March 10, 2008

Through the Eye of a Drummer

Life is filtered through the watchful eye of the drummer.
Noodles are not just pasta anymore--they are cymbals.
And spoons and forks aren't for eating food anymore--they are drumsticks used to pound sippy-cup/bowl drumsets.

And numbers aren't for counting anymore--they are for identifying grooves. Finn asked me what number comes after 32, and I said 33. He said, "Oh, that's a fast groove". He was referring to one of the 49 grooves on Tommy's "Groove Essentials" DVD. Yes, Tommy is still on 24/7 over here, and each groove is known and loved dearly.

Little paper head sets, just like Tommy's

And fun outings aren't for amusement anymore--they are for torturing poor drummers. We came home from a party and I asked Finn if he had fun. He said, "no, but guess what is fun? It starts with a "D". --hm wonder what that could be. However, he did think one particular outing was totally fun. My crazy/fun friend Jenn had a painting party at her house, where the kids got to paint with crayola paints all over her living room walls. You can only imagine what Finn tried to paint on the walls.

And kind words are not for cheering friends up anymore--thoughtful gestures are for the birds if you ask Finn. The only cure for cheering anyone up is drums, apparently(with the exception of flowers for mommy). At church the other week, they were doing a lesson on being kind to people. Miss Nikki asked the class what they could do to 'cheer up a friend' that was sad. My shy little boy boldly raised his hand and sweetly answered "you could give them drums".

Drums are the answer to all of the world's problems, didn't you know?


  1. Your boys are just too cute! Mark loves Calvin and all of his cute expressions!

  2. oooh, I love the noodle cymbal! How did Jen keep the kids from getting paint on the carpet? What a very fun day!