August 17, 2008

Busy Bee

Been soooo busy lately!

A couple of days ago I get a phone call from a friend's mom. She needed a present for a baby shower.

The mother-to-be is not materialistic.

At all.

In fact, on her invitation, she requested a donation to world hunger in lieu of presents.

Wowsers. Can you imagine?

Well, like it or not, she was going to get a present.

The father-to-be sells seeds, maybe carrots??

Oh and we don't know the gender.

Good Luck!!:):)

So, a little while later I get a phone call from Lorie.

"I'm embroidering a carrot", I tell her.

"Well, how about a watermelon with a little bird on it", she suggests. Turns out the father-to-be sells mainly watermelon seeds.

Good idea Lorie!!

After making a few sketches, and consulting Lorie and Jessica, I was back in business. Lorie convinced me to go with the green and brown color scheme. She said that is what a *normal* person would like. I was all over the board,with 3 different color scheme options, so I am glad she helped narrow things down for me, and reel me back to earth.

Thanks for the input Jessica and Lorie!

Some projects just need a little group effort. Especially if it's for someone that does not want anything.

And then I cleaned both bathrooms, the kitchen sink, did laundry, rearranged the pantry and cleaned the spare room. Whew!


  1. They are utterly FABULOUS my dear. And I did not mean in any way that you aren't normal, just that seeing as we don't know her, best to be on the safe side and not go too far outside of the box.

    but anytime you want to through aqua and gray watermelons in my direction I'll take them!=)

    love love love you!

  2. Woah- now that was one PRODUCTIVE day! They turned out AMAZING...she is going to love them. Seriously. You had a challenge on your hands there with the major minimalist. And do you have a little business going? I'm loving your cards and how you safety pinned them on!

  3. SO SO SO SO cute, love them all!!

  4. heehee, Lorieloo, not offended at all about not being normal! you gave great advice!

    and Meg, I do a little here and there, but nothing major yet while the boys are so little.

  5. So when did you take up embroidery. I really don't remember you possessing this skill in jr. high? I've been learning this year but boy my stitching isn't anywhere near as neat and tiedy as yours. Does it take you long to embroider?

  6. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! LOVE the carrot one!

  7. So cute! You're just so creative... :)

  8. absolutely amazing my little artist friend. your work always astounds me.
    even the most non materialistic of people would love it, good job.

  9. ohhhhh, I so want to be creative and artistic like you, Davi... but since I don't think the good Lord blessed me in this area as he did you, I will content myself with looking at your AMAZING creations. These are simply adorable!! Anyone, even if they don't like much stuff, will love love love these. SO cute!! The watermelon with the little birdie was a wonderful idea from Lorie too-- good job. :)

  10. these are adorable! what a great gift!

  11. Oh, SO ADORABLE! And WOW, you put my whole WEEK to shame with your one productive day! LOL!

  12. LOVE IT. And I know the mommy. I know she'll adore them, too! :)

  13. EEEK! My mil told me they were fabulous and she was not exaggerating! I was hoping you'd post them so I could get a glimpse. So so perfect! I do not know how you do what you do!

  14. Eeeeek!! I love it!! I love it all - the color scheme, the fabrics in the blankie, the embroidery, the overall design...LOVE IT!!

    I love your tags, too - I have tried in vain to read what is on the card under "Davi and Jessica", but I can't make it work. But the tags look gorgeous and so high-end-specialty-clothing-like, and I love them!!

    I seriously love this new group of goods!! :)

  15. WOW! I'm impressed! With the adorable gift AND your ambitious cleaning! Great job!

  16. thanks so much for being so sweet to the vegetation:)

    and i must clarify--in all the hub-bub, i must have lost my ability to clearly communicate. i most certainly did NOT do all the sewing and cleaning in one day. most of the sewing was done over a 2 day span--i never get anything done in one sitting with my boys running amuck! and then the cleaning was done the NEXT day. which for me, was a major accomplishment, since i usually clean my house over a span of a few days!

    and to Things We Say/Do: no, i was not too interested in embroidering in junior high! i started a few months before Ollie was born. i'm not sure if it takes me long to embroider or not--depends on the image! i think the bird + melon took me a little over an hour???maybe a little longer?? i was not paying attention at all, i was watching the olympics!