March 30, 2008

quick update

So, we are still preoccupied with vomit and diarrhea around here...Calvin got it too, and now John claims his stomach hurts. Finn threw up tonight and then wanted an egg. But not just any egg. He wanted a straight egg.

Me: "huh? What's a straight egg?"
Finn: "You know, a flat egg" he says, demonstrating with his hands smashed together.

Apparently John made them "over-easy" eggs for breakfast. And Calvin did not like them.
Finn clarified: "Calvin does not like flat eggs. He likes the bumpy kind that are 6 inches tall". He was referring to the scrambled variety.

sorry, could not resist a picture

As for me, I'm not sick just yet--oh the sense of impending doom. I worked all weekend frantically finishing a gift for dearest baby Jo(Congrats to Josh and Jessi on the birth of their new daughter Josephine Ann!). I finished tonight, so now I can get sick:)

So I've been doing laundry round the clock, due to the flu... I'm beat cuz Ollie has been waking up every hour or so at night. Off to bed I go, and hopefully things look up tomorrow.

John teaches high school tomorrow but does not have to teach his college class, due to Ceser Chavez Day--So, LONG LIVE CESER CHAVEZ!! I hear Ollie crying again...


  1. I can't believe this yucky flu season is still hanging on. I hope you don't get it! Wash, clean, sanitize!

    Even though your little guy is sick (love the barf bucket, by the way), his picture is still super cute.

    I hope you all heal very quickly and that you DO NOT get it.

  2. oh dear friend....hang in there.

  3. poor dears! I'm praying you are all back to normal soon, and that you can get some rest.

  4. Oh no, sorry you're all still sick and praying you don't get it!

  5. Oh! Don't get sick! I wanna see you this weekend! Hope you are able to avoid it and hang in there!
    (cute pick of Finn btw)

  6. im so sorry! we all got sick as soon as we got to nashville but not with the flu thankfully. i was going to call and see if you wanted a bit of company but after reading this i am thinking you probably dont! give me a call when youre all feeling better or i will call you once i have the oils and we will plan something fun!

  7. YUCK! So sorry that your crew got this yucky bug. I really like the line about the eggs being six inches tall :)

  8. I'm so sorry!!! We are sick at the Cham house too... Sam and I both have ear infections, Mark and I have both had tummy issues, and Sam has pretty much given up on eating all together... Hang in there!!!! You have to get better... eventually. :)