April 7, 2008

Fun with Auntie Lindsay

Auntie Lindsay is totally fun. Just ask her nieces and nephews. The youngest of us 3 sisters, she always marched to the beat of her own drum. While I was busy copy-catting older sister Jessica(she named her bear Freckles, I named mine Freckled Ham), Lindsay was crawling around acting like a horse or something. She was a bit of a tomboy and all the little boys would follow her around. In her younger days she played roller and ice-hockey with the guys. Quite well, I might add. She was always doing hat tricks and stuff. When I first started roller blading, to impress John, she instantly removed my stopper breaks and taught me how to hockey-stop instead...and how to jump over sticks. She also tried to teach me to ride Sheba, her wild Arabian. That horse would spook and try to buck me off while I hung on for dear life. When I tried to make her trot, Sheba would just yawn and eat grass--that horse had NO respect for me, though she behaved instantly for Lindsay.

This weekend we got to visit Lindsay and dad, while mom flew to visit Jess(hi guys!). The weather was lovely, so we took a walk around the nice old block.
We then lounged at Lindsay's house for a bit while Calvin took a nap. Ollie has been pulling himself up on everything lately. I'm not too happy about this, but he is just so desperate to keep up with his brothers. He especially enjoyed Auntie's trunk, complete with candle.

Lindsay even let Finn strum on her beauty-ful black mandolin. It was a gift from dad--a lovely gift indeed!

After Calvin's nap, it was still nice outside, so we let the boys sit on Auntie Lindsay's motorcycle. She offered to let me ride too, but I politely declined the offer. Dad and Lin go riding all over...fun for them, but not so much for me!

Calvin wasn't too sure about these noisy motorbikes and much preferred the safety of "Gagums Billys" and his "whiskers". Yes, Calvin is still pluralizing everything.

It was almost time to eat. While Lindsay was on the phone with boyfriend Jim, I somehow convinced Jim to come bbq for us.
What a great sport he was. He and Lin always have the most fabulous Sunday bbq's and so I was very pleased to finally join them.

Aren't they cuuute!

So, Lindsay, Jim, Dad, John and I ate the yummiest dinner ever, while the boys colored and Ollie fussed--I thought we were done with teeth, but it looks like we are working on # 5:( I can't wait to have Jim and Lindsay over for supper next month!


  1. I think I'm figuring it out....Lindsay lives in the old house next to your parent's house???? How fun is that. Looks like it got some remodeling done. Fun and cute. How fun that your mom is visiting Jess! Can't wait to see some of her pics as well. Oh, and you're really starting to get an eye for photography! Good shots! Isn't it so fun!???!?!?!?!

  2. Hey Davi! Me and mom here!
    What an exciting post, love seeing Lindsay's house! Hint, hint, Lins, post more pics, please!!!

    The boys are adorable and I love them on the motorcycles. Hopefully it won't start a new obsession...

    Ollie is devilishly handsome.

  3. your sister is too cute.

    and I love gagum billy and his whiskers=)

  4. Thanks D! I had so much fun having you guys over! I still have around 9 pictures of drums that Finn and Calvin drew covering my fridge and I love it! Looking forward to bringing Jim up to see you guys too- we had fun hanging out with ya'll. :)
    Oh, I love the picture of Ollie and the candle!

    "Things We Say"-- Hi!! Yea, I do live in the old house next door and Dad has been doing lots of remodeling on it. It is still a work in progress but it's coming along well. Its especially cool as I get to live right near the horses and I like having the parents nearby. I have been lurking over at your site and have been loving seeing what you guys are up to!! Your kids are hilarious! :)

    Jess! I'll put up some more pics as soon as there is some progress on something- hopefully the bathroom will be making some progress-- still waiting like, 9 weeks for the Hungarian guy to get my lights in. Grrr...

  5. There's nothing like family :) Looks like you guys had a great time. Your sister's house is adorable, great taste must run in the family :)

  6. Thanks for posting about Lindsay and her house. I love the kitchen. It's so cute!