August 24, 2008

Little Red Drums

Remember the post where Calvin hopefully anticipated the arrival of his drum set every time the brown truck drove by? Yet no drum set ever came. So Finn packed all of Calvin's toy drums into boxes and staged a delivery:

And then put forth his best effort to make Calvin's dreams come true:
Calvin was very pleased with this set. However, duct tape has its limits ,and before long, Finn's masterpiece crumbled into ruins. And so Calvin still clung to the hope that one day, he too would get a real set, just like his big brother.

And Finn encouraged Calvin's hopes day after day. Every time the brown truck drove by, the boys would work themselves up into a frenzy of excitement. "Gege, your drums are coming", Finn would squeal. And then they would run to the front window and jump up and down. And every cardboard box they saw at every supermarket, contained these alleged drums.

"Please John?" I would ask. "Just a tiny kid set? Calvin's birthday is coming up...look at those big, sad, puppy-dog eyes."

But the answer was always the same. A big fat NO. " We don't need two drum sets in our house" he would say. Understandable.

So you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago, John found the perfect little drum set on Craig's List. John finally caved to the sad eyes. Or he couldn't resist the smokin' deal.

On the afternoon of the 11th day of August, I whisked Calvin away to Vons to get his birthday balloons, while John and Finn staged the final brown truck delivery. Anticipation was in the air.

We got home and immediately escorted Calvin to the entry room for his big surprise. He could not believe his eyes, when he opened the boxes and saw real live drums. Both boys went wild. Surely this was Christmas in August. They raced back and forth, putting this new set together. And while Finn's hand-made sets will always hold a special place in my heart, here is the next best thing.

Finally, a set that is proportional to my small boys.

Everyone loves playing these little red drums, even Mr. Canaan--he made a beeline for them the minute he stepped foot through the door, and started tuning them. Throughout Finn's lesson, this little red set came in handy. Sometimes Finn was playing them, other times Cannan was playing them...they did duets and grooves together.

But most importantly, Calvin loves them. He rarely tries to sneak onto Finn's throne anymore. He's completely satisfied with this set. If anything, it's the other way around, and Finn is trying to usurp Calvin's throne, as you can see in these photos!

A tumble weed must have gotten in my camera in this shot above. I prefer to use my imagination and pretend that it's a fisheye.

How's that for cheesy smiles?

Ollie says, "Hey guys, what chord are we playing?"

Wild mashugana!

Ok, next time I need more shots of Calvin. After all, they are his drums:) However, he was in desperate need of a hair cut. And he kept running away. Excuses, excuses.

And now, if I could just get my act together and put my pool table for sale on Craig's list, maybe I will have room in my house for these dueling drummers! Calvin is on first video, Finn is on the second one.


  1. oh my gosh Davi. SO FUN! What a wonderful mommy your boys have! You are fun, adventerous, and let them play drums in the house... I've still yet to let Mark set up his in the house (although I suspect he may drum a bit louder than the boys do..)

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  2. First of all, INCREDIBLE pictures..

    Second, as i was watching Finn's video my mouth dropped. Wow!!!! I can' believe that cute little 5 year old is playing that. Bravo Finn!!!!

  3. OH my goodness... they rock!!! What a beautiful drum set!! I have to say, I've always loved the drums. I would never dare show Logan the video of your sons playing drums... he would be so jealous!!! lol!!
    By the way... thanks SO much for the comment and for telling me about those cups!! Those are great, I am definitely going to order some. It's nice to know that I'm not alone with some of my obsessions. lol.

  4. Great pictures and great drummers! Wow! I'm impressed!

  5. Your photos are very artistic! Very ambitious! I love the videos at the end. Finny is such a good drummer!

  6. Holy COW! Ok, I have to admit that I think the pictures are darling and I had a little "boy, they are cool" comment in mind. But DUDE! That video of Finn - HE SERIOUSLY ROCKS! That kid is GOOD! I am so impressed!!

  7. Okay, I LOVE your new header....and all your pictures....and your model material boys! Most importantly though, you have musical prodigy on your hands!

  8. Your boys sound GREAT!! And of course, I love all your pictures, but it was fun to see video of those super talented kiddos.

  9. I don't think I realized how AMAZING Finn was at playing the drums.. Either he is a musical genius or Mr. Canaan is pretty much amazing.. Either way youare one luckiy little mama!

  10. wowza! I have to echo everyone else and say FINN ROCKS. Seriously, wow. He is a natural, and I could not be more impressed. And little Calvin-- well, he is ready and rarin' to follow in his big brother's footsteps with his beautiful new drum set, and I can tell he's going to be amazing too! It makes me so excited to see what they end up doing with their wonderful talents in the future!! :)

    And I love, simply love, that you and your hubby not only bought the drum set after all, but that you then took them out to the middle of nowhere (or what LOOKS like the middle of nowhere), set them up, and had a photo shoot. You're the coolest, Davi. :) And your page looks great!!

    by the way, I laughed out loud at your nachos and the goosebumps they gave you... now I feel so much better about the fact that I sometimes dream about food while I sleep...

  11. Wow- Finn is a crazy good drummer. Thats really cool! I am impressed! I'm so happy Calvin has his own set now too and they don't have to have imaginary deliveries! Too cute!

  12. Hey Davi, Random question for you: When you changed your blog URL to this current one (and got rid of your name on it) how did you keep the old one up temporarily? I know how to change the name/URL under settings... which transfers all the old posts over. But... I'm not certain how to temporarily keep my old one (empty... but with a link pointing people to the new blog). Did you just open a "new" blog with your old address after you transferred it over? If you don't mind emailing me your strategy that would be awesome! THANKS!! (

    I'm trying to get rid of my last name on my personal blog... so people searching for my photography can't find it.

  13. i am so so happy for calvin! they are absolutely beautiful!

  14. All of your boys are so stinking cute!!!!! And I think you are very brave for letting two little drum sets in your house! =)

  15. Finn says thanks, to all you nice people!