August 13, 2008

Finn's Tag

I was tagged light years ago by Jon, Emma, Miss Gretchen and Charleigh. And now, I will fulfill my blogging duty.

1. One of the things people first notice about me is that I am quiet, kind of like daddy. But that's just because we are saving up all our words for mommy. So don't be fooled. I actually have a LOT to say and explain things in great detail using one hundred thousand descriptive words.

2. Mommy doesn't understand this quiet gene that I have, so she wasn't doing much to help the situation. Thankfully Auntie Jessica came to the rescue and suggested that we practice being friendly at home, using our stuffed animals to role-play. Yesterday GeGe and I were going to practice saying hello to Mr. Canaan, looking at his eyes and everything. I got to pretend to be Mr. Canaan and kitty got to act as my drum student. Then I got sidetracked and started building a tiny drum set for kitty's lesson instead....However, today I gave Mr. Canaan a big hello. Look out world. I might say hi to you. But only if mommy makes me:)

3. I love to draw pictures of drum sets and fireworks everyday.
I also like to draw money.
And here is a sign I drew for our bathroom door.

4. I love to recite lines, word for word, from all the movies I watch. Especially from Veggie Tales--here is a picture of my favorite scene,when they were gonna throw Rack, Shack and Benny in the fiery furnace.
(notice Junior Asparagus, Larry the Tomato and Bob the Cucumber off to the left)
I also like to do impersonations.

5. I love to take things apart and then put them back together again. Especially my drum set. Which drives mommy and daddy nuts, because I get pieces EVERYWHERE and also get grease all over the couch. I'm not allowed to take apart my drum set anymore except for when we vacuum my drum corner.
6. Though I am a total daddy's boy, I have been super sweet to mommy ever since Ollie was born. It's not that I didn't like her's just she smothered me all the time when I was a baby, because I was her first kid. It's a good thing she has other kids to hug! But now I always come give her hugs and tell her I love her. And I pay great attention to what she's up to. If a package arrives in the mail, I hand it to her saying "here's some fabric, it's probably smurfs or something". And I also notice that she likes to cook onesies.

7. Starting a few weeks ago, I discovered that I love to tumble. I will do cartwheels wherever I go, even if there is no room and I bump into furniture. I even dived into a hand stand off of Auntie Lindsay's trunk the other day. Mommy freaked out. Soccer is in 2 weeks, but mommy suspects that gymnastics may be in my near future.
8. Remember I used to shake and cry about swimming? Well, now I love to swim and go under the water. Last time I was at cousin Luke's pool, they had to pull me out to eat dinner.

9. Mommy thinks I should be a food critic when I grow up. Whenever they serve me dinner, I have lots of questions. Like, "who made this?" and "how many minutes did this cook?". When I like something I say "you cooked this good", which for some reason makes mommy frown. And when I don't like something, mommy gets even more upset. I just don't understand why people can't take a little constructive criticism around here!

10. I love to help GeGe with his drumming. I made him a drum cowbell out of masking tape and pencils.
And here is some sheet music that I made for him today.
And now I tag, anyone who wants to be tagged:)


  1. i love it, and hime! im so glad he did this i feel more caught up on him now. so happy to hear about swimming lessons going so well! we miss you finn!

  2. I love these kid's so fun to get to know the kids, too!! =)

  3. So sweet! I love getting to learn about your boys! :)

  4. Maybe you have an Alex Keaton on your hands! :)

    I think Finn will be just as creative and talented as his mommy!

  5. such a sweet little post about your Finn. It was so fun getting to know more about him! I just love that cowbell he made for Calvin. And his music notes! Emma loves to draw those too. And then she wants me to sing them, which I'm not always quite sure how to do. :)

  6. haha i love how the sign he made for the bathroom door says that you can only go in if you have three legs

  7. If he isn't going to be a musician when he grows up, he should totally be an artist! The sheet music is awesome! BTW, that is my kids favorite part of that veggie tale movie also.

  8. Yay!! I was going to start bugging you about doing Finn's tag, so I was so excited to see that it is here!!

    Finn and Ethan could be very good buddies - Ethan writes sheet music too, and...yeah, he started gymnastics last year. Contrary to my deepest hopes, gymnastics has not satisfied his desires to launch himself off every piece of mis-used furniture in my house. But it has given him more skills in doing so, so there you go. LOL!

    Finn is a multi-talented little genius child! He is completely fascinating and I can't wait to see what the Lord does with his life!!