April 30, 2013

around-the-house april

This month's installment of around the house includes involves baking and crafting of sorts.

Are you in the mood for chocolate?

Always. That is the correct response.

My neighbor Patty posted this incredible recipe for icing on Facebook. It's just wrong, I tell you.

I immediately decided I had to make it right that second.

Of course I ran out of milk right at the end. So I sent Finn to Patty's house to retrieve some. I mean, it was her fault I was in this mess anyway. 

Back on track.

The best part of baking is licking the bowl, right?

This is how I eat chocolate frosting:with peanut butter.

It's just SO YUMMY.

I used this lunch-lady style icing to frost some brownies.

The important thing to note is the cool cracks in the frosting.

It's all about the cracks.

So so good.

It's icy. Not creamy. Kind of like the consistency of the icing on a maple bar donut.

And I bet you could make maple icing too by substituting maple syrup for cocoa.

Not gonna lie, after eating my brownie, I practically went into a sugar coma a few minutes later and needed to talk a walk to revive me. And I had to do exactly 13 push ups as well.
Ollie has been very busy crafting lately.

The other night he told me "I'm doing very important business."

Some of this very important business involves making his very own iPods.

He made one for both him and Twain.

Twain calls his the "iPod touch".

This kid is always talking with his hands.

Ollie has also been busy making paper airplanes and boats. Tux is taking the crew for a ride.

And finally, my house has been COVERED in snakes lately.

Watch where you sit.

The culprit in this case has been Calvin Jack. He started making theses paper snakes and can not seem to stop.

I'm literally tripping over them everywhere. They are super long.

Even little Ollie got in on the action and made himself a little green one. This was considered "very important business" to Ollie.

The neighbor kids are scheming with my boys to make a snake that will span the entire block.

Their mama and I are like "Great! You keep at it boys!".

Ought to keep them busy for quite a few hours. Which is a very good thing in our books. 


  1. That icing looks delicious - is there somewhere I can grab the recipe? :) Also, your boys are super cute. Love those iPods!

  2. I love those paper snakes. What a cute idea!

  3. those snakes are awesome!! and i'm totally making that icing ;)

  4. i believe it is my lucky day because i have all of the ingredients for that icing in my pantry and now they are calling my name! thanks for sharing that gem! i love all the "very important business" going on in your house! our VIB has been glueing... lots and lots of glueing... as in my girl has gone through 6 glue sticks in a week. Very Important Business, indeed!

  5. Ooh, the Diamondbacks are very scary! The frosting looks yummy.

  6. Ooh, the Diamondbacks are very scary! The frosting looks yummy.

  7. Haha! I love reading about the epascades of creative kids! Yours are so cute:)

  8. hah I really want to spend a day at your house sometime ;) Your kids are so cute.

  9. oh my god chocolate frosting with peanut butter- WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT?! you just threw me into a frenzy to try this- goodbye bikini body ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. Those homemade ipods are the most precious thing I have ever seen. My eyes wanted to well up a bit, it was just that sweet. Your boys are kind of fantastic (and uber creative, goodness!!) xo

  11. THose boys of yours got some crazy creative jean that over takes them in SUCH cute ways! LOVE this!!! The "ipods touch" made me have an instant "awww!" love this post.