April 4, 2008

magazines and techies

Being 4, Finn doesn't get mail too often. However, John always gives him the junk-mail music magazines,which Finn pours over like they are the finest of literature. He oohs and ahhs over all the drum accessories. He's currently saving up for a cowbell accessory(donk, donk, dink, dink). And Calvin is trying to find the perfect yellow drum set. I don't think they come in yellow, but perhaps a gold set would add some nice bling to my house(that one's for you Jess!).

A few days ago, Finn got another music magazine. The next morning I woke up and found 2 boys on the couch reading their magazines like little old men :

When I inquired about Calvin's *magazine* , Finn told me that he made it for Calvin. He tried so hard to replicate the old man violinist on the cover.
It even had some pages taped inside.

I mentioned a few posts back that Finn loves to watch the boring technical "how to set-up and tune your drum" section on the new Tommy DVD. He claims that he watches it so he can help Calvin put his drum set back TOGETHER each morning. However, today it seemed he wanted to use his new skills to take everything APART. Nothing escaped his wrath...the high hats, the enormous crash-ride cymbal...
Even Calvin's poor little drum head did not stand a chance. Finn is turning into quite the little techie, though he did run into some trouble with the drum key when trying to screw Calvin's drum head back on. Through tears he could barely squeak out "I turned it 100 times and it's never, never, never, never gonna be tight". sniff, sniff. gulp.

Finn can be a hopeless pessimist at times. It's even starting to rub off on normally-hopeful-Calvin, who now walks around saying " I'm never, never going to find my kitty".

So aside from the tears, it's really starting to hit me that Finn is turning into a real live boy. What is it with boys always trying to take stuff apart? If something works for me, I leave it alone. John always jokes that since I have 3 sons, I'll never have to learn to program my cell phone. It's starting to look like he might be right.


  1. OMGoodness, that is the funniest post. Love it, love the utter hopelessness and despair of not finding the kitty, and the magazines, too. That's quite the violinist!

    Maybe I can send Finny my cell phone. Yeah, it's been two years and I still don't know how to check my messages, lol!

  2. ooooh is this what I have to look forward too??? so fun are boys huh?

    love them, glad you're all feeling better.

  3. Very cute post and I can totally hear Finn despairing over not being able to fix his set. Lol, and then Calvin following along over his kitties. Too funny!!

  4. wow cuuuuuuuuuutest boys i've ever seen!

  5. the pictures of finn crying make me want to hug him. i used to keep a drum key in my pocket to be cool when i was younger. i love that finny is taking things apart, and putting them back together again. yes, let me know when youre back in town, we miss you so much!

  6. Honsetly, I think Finn is a young prodigy. So fun that they have such a passion for drums and it's nice that they entertain eachother :)