April 19, 2013

wild thing

my youngest.
extremely animated.
talks with hands.
demanding as all get out.
shakes his little booty at all of us.
colors on everything.
makes me loose my mind and laugh simultaneously.
 my little wild thing.

please join us for the 3rd week of "The Way I See You", over at  Katy&Kuby's place. inspiration from You Are My Wild.

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  1. These pictures of your little wild thing are SO PRECIOUS. Probably some of my faves of yours ever. (But I know I say that a lot, I'm kind of your biggest fan ;)

  2. oh i love you! thanks for you sweet words. i think your pictures are magical so it means a lot!

  3. "Lose my mind and laugh simultaneously" Yes! I love your perspective on your adorable wild child.

  4. Those plaid bell-bottoms are killing me!! Not the mention the lightsaber :)
    Seriously, your pics are way too cute.

  5. Oh Davi what a handsome doll! I love this... Your wild child sounds like a fun one to have around!!! I told my husband I am sure God is going to bless us with rambunctious children:)
    It's always the best thing ever to see your pictures and post... Readying it always make me happy! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. This photo is perfect! I wish I was capable of capturing my daughter's fun personality like this.