April 8, 2008

change of address

Hey Guys!

I have a favor to ask of you all. I am trying to keep our identity more of a mystery, just to be on the safe side. My older sister said I can blame this partly on her paranoia:) So, my younger sister helped me draft all of this.

If you can leave our last name and our hometown anonymous when you link or refer to my site, that would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to link me to your blog as "Band of Brothers". Also, I'm changing my url address to http://littlebandofbrothers.blogspot.com. My old url address will only be around for 1 more week.

Sor-rey(pronounced Gilbert Blythe style) for all the changes.

Your Loving Band of Sisters


  1. Thanks for all the comments Davi... Where did you find velcro converse???? Those would be great for Eli.

    Cora's a pretty layed back little lady. She is fussy, but pulls herself together pretty well. We do have our day's that seem to be pretty painful, than she gets over it - she's a weird one.

    The tie that Gabe is wearing came with one of the suits - therefore its the only tie he owns right now.

    We still on for visiting? Can't wait to see you guys, and for the boys to meet again.

  2. Hey Ki!
    I found the velcro converse at gap.com--Grandma Selma always gets the boys gap giftcards for their birthdays. I'm sure you can find them elsewhere, but I do think they are a new version.

    and YES, we are still on for visiting! Finn is gonna have so much playing some grooves for Eli!!

  3. ok, I LOVE your new blog title and your header. It is so perfect for you and your boys. Great thinking!!

    those pictures you took underneath the bridge are amazing. Look at what a good little photographer you are!