October 3, 2008

a vow

On cheerios.

When I was in college, I babysat for a family that had 2 little boys. Their house was pretty wild looking and there were ALWAYS cheerios on their wooden floor. For some reason, this really traumatized me, and I vowed that when I had children there would never be cheerios on my floor.

This little Oliver thought he could break my stiff vow on cheerios.

No such luck little guy! We were running late to Ollie's 15 month appointment, but I just could not leave my floor with so many cheerios on the loose. So I swept, and swept, and ended up being late to Ollie's appointment. 

Thankfully they were running behind and we were still able to get in. Ollie is in the 50% for weight and 75% for height. That's pretty big, for one of my offspring. He got some shots, along with the flu vaccine. Can you believe it's already time for the flu shot?

Finn and Calvin both got the flu mist vaccine, and both of them bawled like babies. I just kind of had to laugh. It was just a tiny squirt of mist up their nose. Very upsetting, I guess. As soon as we got home, they were very busy vaccinating their kitties.

At 15 months, Ollie is quite obsessed with balls. Nothing makes him happier, at this point in his life. Actually, now that I think about it, his most favorite thing is a juice box. He will do anything, anywhere, to anyone to get that juice box in his possession. 

I was trying to get Ollie to sit still for a second, so that I could take a picture of him for a class I am taking.

He got so upset with me that he started to cry. He kept standing up saying, "uuuu--ppppp".

I had absolutely no luck with taking photos of Ollie. I ended up not even turning in my photo assignment yesterday, because I have been so ridiculously busy. This, is a first for me. In all my life as a student, I don't think I ever missed an assignment. Ever. I am usually such a stickler. However, kids change everything. It felt so wonderfully freeing, to just...skip...an assignment. I am wild! 

Of course, now it's the next day and I'm feeling a smidge guilty. 

So, sorry for the lack of blogging, but I figure you are all very busy too, and will understand, right?


  1. The picture of Ollie crying, sitting on the deck holding the ball reminds me of a picture of when you were 2 or so, sitting on a chair crying. You might have been holding Kimmy or Betty. Remember it?

    Poor Ools, but he looks so cute!

    Yeah, I had a bad babysitting experience with Cheerios too, only it was in a minivan. So no Cheerios in our van! Goldfish crackers, however, are perfectly acceptable. Lol. I'll probably doom some poor teenager's future children to a lifetime of no Goldfish now!

    Glad the shots went well, and that the kitties are sure to remain in good health this winter!

  2. Is it just me, or in the first picture of Ollie crying, does he appear to have a mullet? I mean I know he doesn't, but it just looks a little joe dirt-ish. ;) And it breaks my heart to see him so sad like that.. even his ball has little tear marks.

    And I too am glad to know that the kitties are prepared against that nast flu virus.

  3. I love that you stuck to your vow...I have some like that, and I hope i can stick to them, too! =)

    lil Major goes for his 6 month vaccines next week. I was thinking that they'll want to do the flu vaccine at the same time...are there any concerns with doing the regular vaccines and the flu one at the same time?

  4. heehee alisha...ellie was gonna cut of his " mullet yesterday, but we forgot...it definitely needs to go!!!

  5. Oh I MISSED you.

    but Christmas presents were bought for my two besties....so the trip was a success.=) Now if I can only wait till Christmas to give them....

  6. i didn't even ATTEMPT the assignment this week... that is SO unlike me. But after the week I had, I decided to give myself a break. :)

  7. Okay, I must admit that I totally skipped the first assignment for the photo class this summer. I blamed it on pregnancy, but I'm not sure if that was the sole blame. I did, however, do the 2nd assignment, but I skipped the 3rd class so I never got to witness my masterpieces ;) And I used to have NIGHTMARES about missing assignments and classes...maybe it is because it wasn't worth a grade.

    Anywho on the cheerios thing, we have carpet under our table. YUCK! So sometimes my days are spend literally unsticking cereal/fruit/nastiness from the carpet! My sister has a little shark sweeper thing that sucks the cheerios right up. When I get wood floors (fingers crossed) I'll need to invest in something like that.

  8. How funny! Gracie was also 50% for weight and 75% for height at her 15 month checkup! Likewise she was not cooperative when Lorie tried taking pictures of her in a tutu. She was the grumpiest tutu girl I ever saw.

  9. I'm not sure I'll ever have a Cheerio problem. I might, however, have a very fat dog.

  10. Sally- My doctor does not seem to think there is anything wrong with giving the flu shot with other vaccines. However, docs are often wrong. I ended up splitting up his vaccinations and did not give him all of his 15 month vacs. I decided to give the flu vac with half of his regular shots. I'll get the rest of his shots next time. It seems good to me to split up as many shots as possible.

  11. I love the picture even though it is super sad ... it makes me want to just hug that baby! Where are you taking photo classes??!! I want to do that SOOOO bad, I need a nice camera first though =)

  12. oh yes, we understand. Do we ever! :) You are always so great about posting the cute stories and pictures of your boys, and I am always amazed how you find the time to do it ALL with three boys in your care! :)

    The cheerios are so funny. I remember when Emma used to dump the entire box out on the floor when I wasn't looking. Fun stuff.

  13. I babysat for a family once where the highchair was so caked with days of food that I gagged trying to clean it up from the one meal he had eaten with me. I had always been taught that you leave things better than you find them but I just could not finish the job. I always think of that when my highchair gets particularly yucky. And I freak when Larry leaves Grady's last meal on it to accumulate with the new meal!