March 24, 2008

Easter eggs

For some reason I never get around to dyeing Easter eggs with the boys. It just never occurs to me. This year was no different. I was too busy assembling baskets. A yellow bus for Calvin, another Tommy DVD for Finn and Ollie's 1st kitty. I think the kitty was more for Finn and Calvin's sake--they are so excited that Ollie now has his own kitty. Finn is watching the Tommy DVD as I type. It includes a very technical(boring) section on how to assemble and tune your drums and Finn is transfixed. Yawn.

I think I'm turning into Grandma Erickson. Yep, I'm saving the Easter grass. Normally I throw away everything in sight, but the colors were so pretty. I'll probably throw it away in a week when I come to my senses and realize I can't find a home for it.

To make up for my lack of ambition, John went to the store all by himself, bought some eggs and decided to dye them with the boys. It was very sweet.

Ollie was busy teething during the egg dyeing festivities. One more tooth to add to his repertoire! I'll try to post Easter pics in a day or 2. Teething babies make blogging very tricky.


  1. Those baskets, AND the beautiful! Seriously- think that one needs to be sent into a shabby chic kids magazine. And I don't blame you for saving the grass- with baskets that cute I'd do em exactly the same next year!

  2. Those are lovely Easter baskets, Davi-- I completely agree with Megan.
    The pictures of your boys dyeing eggs are wonderful! Good job. How sweet of your hubby-- I bet he had fun.
    I haven't been a good blogger lately either, it is too busy! I've missed all my little bloggy friends.

  3. Cute cute baskets! I love them. I made a little basket for hubby, but it only had candy in it. That was as creative as I could get. =)

  4. So I love you because:
    1. You're you.
    2. You save grass.. so me!
    3. Your baskets rock! I have been on a HUNT for 3 years now for BLACK WIRE BASKETS! I might settle for chalkboard black buckets too if I can get around to making some at some point on of these years. What great taste!

  5. Love the pictures of the boys-- looks like you got a different camera or something-- sweet that John did the egg dying with them! They must have loved it!