April 9, 2013

lately i'm...

1. ...loving tights + toms(desert wedge variety)
i almost always want to wear a dress in the spring.
i'm almost always too cold to wear one. tricksy unpredictable weather.
so i went to target and bought some tights!
happy day! the things that excite me.

2. ...kinda addicted to The Voice.

it's my favorite new show.

but when the judges don't turn around for a sweet contestant...

this is my face. stress people.

i just feel so bad for the person. but hey. they still sound better than me. so.

and i would totally pick adam levine as my voice couch/judge.
because of all his stamps(my boys used to call tattoos stamps).
well and because he's nice to the geeks.

3. ...collaborating with Lorieloo on a secret present for a special someone. she's in charge of the sewing, i'm in charge of the embroidering. hence, i'm gonna be bound to my couch for a few days, fyi.

a few helpers, including mouse and Tabby.

these boys are fascinated by every little thing i do. they follow me around everywhere. 2 obsessive little boyfriends.

4. ...itching to go on a trip somewhere. maybe even outside the contiguous united states.
this is kind of a HUGE departure from my norm.
i'm usually such a homebody hobbit--completely content in my little shire.
i don't know what has come over me.
but even hobbits have adventures every now and then.

i used to mock the thought of flying over any ocean for fear of plummeting to my death in an icy cold sea surrounded by sharks. besides. one of my last flights involved a nose-dive landing wherein i was completely terrified and had to be consoled by a random 5 year old boy. it's a true story. 
and then there was 9/11.
and don't get me started on turbulence. hey. fears can be quite irrational. my SIL is deathly askeeered of spiders.
any time my friends would go to hawaii or europe, i was like "how exciting" when really i was thinking "see ya suckers".

but none of that seems so scary anymore.
have you ever been out of the country? i've been to mexico. yay me.

5. ...still a tad scissor shy.

i got 1/4 inch of my hair chopped off yesterday.
doesn't sound like much but it feels SO MUCH better.

6. ...studying the book of malachi in precepts.

the priest are getting rebuked for bringing sick/lame/blemished/stolen animals for the sacrifice.

"but cursed be the swindler who has a male in his flock and vows it, but sacrifices a blemished animal to the Lord,
for I am a great King", says the Lord of hosts. 
Malachi 1:14

any time we don't bring God our best, it shows that we don't think very highly of God. the speaker gave an analogy. 

he found some left over flowers from a funeral at the church and brought them home to his wife. he didn't lie about the flowers. he told her exactly where they came from. needless to say...his wife was not too impressed. ha.

God deserves our best worship, not our leftovers.

you know what helps me when i start to give people my best attention instead of God?
or when i start to get sucked into the world and the excitement of whatever is going on...be it social media or real life?
or when i'm just off track doing my own thing?

i sit and imagine what God looks like on His throne. and i imagine what it's going to look like when i see His face. and i realize that i will regret selling out here on earth. and i know i will wish i gave my ALL to God here when i had the chance. 

in my imaginings, aragorn, from lord of the rings, comes to mind. bear with me a sec. 

you must know. aragorn is pretty much one of the coolest characters of all time, IMO(in my opinion). 

when he goes into a battle, fearlessly swinging his sword, ready to die for his people...there is just not a more noble character i can think of.

while faramir, his friend is dying, he says to aragorn, "i would have followed you, my brother, my captain...my king". and aragorn weeps for him.

such a cool picture. because that is precisely the type of king i follow...except infinitely greater and more beautiful beyond description.

who is this King of glory?
the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle Psalms 24:8 

if only i could fully grasp that fact here on earth. but that is what faith is for.

now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see
hebrews 11:1

and so i press on. wherever i am. in my hobbit hole or somewhere more grand. it makes no difference. in facts, some days i long to disappear in a hole for a bit, just to ground myself and remind myself that my King is all that matters. 


  1. we love the voice. and i would probably pick adam for the exact same reason.

  2. I've flown on an airplane SO many times... and across a couple oceans to England, Hawaii, Australia, to name a few. I've been to a few other countries too. I HATE flying. HATE IT. How did I end up with a pilot for a husband?

    1. guess who else hates flying? adam levine! yup. he tours on busses rather than planes.

  3. Those shoes are really cute. They look great with tights. And I totally get what you mean about Aragorn. One of my favorite parts in the movie is that scene. Definitely the best character in that movie and one of my all time faves too. And the way he loves Arwen!!!

  4. we love going on trips! yeah!!! where do you want to go? i personally like overnight flights so I can take a benadryl and sleep throughout the flight. i was slightly terrified flying to Europe and watching the screen show that we were somewhere in the middle of the atlantic and realizing if we went down i would never be able to swim to any shore.

    you could always drive to Canada if you don't want to fly... you could visit Anne Shirley. ;)

    1. i'd love to go on a missions trip somewhere one day!

      but don't tempt me with canada and anne shirley. prince edward island. happy sigh.

  5. Whoa.... We are going to need a full post on the "nose dive landing, consoled by 5 yr old" story! How terrifying!!! I hate flying!!!! Anyway... Do tell... :)

    1. well, i don't think i can get a whole post out of it...but here is what happened. i was flying to Nebraska(or somewhere in the midwest) to visit my sister. there was a bad lightening storm while we were flying, so the pilot could not descend as usual. so he went right over the lightening storm and then went down at some crazy angle that felt like a nose dive...without telling any of us why...toward the airport. so it wasn't a true nose dive(sorry for the exaggeration) but it was super scary and the kid next to me was trying to tell me it was gonna be ok because i was freaked out staring at him with my eyes bugging out of my head. i should have been reassuring him, but i thought we were toast.

  6. Make like a hobbit and come over to middle earth! New Zealand is pretty darn beautiful if I do say so myself (I may just be a little bias...)

    I love your outfit! I'm looking forward to tight wearing! Autumn is just about to get cold enough to start wearing them! :)

    Ngaio xx

  7. I LOVE traveling,seriously there is nothing more fun.. When I was 8 my family and my uncle and aunt and my cousins all traveled to Europe together, we went to a bunch of countries but part of the trip we borrowed a staion wagon and drove over the whole of Portugal and stayed in these castles converted into hotels- I was hooked on traveling after that:) Been to a few places around Africa, Europe and Asia but not the USA or South America- thats next on our list:)
    P.S. I think Mozambique and Tanzania are my favorite Africa countries so far in case Africa is on your to do list:)

  8. oh no, lighting in airplanes is not a fun experience... yuck!

    But as far as traveling I love getting there- just hate the flying part! Not because I am scared but I get motion sickness- yuck to that too!

    Your boys are so sweet to 'help' you do your work, hah! Looks like a darling project you are working on!

    YES YES YES loving the tights and toms...

  9. Did you cut it yourself? I did; I took off a half inch and my hair feels so much better!

    1. haha, no. i had highlights done by my girl and so she cut it too.

  10. you. are. cute.
    i love the tights.
    but, i don't feel bad that you are cold.
    you know how cold it is where i am!!!
    no empathy here... sorry cali girl! ;)

    and yes... i love the image of aragorn...
    although for me... best "God" moment of LOTR, gandalf riding down the mountain in battle scene in the two towers.
    ok, geek moment.
    LOTR lovers unite! (i need a clever emoticon with a sword stabbing the air!)

    also, i HATE flying.
    absolutely hate it.
    worst thing evah!

  11. Your TOMS. They make me sad. Last Christmas, Trevor was going to buy them for me, but they don't sell them anymore! Boooo! I wish he hadn't told me that, as now I want them more than ever. Love your outfit, you're so gorgeous!!

    Yes, go on a trip! I'm itching to fly somewhere, but sadly that isn't going to happen for a long while. So you should go! :) Go to Kenya and say hi to all my peeps :)

    And also, that Twain's little face? Gaaahhh! Kills me! So so so so so adorbs. xo

  12. you should trip to my neck of the woods.
    and i think i need those target tights.
    they look super cozy.

  13. love the voice. haha your boyfriends are cute. i am so scissor shy. i have a huge fear of small charter plains...like i seriously don't think i could get on one.