August 11, 2008

Calvin Jack Through The Years

My little GeGe, you are three today.

Three years ago today, you didn't even have a name, because I was too wiped out to think after a traumatizing C-section.

Calvin Jack. GeGe. Finny nicknamed you right off the bat.

You turned his world upside down. But now you are best of friends.

You were such a little chunk. Finny was skinny so you surprised us all with your chubby little cheeks.

Your very first summer at Hume Lake.

Miss Ellie took this picture on your second Christmas. You were almost 1.5 years.

And here you were visiting Auntie Jessica before Ollie was born.

Another Ellie picture here below.

You and your beloved marshmallow. Mommy was trying clothes on you. The tags are still on your outfit. You wore this to cousin Hayley's wedding.

Here is your second trip to Hume Lake.

Calvin, you are so special.
You have a heart of gold.
You are so silly,
We love you! Happy Birthday to our favorite 3 year old!



    Happy Birthday Calvin!!!!!!!!

    In some of those picture he looks so much like Fin. But he is definitely his own boy... So sweet! Any big b-day plans????

  2. Oh, this totally brought tears to my eyes! He is SUCH a precious little pumpkin! Happy 3 years, buddy!!

  3. Happy birthday Gee!!!!!! I love you so much!

  4. Happy Birthday my little Gee! I love you. How's the watch working out? See you soon.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALVIN!! Hope you have an awesome day!! Does he get to make his own birthday cake?? (I think I remember corectly. Isn't that your tradition?)

    Your boys are so ADORABLE! I love reading your blog and hearing about all their cute endeavors!

  6. happy birthday calvin!! and happy birth day to you too davi- the one who ave birth!
    i want to know what kind of cake mr calvin made for himself?

  7. WOW! You like summertime babies ;)

    Happy Birthday Calvin! You're such a happy, handsome little fella!

  8. Oh, he's so cute! Happy birthday Calvin!!

  9. happy birthday to your sweet little Calvin! Seriously, your boys must be some of the sweetest and most precious ever, and this little post of yours only makes your son more appealing and lovable. When I read wonderful things such as this I can't help but think how privileged we are to be mama to the little ones that belong to us and get to know them like this as they grow. Your words and pictures are a perfect example of that amazing love!

  10. Oh, he is absolutely and completely precious and adorable!!!

    Happy, happy birthday, Calvin!!

  11. Sweet sweet Calvin. You captured him beautifully!

  12. KILLER pictures davi! omigoodness!

    and I just can't believe your middle child is 3! where has the time gone!?

  13. Happy Birthday sweet Calvin! His personality shows all over that darling face of his! My GOODNESS did he ever look like "himself" at birth!