we are around all the time to capture those rare moments that only come along once in a while!

    lorieloo-you are so sweet and your words humble me!

  14. I love looking at everyone's pumpkin patch pictures too. When we went I was disapointed how hot it was. I had to roll up Gracie's sleeves. It kind of ruins the Fall atmoshpere when it's so hot!!!

  15. All of your boys are so cute I just want to squeeze them!! And I 2nd Lorie's comment...you looked really cute...I loved the black and orange ensemble! So festive and pumpkin patch-y! =)

  16. Hottest Mama at the pumpkin patch?? I think so! I'm surprised people weren't begging to take pics of you and your magazine-worthy kids! Soooo fun, love the realistic picture you gave.

  17. You have wonderful pictures, even if they weren't the ones that you had hoped to capture. It looks like it was all so much fun, and it really looks like fall over there so I am jealous! LOL! I love that everybody was able to wear pants and sweaters and long sleeves - the weather should always be nice and cool at pumpkin patches, but our pumpkin patches haven't yet figured out that little fact. ;-P The pics are great, and you're all so cute! :)

  18. Cute cute cute! I love them! Do you guys have any special plans for Halloween? This will be our first Halloween with a child ... crazy! That makes it so much more exciting ... except he cannot eat candy yet ... oh well =)
    ALSO can you e-mail me your mailing address? I need to send you something! angela.diffee@phoenix.edu

  19. oh, I'm so glad you got to go to the pumpkin patch like your were dreaming about in the midst of all your craziness! And I love that you curled your hair for it-- that sounds like something I totally would have done too. :) You are too gorgeous and cute and lovely for words.

    Like everyone else has already said, you seriously took some amazing pictures (ESPECIALLY under the circumstances, whizzing and all). They may not have been exactly what you anticipated, but those are some precious memories right there with your boys. And I'm so glad you're one of those moms who can realize that. :)

  20. Ok I am having to go back to this post now that I'm realizing you were probably about what- 9 weeks pregnant here? You look great for feeling sick! Great anyway, but esp for feeling sick!