April 10, 2008


There was the pitter-patter of a little girl's feet running through my house today. It was the feet of a certain little Goldilocks. Meet precious Breanna, my dear friend Nikki's daughter.
I first met Nikki in MOPS when Bre and Calvin were just babies. We looked at each other over the MOPS table and were friends at first sight. Nikki and her hubby are our small group leaders, and we meet at their house every week. Just the other night I was sitting in with the kids during study. Finn poured himself some "juicy-wuicy" into a fake cup. All the other kids giggled and started saying "juicy-wuicy" too...thankfully they were all younger than Finn(The next day I had to force myself not to say eggy-weggy when I served up the boys breakfast. Egg. Such a dud of a word. However, Finn is not 2 anymore, and I cannot promote such silly talk--otherwise I am setting him up for future disaster). After study, Nik and I set up a playdate.

On their drive over here, Bre wondered aloud what kind of princess toys she would get to play with. Sadly, there was nothing of the sort over here. She looked hopeful when she saw their little vacuum...until she saw all the masking tape and pencils and papers to convert it into a high-hat cymbal. Poor Bre.

They did have fun playing outside though.
When Calvin and Bre were in the 1-year-old nursery, Bre would pin him to the ground in a giant bear hug almost every week. The nursery workers said that Calvin would just lay there helpless. I think he's holding his own now though!
Calvin and Bre really are so sweet together, Nikki and I are already arranging their marriage.

You can barely tell from this picture, but Nikki is expecting another baby early July. We had such a nice time together, I was very sorry to see them go. We lost track of time and Nikki was almost late picking up her son Zach from preschool. Zack was a little peeved that he missed out on playing with his friends. We often play t-ball on saturday with them and another couple in our small group. We'll catch you soon Zach!


  1. oooh i'm so jealous of your patio lunch, even if i already had one with you this week.

    and that bre, i could just eat her up she's so sweet.

  2. Excuuuuussssse me? James has already claimed that little beauty. Tell Calvin to seek out another hottie. Bre's taken.

  3. she is beautiful! That blonde hair-- wow.
    I must say, Davi, I am so impressed with your photos lately. They are taking on such a professional air! I think it's neat how blogging inspires us to think about how we photograph things.
    Oh, and I am so glad I'm not the only one who has already arranged my kids' marriages. :)