August 6, 2008

Ellie Girl

Happy Birthday!!!

The first time I saw Ellie was at church, singing onstage in her cool rocker-chick voice. I remember smiling at her from afar, but was too intimidated to introduce myself. But my friend Jessi kept saying how sweet she was. The day I first officially met Ellie was at Jessi's house. As they came out the door to greet me, I stuck my hand out to Ellie and said "Hi, I'm Davi. I know all about you, though I don't think you know who I am".

She kind of laughed and said "Oh, I know who you are. I fell in love with your name from my favorite book, Severe Mercy."

Well, that made her friend for life in my book.

A few months later, her and Eddie joined our small group, along with Josh&Jessi and Phil&Jenny. This rag-tag group was just about the most unruly bunch of characters I ever did see. We were dysfunctional at best. We couldn't get through anything serious without someone inappropriately bursting out laughing...or getting up for some urgent business, such as fetching a lemon bar or chocolate chip cookie. Despite our inability to follow any format, we really did have a lot of fun together. And there was the occasional deep discussion.

One of our "ice-breakers" was to say what kind of animal we most closely resembled. Our group took liberties in helping each other find the perfect fit. Everyone was a bit aggravated with the animal they were being compared to. Whose idea was this game anyway??? Before things got ugly, I quickly proclaimed myself to be a Meerkat--after all, we are both pack animals and are always on the look-out for danger. Plus, we both have deep set eyes.

Now Ellie was an easy match. We unanimously voted her as a cat. Sly, sleek and stealthy. As a wedding photographer, she is often complimented on how unobtrusive and inconspicuous she is. Yah, I'd say that girl is a cat alright:)

Over time, I grew to love Ellie more and more. This girl has some amazing thing to say. Get her in a coffee shop and she will surprise you with a story that will blow your mind. And she is always positive and encouraging. But she will tell you when your thinking is off-base. Rare quality nowadays.

She is a girl of many talents. Artist. Photographer. Singer. Decorator extraordinaire. The first time I walked into her home I did a major double take. The wheels in my head have been spinning ever since. Last time she came to my house, she gave me some inspiring ideas to think about. About 10 minutes later we were in our cars and driving to home-depot for some paint for my family room. Probably won't happen for a month or two, but it's there in the back of my mind. In addition to her amazing decorating skills, she also has great taste in clothes--Signature color? Yellow!

She does everything with extraordinary grace and beauty. Yet she is so humble. And has a heart of gold. She did a lot of subbing for special-needs kids, which says a lot about her character.

She is absolutely AMAZING with kids. She always takes the time to talk to my boys, even when the "cat got their tongues". One day Ellie knocked on my door and Finn came running up to me saying "someone you really like is here". He knows she is special. And the babies all adore her. Especially Henry:) She just scoops them up and carries them around. One time Ollie was being a pill, and she whisked him away, changed his diaper and put his pj's on. It's precious.

We love you Auntie Ellie!!

And their mamas are crazy about her too!

We love you Ellie girl!!!!!

(Special thanks to LorieLoo, for attempting to teach me the ways of the formidable solar-flare. I can't wait to try it again!)


  1. oooh we look so rocker chick=) ha!
    last night was SO fun! and I hink all the pictures I chose were yours!=) but hey, send me the pictures of you and me, somehow those didn't make it on to my junk drive.

    love you friend!

  2. Davi Davi Davila - how do you spell that last one anyway? I can't believe you two!!! How sweet and kind and generous and lovely, you guys are the sweetest friends I could ask for! (no seriously). Thank you so much! I can't wait to see you today!!!

  3. I just got done reading Lorie's post, and they are both so sweet, with possibly the most adorable pictures in the world. :)

  4. So sweet, you know the funny thing is I was checking on me and Barb's friend, Teris blog and she in her last entry just mentioned Severe Mercy...have you read this book, should i? anyhow glad that you guys have such a good group of friends out there in Bakersfield.

  5. davi you are so good at posting such wonderful things about your friends. i really wish id been able to get to know ellie better than i did. it seems like when one of us was coming the other one was going. the pictures of the boys are awesome! happy birthday ellie!