April 22, 2013

homemade sunshine winner and why arnica rules

Congratulations! I will be in contact with you!

Thanks for all of you for playing along with the little game of "what is your favorite crunchy product?".
I loved hearing all your answers.

The top answer was coconut oil! Which is why you will love the beeswax lip balm and lotion bar, because they both contain coconut oil! Order here!

And another popular answer was vinegar for cleaning and apple cider vinegar for medical purposes. I clean EVERYTHING with vinegar as well. And have been know to chug some apple cider vinegar with honey at the first sign of sore throat.

But the crunchy item that is most frequently used in my house is arnica. Like if we run out, it's an emergency.

We use it for most boo boos. Especially bruises.

Like any time my boys run screaming and crying in the house from their most recent fall or injury I give them arnica right away. Which happens all the time in my house.
It comes in two forms: a pellet remedy that you see in the blue bottle by Boiron. Just slip this puppy under your tongue and it helps reduce any swelling.

Or in the gel form in the tube, just apply topically to any bruise or muscle strain.

I apply the gel on my knees when they get stingy from running or jumping or whathaveyou. Way more healthy than using motrin.

And when I had my wisdom teeth out, Dr W gave me extra concentrated arnica pellets(200cc) and my mouth DID NOT SWELL AT ALL. No chipmunk cheeks, folks. Amazing.

And when Finn slammed his nose and had black eyes, the super concentrated(200cc) worked wonders.

And when Ollie had a concussion....Ok. You get the point.