April 1, 2008

Bye-Bye Rebel

Sunday I bid the Rebel camera fare-thee-well. I had fun borrowing it for 1 whole week. And what a full week it was...from carry Easter baskets to carrying puke buckets. Finn seems to have made a full recovery. Ollie is almost better, but still has a runny nose and is waking me up all hours of the night. I took him to get his ears checked, but they were fine. Dr. Santiago said that at night, I can instruct him as follows: "Ollie, go to sleep, Dr. Santiago says you're ok". She's kind of funny like that. When I told her all the boys had been throwing up she said, "Oh, so it runs in family". Like the pukes were genetic or something. And as for Calvin, he is literally on the "tail-end" of this stomach bug:) Poor thing has the runs.

Last wednesday, I decided to take my marching band on the road for a few shots. Finn decided to have a wardrobe opinion and was determined to wear an old drum shirt that was size 2T. He's small, but not that small! I was not going to argue, so I layered it with a shirt underneath and off we went, marching into the sun. It was a beautiful day, but a little too much sun in the boys' eyes.

So we took refuge from the sun under a bridge...that just so happened to be war-torn and bombarded by paint ball fights and graffiti--not every mother's dream-haven, but fun for pictures.

Ollie's face sooo reminds me of John's family in this shot. He is now 9 months old and what a tough month it has been for him. Two top teeth coming in--he is currently mauling my leg with his teeth as I type:( He crawls at top speed, faster than I can sweep up the Kix off the floor. He likes to grab my two index fingers and tries to pull himself up to stand. Mommy does not like this, because he looks so big when he stands up. He also likes to say "Dh", happily.

John thought it would be fun to climb some rocks. So up, up we went.

Calvin was in a SUPER mood the entire time, all smiles. Happily strumming his g-tar.

However, we did not last too long--Finn had to whiz...then Calvin had to whiz...then Ollie went diarrhea all over John's pants--this was before I realized he had the flu. We were outta there!(only to return once for a quick shot of me and Ollie sans diarrhea, before returning Rebel).

So long Rebel cam!


  1. OOh, I love the new header...and the great shots of your boys (you really are a photographer, you know!) and of you.

    Glad everyone is feeling better.

  2. Oooooh, the grand debut of your new header! It's beautiful!!! How artistic you are!

    The boys are adorable. I love the band of brothers!!!

  3. these are awesome pictures, davi! what fun that must have been. you guys are such cool parents for doing something like that. you look beautiful in the pictures of you, as always.
    we miss you and cant wait for everyone to be feeling better so we can play!

  4. wonderful pics davi!!!

    so, when you save up enough pennies to buy your rebel, and i save up enough pennies to buy mine, maybe we can go on secret missions to take pictures... i'm too embarassed to bring my weak skills along with Ellie and lorie. although by looking at your pictures, I think you will be up to par in no time flat, while I on the other hand will be left in the dust.

    poor kiddies. hope they feel better soon!

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  6. No Problem!!!!!

    So does that work for you guys?

    I will email you the time we are going to leave and head over to you guys.

    Does a certain time work better for you?

    Can't wait to see you and all your boys!

  7. omigoodness i LOVE the new header and all the rebel pictures....you're hidden talents continue. Seriously, is there anything you can't do???=)

    Love you,
    forget the boys,
    can mom come out and play yet???!!!=)

  8. Love your header. It's super cool!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS, I'm in love! Your pictures are so adorable and so you! Love your new header! You're a photog in the making!

  10. Great pics, and thanks for the comment on my blog!

  11. You are very talented I must say! So artsy and crafty! I just attempted to make my first drag along blanket like you made Christie and it turned out... well... not too bad (if you are looking from at least 5 feet away). :) Maybe someday you can give a little class and teach us all of your artsy skills! :)

  12. So much to comment on! First of all, your new page/header is SUPER! Second, your pictures are SUPER! Third, your boys are SUPER cute! And fourth (with no supers attached), I love the pics with "Chaos" in the background. All too appropriate for a family of boys!

  13. Oh yah, fifth - I have that shirt from Target too!

  14. Hi, I am a good friend of Barbie's and she told me to check out your cute home page on your blog...you have some cute kids! -Misha Cohen

  15. Wow! The new page looks amazing! Great pictures too-- they are just beautiful! My seester has skills! :)

  16. Thanks everyone, for your kind words:)

  17. i love these pics! and dang, no wonder your kids are so cute, look at you and your hubby! yeow!