October 15, 2008

a meme for me(warning--lots of photos)

I was recently tagged by The Things We Do. Thank you!

1)What were you doing 10 years ago?
Oh boy!
I was a bleach blonde that wore ridiculous short-shorts...

as a science geek at CSUF...

as a newly-wed...

that loved puppies(Olive in particular)...

and babies(holding Jessica's firstborn Tacy).

2)Things "to do" list for today.
I really need to finish editing a bunch of photos of my friend's baby girl. Here are a few.

and I need to iron-on Calvin's Luv E. Lamb patch for Cubbies.

and I need to go to the post office. I think I can, I think I can. Who am kidding? The likelihood of me dragging 3 boys into the post office today is slim-to-none.

3. What is your favorite snack?
Fresh home-made salsa with warm restaurant-style chips. Or home-made bread.

4.If you were a millionaire, you would....
Probably not tell anyone, LOL! Ok, that is a loaded question. Of course I hope I would do something extremely selfless and worthy with the proceeds. Truth be told, I am glad I am not a millionaire, because there would be so much temptation involved. I would probably buy some new curtains and some nice-fitting clothes too and that wedding ring. And, and...see, my list is already growing.

5) List 5 places you have lived.
First, I was born and raised in a red house near the mountains.

Second. I lived in various housing arrangments while a student at APU, ranging from dorms with roommates to married housing with John. Here is our first real place as a couple. I just became interested in decorating, and somehow thought sticks and blue foiliage were appropriate for sprucing up the place???

Here are some checkered valences that John sewed, since I did not know how to sew yet. And we stuffed them with newspaper for oomph. LOL! Don't ask about my hat. I have no idea if I actually wore that out in public, with my high-waisted shorts.

Third. Right after graduating APU, I became a *high-powered career woman*, teaching high school. With our combined incomes, John and I were able to afford this cute apartment in Glendora...

...where I soon discovered that I would be forever cursed as a "frequent decorater". Here is our kitchen, with John's little curtains, and lots of daisies. I was obsessed with daisies.

It wasn't long before I hated daisies. I found some new fabric, and it was a "dawing of a new era." Gone, were John's curtains(which I will forever cherish, by the way). Sister Jessica helped me sew my first project ever: slip covers for my folding chairs. Because that is what every new beginning sewer starts with, right?

I was completely overwhelmed by the awkwardness of the project and secretly became very scared of sewing. Jessica helped me sew the first slipcover and I made the rest. She also helped me sew my very first curtains ever.

My old sticks in my new digs...not for for long though.

I soon discovered that I did not like teaching naughty high-schoolers and so I retired after just 1 year of teaching. There went my pay-check, and my beautiful apartment.

Fourth. We moved across the street to a cheaper apartment and I started attending CSUF as a grad student. I figured we would be here for a while and wanted to paint my apartment, but there was a "no painting" policy.

So, I presented the lady/landlord with a laminated petition of my paint swatches and coordinating fabric swatches. How could she say no? Nobody can resisit lamination. We painted the walls perriwinke. Omigosh, I know. Well, John painted, while I studied for qualifying exams. I was devasted that my new kitchen had NO windows for my new curtains that Jess and I slaved over:

So someone got the bright idea(not sure who) to put up some mirrors as fake windows.

Clever, no?

I was back in business, and re-decorated the living room as well. Hideous, I know:(

It actually changed even more when I discovered painting wood, but have I have no photos of this. We were very happy here... aside from the puddle we had to jump over every day to get to our door...and the treacherous parking lot. We lived there till we bought our very first house, which we still live in today.

Fifth. We hooted and hollered the whole drive up to our new house. We were so excited. I have lost count of all the decorating phases this house has been through. Here is our current abode. For now.

The floral curtains gotta go! I am trying to sell my pool table, so I can convert the area to a music room for the drum sets.

Then I can reclaim my space!

6. Now tag 5 people.
Sister Jessica


  1. Ohhhh did you really tag me?? I'm so honored, I'll have fun doing this one! I absolutely LOVED reading this. I started reading it on my phone and quickly realized I needed to get to a bigger computer to see all the photos. You are quite a decorator, seriously! I admire all you did to those first apartments- you have a gift! And what a knock-out you were and still are- your hubby is a lucky man!

  2. Oh that was GREAT! What a hoot! I had a mirror window too...it was a wedding gift and I actually still have it but now it's a fake window in the toy room for Emilee's toy kitchen. It probably shouldn't be on the wall at all but she likes it.

    I love that you posted all your decor phases..you're brave! I like the iron as part of the decor...that's pretty much what my house is like all the time...I just can't hide all the "real life" if I took pictures.

    Your place is so cute! Next time we are driving through your area which has been maybe once in the last 8 years...lol, we'll have to stop in! Oh and be sure to come see us soon!

  3. What a fun post! How awesome is it for you (and John) that you have really not changed in the last 10 years, except to have gotten even cuter? You don't look a day older, for sure. I loved seeing your decorating over the years, and wow - your current home is so fun and beautiful!

  4. Fun post! I think I just died when I saw Olive as a puppy-- I remember that day when we took that picture of John holding her in front of the sheet-- that was our backdrop :) She was so cute (still is).

  5. It was fun seeing the evolution of your decor. The picture with the hat didn't even tlook like you!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! What a great flash back!!!! I loved seeing you "back in the day." Its clear you've had an affinity for decorating for quite some time. I love how you have your current house decorated. Feels like if I ever went there, I'd immediately feel comfortable and want to kick off my shoes and snuggle up on the couch. That is a problem I have with my house. I feel like my house is a bit cold. Hmmm... wanna come decorate it for me?

  7. oh you are DARLING. seriously. I love you as a blonde=) hehe

    seriously, I could not stop laughing at all your decor, I don't have nearly as many pictures of our early decorating phases, nor did we have time/money to do any of that.

    you are too cute and I'M SO EXCITED YOU TAGGED ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. OMGoodness, Dave, I just died over this post! All of those decorating phases (dawnings) that we spend hours discussing! And look how high we hung those sticks! UFO'S! I love the ever-present iron on your black cabinet, too, lol! Oh, and those striped slipcovers. We were so concerned about them playing second fiddle to the floral curtains...or was it the other way around? And here you are, about to embark on a new dawning with your more urban curtains. I can't wait to see it.

    You looked so cute with your long blonde hair.

    Great post!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS you are a crack up! The post would not have been the same without all of the pictures! I love how you had all the super high wasted shorts! I so remember those! And I love how you decorated with daisies ... my obsession was with sunflowers!

  10. Oh, and wasn't that hat supposed to be a decoration for the wall? With some ribbons and flowers glued on?

  11. Hi Davi,
    Found your blog through Sally, CeCe, Lorie.....when were you at APU? I went to APU - graduated in 98....your hubby looks way familiar. Hmmmm. Anyway, this was a lot of fun to read and I love your blog!

  12. I am dying over this post, and there are far too many things I want to comment on, because I am so in LOVE with all your photos. I especially like the decor ones... oh wow, how fun to look back. And OH, your house now!! It is so, so, so cute. I can't get over how much I love it, and I see several decorating ideas I totally want to steal :) You are quite the creative decorating genius.
    Also, I am a bit jealous of your long legs. What a babe.
    As I was reading this, I was thinking "I hope she tagged me!" :) So yay, thank you!!

    about my new cabinet/shelf you love... I actually love the color scheme it already is too (and I have lots of yellow in my house, so it would totally match), but what you can't see from the picture is how bad the paint is in some places. So it definitely needs a repainting. But after I got your comment and now that I think about it, maybe I will repaint it exactly the same way!

  13. LOL! I didn't even recognize you in the hat picture!

    This was so darn fun to look at! You really are so cute with all your decorating!

    Hey, my dad really is looking to buy a pool table. Tell me a price and I'll e-mail him a picture of it. :)

  14. That was so fun to read! I love seeing all of your decorating skills. I need you to come to my house! And I actually love the mirrors as a fake window. That is so cool. I once saw in a decorating magazine to use mirrors instead of glass for cabinets in the kitchen that way there is more light but you don't have to keep your dishes and things neat and tidy behind the door like you do with glass. I even saved that page out of the magazine but then later realized I'd probably scare myself way too many times thinking someone was behind me only to find out it was just my reflection!

    And oh my word, now I am wondering how old you are (not that you have to tell me!) because I really thought you were right around my age (26). You look very young and I mean that in a nice way!

    Sorry for the book of a comment but I loved this post. You can always post tons of picture, no warning needed! :)

  15. yeah! I love seeing Davi back in the day... of course, I love the mad decorating skills with the daisies!

    I am so excited you tagged me... it may not get posted until November though... ugh, when did life become so insanely busy!?

  16. Great post! I loved seeing all the phases your decorating went through! It gives me hope. And your house is adorable now! I love it - it makes me want to redecorate my entire place!

  17. Hilarious! I can totally tell that we're in the same age group just by the decorating pictures. I had many of the same phases...flower sprigs on the wall, floral valences, blue and white checks. It hurts to think about. But man, we thought we were cute! Thanks for sharing. This was a fun one!

  18. I am LOVING the pictures of your houses!! I wish I wish I WISH that I would have taken pictures of our previous apartments, condo, house... etc.... I just know it would be funny. I love your decorating taste! Your house is gorgeous!!!!

  19. Oh baby, this one was great! LOVED all the old photos. Really gets me itching to finally scan my old photos. That is really you in the hat? No way! Love the shorts too btw! And yeah, you've seen my house. Hahahahhahha! At least you are had phases. I just keep waiting to have ONE! :)

  20. I love how you have a candy machine in your kitchen! So cleaver!! But now it makes me want one too! Hehe!