April 20, 2008

let's go fly a kite

That was one long, exhausting week. By friday night, I was completely glazed over. So when John walked in the door with Chinese food, he was my hero. He also came home bearing gifts for the boys--bubbles, sidewalk chalk and their very first kite. John is our fun around here. We spent a lot of time outside learning to fly the kite. It was the perfect way to end a taxing week.
I had my first little heartbreak as a mom this week when a 5-year-old boy(who has older siblings) referred to Finn and Calvin as "babies".

Who you calling a baby??

It was so sad, and it forced me to realize that Finn is NOT 2 anymore and so I've had to re-think a lot of our ways. Like Finn carrying his sippy cup everywhere. I think it's time for a thermos/water bottle. And time to drink from a real cup at the kitchen table. And no more straps on the back of his flip-flops.

I'm sure there are many changes to come in the next few months. In the meanwhile, Finn is as happy and as carefree as can be...dancing up a storm tonight for some reason. I'm not sure what triggered it, but I am sooo using this footage as amo when he gets older.

Calvin seems to be entering his "terrible twos" finally. Such opinions lately. And fighting and tears. Poor thing is at odds with both Finn and Ollie at times.

Since Finn is a couple years older than Ollie, they get along SWELL. Finn is not threatened at all by him. Baby-talking to him and hugging him all the time. It's actually very sweet, considering when we first brought Calvin home from the hospital he suggested "throwing him in the trash":(
Ollie has been much more cheerful lately and is back to sleeping through the night(please no more teeth for now! ) He's around 10 months old and constantly cranes his neck to see what Finn and Calvin are doing--he perks right up when he's right in the thick of things.

Regardless of our ups and downs this week, we had a relaxing weekend playing outside. Hopefully it's enough to tide us over for this coming week!

Calvin and Lady(Grandma Betty's dog)


  1. Oh, I love the dancing...and all the outside pictures. Glad you had a good weekend after a rough week.

  2. Ohhhh boy I hadn't even thought about how I'll feel when people make jabbing comments. I'm so sorry about that. You've really got a knack for getting good pictures- I love the moments you catch!

  3. Aww, I'm sorry the boys got their feelings hurt. :-( If it helps at all, if there were anything even slightly babyish about my big boys I'd relish in it!! LOL They're 8 and 10 now and I love it but sometimes miss the days they were toddlers together!

  4. oh my the kite pictures are AWESOME.

    so fun.

    and aren't we blessed to have GREAT husbands who are always willing to give us breaks? praise God for them!

  5. I love the kite pics... What a great dad!

    We have experienced hurt feeling before.

    I'm sorry about your boys. Some kids are just mean. It does put my guard up even more when things like that happens.

  6. heh, we had Chinese food last night for the same reason! :) I second Lorie's comment-- husbands that understand and come through for us are a BLESSING.
    Sorry you had such an exhausting week, but I am so glad you got to enjoy such a delightful time at the end of it all! As always, your boys are adorable, and your pictures are amazing. You capture their little personalities so well.

  7. I meant to say in my last comment...thank you for your high compliment in my last blog. Seriously, that made my day- it came in during one of those really discouraging moments and really lifted me up. Also, that picture (all of them really) of Calvin at the end makes me smile!

  8. there are some great pictures in this post! i love that theyre wearing mommy and dad shirts. so cute.
    the dancing footage is awesome. i loved it tonight when calvin and finn were dancing like that and lijah just started for minutes at a time. happily memorizing dance moves for when hes more coordinated.

  9. Davi...you really do have a knack for taking great pictures. Of course you have some pretty handsome models too :) So what kind of camera are you getting in June? I really want one, but I'm not teaching summer school this summer,so it looks like I'll have to wait patiently.

  10. I love the one with the kite in the background what a great perspective!! Oh yea, and the kids are disgustingly adorable as always!!