October 8, 2008

The story of Nemo

according to Finn.

It all starts with Nemo and his daddy Marlin, in their comfy sea anemone(note Nemo's small "lucky fin").

I am so glad that Finn spared me the opening scene with the shark killing the mommy and baby eggs. The very first time I watched this movie, I was completely horrified by this massacre. But apparently Finn did not even consider it important enough to include in his feature film.

Nemo and his friends swim to the drop-off, where they spot the intriguing "butt" off in the distance.

Nemo is feeling particularly naughty that day, and goes to tap the "butt" with his lucky fin.

"Oh no, Nemo, watch out", everyone screams. But it is too late. Nemo is captured by a diver.

Daddy Marlin meets up with a forgetful fish named Dory and they go and search for Nemo. They get to ride the sea turtles.

After riding the sea turtles, they are a bit lost and Dory decides to ask for directions."Come here little buddy", she says to the small dark object in the distance.

Which ends up being a whale.

Meanwhile, Nemo is making friends in a fish tank.

Nemo is determined to escape and swims up the tube, to stop the filter.

Nemo stops the filter and the entire tank is filled with green disgusting algae.

Marlin and Dory make it to Sydney, where a nice pelican swoops them up, to save them from the seagulls. During the escape, the Pelican flies sideways through a sail and all the seagulls get their beaks stuck in the sail(The pelican is the object to the left...I had to ask Finn what it was. Let's just say it looks very abstract!).

The end.

No happy reunion. Nothing.

I suffer through this never-ending saga, just so I can see Nemo and Marlin hug, in their happy reunion. But this little scene did not seem to make any impression on my Finn-boy.

The scene that my boys loved most?

The scene where the diver captures Nemo.

Here is diver Calvin, in his cap and goggles. The sock hanging out is the bubbles.

And here they are hard at work, capturing their sea kitties...

Because we all know how much kitties love swimming around in the ocean!


  1. oh, I LOVE his illustrations!! (Even though he didn't get to the happy ending) What a little artist!! The "bubble socks" are hilarious too. I love your boys, even though I've never met them. :)

  2. Your boys are adorable and so creative! You have a wonderful little artist there! You must have so much fun at your house with your boys. :)

  3. Heh-- too cute! I love how Finn and Calvin have to recreate everything they are into-- and that it usually involves their kitties! :) I've never actually seen Finding Nemo all the way through-- It was playing at the video store once and I saw the first little bit. I too was traumatized by shark attacks and the father and son being separated that I never bothered to see the rest.

  4. They look like little fishermen in their boots and beanies. I love the pictures and fun things they come up with to entertain themselves. They sure do have wild imaginations. :)

  5. Oh my goodness they have the BEST imaginations! That must be a result of their wonderful mommy parenting! I love how you share all of this =)

  6. Fantastic!!!!!! Both of them have such wonderful imaginations - they can recreate everything - i love it :D

  7. I've never seen that movie. When did the boys see it? When I was little we would act out the Wizard of Oz. I have great memories to this day. I love that they act out EVERTHING!

  8. your boys have great imaginations! How fun it must be to watch! : )

  9. This is so cute!! They are ALWAYS so cute!!!!! I love all the illustrations... very very nice. =)

  10. They are so adorable! I love the diver costumes. And especially the bubble by Calvins ear. The artwork is wonderful, too. Good use of color!

    I've never seen Nemo either. Too scary!

  11. I'm sure I've said this before, but your boys are so stinking creative!!!! The picture of the sea turtle totally cracked me up...his big black body and bright green head! The adventures that go on in your house are completely priceless!