August 29, 2008


It's been quite the week.

There was a roadtrip to visit the fun and free-spirited Ally,

where someone decided to paint without mommy's permission.

We went to AWANA for the first time. Calvin is a cubby. We put Finn in with the sparkies--we shall see how that goes. He's very motivated to memorize his verses but he looked a little lost during game time. People kept asking if Finn was really 5. It didn't help that I put his wrong birthday on the registration form:6/03/06. That would make him 2. I'm not scatter-brained or anything.

We had fun swimming with friends and family.

We had another fabulous drum lesson and are still LOVING Mr. Canaan. He brought an electronic metronome and showed us how to mix the levers to sound like a DJ. I thought it would be fun to get Finn one of those instead of a gameboy. Would that make us too eccentric??

And we had more soccer "lessons".

With all of Finn's new lessons, Calvin informed us that he was going to take *bubble lessons*.

It was a fun week, but we are glad that it is friday.

Yes, we are more than ready for the weekend:)


  1. davi, can you and john and your boys please move out here?

  2. that was gretchen, not michael.

  3. Man, my week was crazy too! It looks like you guys had a great time, but I know how busy those great times can be. I miss my Ally and need to get up there soon!

  4. Wow! That's a busy, crazy week. I feel tired just reading about it. I love paint covered Ollie.

  5. Check out your award over on my blog!

  6. We really should talk about having a drummer in the family. It was so loud in our house that our drummer came home once to find his drums completely taken apart...screw by screw. His brothers had had enough.

  7. Oh my goodness, those are the cutest pictures!! Tiring, fun, crazy week, but the pics are awesome! :)