March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

I'm sitting in church today on this Palm Sunday and during one of the songs, the doors open and a sea of children come flooding down the aisles, waving their palm branches. It's really quite incredible and gets me every time.

It's dim and I'm looking around for Finn, who is nowhere to be seen. John and I finally spot his tiny frame waaay across the room standing next to a teenage boy helper. All of the kids are waving their branches, and Finn's just standing there, not moving an inch. I just wanted him to see us so bad, but I knew that was unlikely considering how far apart we were.

He looked so little, I just could not help jumping out of my chair and sneaking down the aisle to where he was standing. Onlookers probably thought I was some crazy stage-mom trying to get her kid to wave his palm branch proper-like...really I just wanted to say hi so he wouldn't look so shell-shocked. Most likely he was just mesmerized by the drummer and would have done just fine without me.
However, flashback to last year when Finn came out with his palm branch. He said he was looking all over for us and couldn't find us. During their exodus down the aisle back to class I had grabbed his arm and tried to say hi. After church when I asked if he saw me he said, "no I did not see you, but some lady tried to grab my arm".

Well this year there was no doubt who that "lady" was. He saw me and I was happy. Though next time I will be on the down low.

Finn and some lady


  1. too sweet. just think, next year you'll have two palm wavers.

    missed seeing you today!=)

  2. CUTE! Bummed that we missed it, I always love when the kiddos come in. That story about the lady who grabbed Finn's arm is too funny :)

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  4. I was always petrified to get in front of people as a kid, now I could care less. It's nerve racking for sure but oh well.
    Henry just wanted to say thanks Aunt Davi for the killer shirt!!

    Have a great one my almost same name friend!!

    Ps Just so you know I'm stealing your name if I ever have a daughter!!

  5. how sweet.... I loved this little story!

  6. heh fun:)
    here where we live people use willow catkins instead of palm. climate issues.