August 20, 2008

Meet the Kin-der

I've had some very special visitors...

I am so excited to FINALLY introduce them to you, I could burst! It's been a year since I last saw them. I wasn't even a blogger yet!

Without any further adieu, meet the kin-der!!

My sister Jessica and her 4 girls!!!(oh and her husband Steve came too)

Tacy, the first born. A ballerina, avid book-worm and Pollyanna to the core. We love our Tacy-Face!

Emily Blemily. If mischief arises, you can be sure a feather was involved. Or a closet. Or yummy hand soap.

Sporting her "fun and exciting" hair knots, that she thinks are "neither fun nor exciting". I had to bribe her with candy to wear them!

She's the sweetest thing ever and can get along with ANYONE, no matter their age. Just ask my boys.

And here is my blooper submission. Yup, that pretty much sums up my Calvin Jack:)

Kate. The spitfire. This spunky little thing is the friendliest talkative chatterbox ever. I could just eat her right up with a straw!

Ansley. The baby. With her curly hair, sweet smile and big eyes, she melts me in 1 second flat. How we love baby!

With 7 kids under 1 roof for a few days, we had wild fun. There was always a kid underfoot. Finn kept saying "I'm having so much fun with my cousins". It makes me so sad that we don't live right next door:(

I wish my sister were here everyday so we could lug our kids around together. I love helping her pick out clothes for her girls--you'd think they were my own!


Pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes,

We all fall down!

I love them so much and miss them already. I can't wait to squish back on the couch together!


  1. oh what fun cousins are! :) We wish all of ours were closer too!

  2. So fun! :) I'm glad that you all had a grat time together.

  3. Yay!!! I have been stalking your blog, hoping that pics would appear (Jessica said that you would be talking pictures), and they're here!! Yippeee! I love all of the pictures - you captured each of the girls so, so well!! And the pictures of all of the kids together, and of you and Jess and all of the kiddies, are absolutely priceless!

    Cousins are indescribably wonderful. I love watching our kiddos with their cousins and we fabricate any excuse in order to get us all together. It's my favorite thing, to have them all together!

    I'm so excited that you posted these pictures!! Did they leave already? It's always so exciting to see them, but it feels like it's over in a nanosecond, and then there is the longest wait before we get to see them again! :(

  4. Awww, you girls have a bunch of the cutest kids ever!!

  5. i LOVE the picture of you two with all your kids, i cant get over how cool that is. so many!! im so glad you had a good time and really wish you could be with your sister all the time, it is such a blessing to have that and for the kids to be together. you and your sister and families should move out here together....

  6. There is nothing as fun as family!!! Precious nieces and your boys, of course. Yay for the submission. I've been so busy with school that I haven't done the drawing yet...soon...soon

  7. oh what fun you had? and I LOVE the pictures=)

    and why o why did I not come over and meet the famous jessica? not that I would want to take away one second of your time together, but I so want to meet her!

    next time.

    and your nieces-oi! I could eat them with a spoon they're so delicious!

  8. how fun!!! Yay for a family visit! I bet you miss your sister and those BEAUTIFUL nieces of yours so much.
    I think it is so neat that she has four girls and you have your three boys-- wow, what a family picture that is. Lovely!!
    I'm really, really glad that they were able to come visit you. And I simply love the beautiful pictures of these wonderful people in your life.