April 26, 2013

and today, we are all over the place.

[Finn]- small fair warrior

Our boy certainly matches his name.

I generally point my camera in the direction of the sun so that my subject is backlit.

I'm absolutely fascinated with how sunlight interacts with my subject and I'm always trying to chase the sun before it disappears. 

Hop on over to Kate&Kuby's to see this week's installment of The Way I See You.

I read this article about instagram and how it effects middle school kids, and I having been pondering it ever since.

Not that I'm really on insta that much...I'm kinda hit and run with the dang thing. Every time I try to take a picture on insta, my iPhone screen turns black and kicks me off. Rude. Ha.

My poor little 3G, she just can't keep up with the big kids, the 4's and 5's. 

Regardless of what social media outlet floats your boat, I think what she wrote relates to all social media forums, fb and blogging included.

I do enjoy popping on fb to see what my peeps are up to, but feel like I'm more of a blogger. I need more info from you people. I like the deets. The long version of the story. I like to know all about what you are thinking.

However, that being said, I was deliriously happy when both my sisters posted on fb on the same day.

Back to the insta article.

This really caught my attention:
But, taking it a step further: have you considered that your child is given numerical valueson which to base his or her social standing? For the first time ever your children can determine their "worth" using actual numbers provided by their peers!
They're definitely paying attention. And it's definitely affecting them.
It's not just about assumed popularity anymore. It's explicit. It's quantifiable.
At arguably the most awkward time in their lives, a crucial time of development when they are trying to figure out who they are and where they belong, this is what they're up against. A quantifiable popularity ranking.
Nobody has put it that bluntly before. It makes me just want to scoop up those kids and tell them to ditch their phones and run for the hills. But that is not practical. And after reading her comments section, it's not only kids who are effected. Big people can be affected too...:(

Reminds me of Max Lucado's Wemmicks(wooden people) putting stars on people they admired and dots on people they scorned. But nowadays it's "likes" on people they admire and...nothing...on people they don't admire. I've once heard it said that the most painful thing for someone to endure day in and day out is being ignored. By someone looking right at them and seeing...nothing.

Way harsh. Kids have it rough these days. As with the Wemmicks, the only solution is to go to your Maker every day and see what He says about you.

And practically speaking, if I find that the social media I'm in is having a negative impact on my day or how I feel, then it's time to back off.

Trust me. You will not shrivel up and die without a constant newsfeed update.

I think it's that simple. Know your heart and your limits and walk away if it isn't good for you. Just stop following that person.

I mean, why willingly subject yourself to anything negative? As a teenager, I already experienced that. At this age, why would I wish to relive my high school days ?? It would be lame to stay there.

Have you ever thought "If I was back in high school I would do it so differently."?

I have. I think I'd be so much more bold.

However, every now and then, I still feel like I am right back in high school when I read certain people's blog/fb/insta posts.

And I've decided that when this happens I'm gonna refuse to get sucked into their world. Already, I feel so free.

I am most content when I'm minding my own business anyway. It's been on my heart lately to lift people up and sincerely encourage them toward the Lord rather than being disgruntled over how they{inadvertently} made me feel.

And I'm vowing not to be all judgey about anybody else's social media decisions. I just have to do what works for me.

Still completely enamored by The Voice.

Midas Whale makes me grin hugely and laugh. And I died when they called their trio with Patrick a "Patrick sandwich". So much awesomeness.

The cute Latino girls stressed me out this week during their battle. I love them but things got a little catty this week with one of them. It made me nervous.

Usher is quite the serious coach. He's turning out to be quite the force.
Shakira is so sweet and cute. I love her.
Blake will literally laugh at anything. Hence, I laugh a lot when I watch the show.

But Adam is still my fav. I laughed out loud when they said he wore "too small" tee shirts. I mean, I LOVE my boys in snug tees so I totally get his fashion sense.

Twain informed me that when he was born he popped out of an egg.

I had pink eye this week. So instead of wearing contacts I had to wear my glasses. Girlfriend does NOT look good in glasses. So I stayed inside all week. Ok I lied. I went to Target like 4 times, per ushe.

And kinda bought a Nate Berkus rug for myself as my mother's day present. It was on clearance from $150 to $45. That's like 70% off. I had to at least try it.

Ho. Hummmm. Still not sure. I'm on the fence. Eek!

I am in love with this rug. But it's way(WAY) out of my price range, at $770. Maybe it will go 70% off too? I'm not holding my breath. Ok, I am holding my breath. I could run out of air.


  1. You very well might run out of air:) About social media, I read the article and, woah. I never got into instagram or facebook, but I can see this happening with some of my friends. In my youth group we're talking a lot about confidence in Christ and not being afraid of what man says. It has a lot to do with finding your identity in Jesus, and not with what the world says about you!
    You made me think today:)

  2. Really good thoughts- thanks for linking to that article.
    And the photo of Finn is stunning. He is looking so grown up...
    Also- Go Team Adam!! :)

  3. I like the rug. I think it grounds the space very nicely. If you need more color why not use fabric paints and color in the arrows? It won't be exactly like your expensive love but pretty darn close and cheaper to boot! :) And I wholeheartedly agree about the social media. For me personally, God told me to get off FB and I've never joined Twitter or instagram. I'm on pinterest but that's becoming boring, shocking I know. haha! My husband's and my personal decision is to not allow our kids onto social media, they will have very limited access and time on a computer anyways. We both grew up sitting in front of a screen (tv & computer) for our entertainment and we want different for our kiddos. But again, that's our personal decision.

  4. love love love that article
    and the rug
    and your blog :)
    also? I need a social media detox like woah

  5. 40 bucks for that beauty?? She's a keeper. (Actually, I think it looks more like a he.) And yeah...I go to Target at least twice a week. Its insane and pretty sure its not healthy.
    I totally agree with your sentiments. I sort of love unfollowing people that feed into my negativity/judgey-ness. Free, free, I'm free at last.
    I've never read that Max Lucado book. Must look for it.

  6. That last rug is nice!!

    I love that article, thanks for sharing. I've started instituting "Analog Weekends" where I don't go on Facebook, Instagram, or blogging, all weekend. It's so refreshing.

  7. i also read that article. and i really enjoyed it.
    definitely keeping a close on my girlies who are entering social media... and myself! ha.
    and i too am loving the voice. so good.

    and and and...
    i love to blog too.

  8. mmmm...I love how you said that bit about getting our value from Jesus and not from the numbers on social media. tough days we live in with all the information flowing so fast. I love the voice too and have to laugh at the whit -- blake and adam are hilarious! really great season so far. I'm loving the backlight, girl. :)

  9. i read the instagram article...im the mother of a middle schooler...as much as i love instagram, Facebook, etc, i sort of wish things were simpler/less distracting for my children. sigh. Lord help us.

  10. Finn is a stud, as are all your boys! Love the rug in that space. Perfect! I like the color in the other, but you are usually a fan of simpler...so maybe Mr. Berkus knows better (and cheaper) ;)

    I too have been pondering that article. The part that really got me was the part about finding your identity in Christ. In this techy age it is so hard to not get sucked into the cyber identity. We forget to look to our maker to remind us of our true worth. "The stickers only stick if you let them" LOVE THAT BOOK...

    I even wrote about this back in 2010...you would think I had learned my lesson already.


    1. I actually Do remember when you wrote that post! Good stuff. And even when kids are FIRMLY rooted in Christ and know where there identity comes from, I still don't know if they can handle social media at times. It can overpower and knock them down. It can do that to all of us. Thanks for the comment doll. Love you and respect your balance so much!

  11. I agree with Barbie Finn is a stud....just the perfect word for him. I think you know me thoughts on social media:) And.....THE VOICE. I kind of can't believe how much I'm enjoying it.

  12. I can totally agree with the social media article and feeling like our worth is by how many "likes" or "hearts" we get for each post. Sometimes I just want to delete all of my apps and ever go on my phone at all during the day. But then theres those other times where I feel like I just have to share pictures of the what I am doing. It's a vicious cycle and it scared me for all of the little ones out there. My little niece(shes 12) has already started on the bandwagon and there's just so many things she posts that are not only embarrassing but completely inappropriate. And she really has no clue. You want them to fit in, but I also don't want her to be completely sucked in my the world's standards and live for God. It's deff a sticky subject and so hard for kids, especially at that age.

  13. I've been really convicted about time and social media as well lately. I wrote a blog about it recently as well. As a woman I truly feel like pinterest, instagram, facebook... all creates in us this jealousy and self-esteem issues. We are surrounded by people making their lives look perfect on the internet... it's frustrating!

  14. Good read while I was at the airport here:) I think Twain thinks he is a bird or maybe a fish?
    Oh man you had me at rug... I have to vote yes on that rug!!!! Perfect and I think it fits your living room so well.
    I know what you mean on the cell phones/media with children- scares me to have kids sometimes because of how much the world over takes there sweet little brains. You seem like you are doing a great job with your boys and keeping them on track and God will bless you for that!
    Yuck for pink eye... I got it this week too... Was scary but went away then I popped a blood vessel in my other eye. Come on eyes cut it out:)

  15. loved the thoughts on instagram. my hubs is very anti-social media and phones in general. lol. I am a tad bit crazy about who i follow/ allow to follow me b/c my feed in 100% photos of my kids. ok if i am being honest i thought instagram was just a photo edit app until my sister told me otherwise.

    i am legally blind so i do not rock the glasses either.

    love the rug. keep it ;)

    and i do love the voice... i always feel bad for the peps that go home.

  16. i hope you kept the rug! it's SO cute. i have the mini black one. but i had no idea they were on sale. i think i might need to go back & get the BIG one. thanks a lot, davie. geez. ;)

    1. the big black one is NOT on sale. boo. the black is cuter. hence, not on sale.