December 8, 2008

away she went... a Little Debbie truck. 
It was particularly amusing to see this truck in my driveway, and so I had to sneak a quick shot of it!

On Saturday, we sold our pool table. The prospective buyer seemed pretty serious over the phone, so John and I scrubbed our house to perfection before he came. 

John even put some cinnamon rolls in the oven. He said that nobody could resist buying our pool table if our house smelled like cinnamon rolls.

When the buyer arrived, he walked into the house, took one look at the pool table, and then said he wanted to buy it.

It must have been the cinnamon rolls, John claimed. I'm not sure how a cinnamon roll would compel one to buy a pool table, but it worked and I am not complaining.

The buyer actually turned out to be an ER doctor I saw when I was pregnant with Ollie. What a small world. I guess that's what happen when you are involved with Craig's List. I even wrote about him here in my Ollie story(you know, the part where they switched the pee samples?). And of course I had to remind him of that fact. It was a very glamorous conversation and I'm not exactly sure why I had to tell him about all that. However, he was the nicest guy and an even nicer doctor. So my pool table has a great home. And I am clueless as to how an ER doctor has access to a Little Debbie's truck.

So, am I jumping for joy that I am finally rid of my pool table?

Not exactly.

Even though I did not love the pool table, it did fill the space nicely. The drums DO NOT fill the space nicely at all. Now, the entire flow of my house has been disrupted and reduced to a bachelor pad. I am not sure how to proceed. I can do one of two things.

1) Work very hard at converting the space to a presentable music room. This will take more time and money than I have at present. In the long run, I think the boys will love this. The drums would finally have a home--I feel like the drums are here to stay and I might as well embrace this fact. In the short run, it will stink because my house looks really bad.

2)Temporarily(or permanently) banish the drums to the corner of the front room. It's not my favorite room anyway, so I don't care if it's disrupted. Then, run down to my fav antique store and buy an inexpensive-but-cute-and-funky-huge-table...and plop it right down where the pool table used to reside. It will be my craft/sewing/scrapping table and the boys can also use it to color and do their crafts. I think the whole family would love it and get great use of it. Pros?The flow of my house returns. Cons? No music room for the boys--the drums will forever look like an afterthought. 

What to do! I know this is a decision I will ultimately have to make on my own. But, if you have any bright ideas, feel free to share!

So long pool laundry craft table! I will miss you. But not for long if I get a craft table.


  1. Oh man, that's a tough decision that you have to make. The craft table is a good idea and that is probably what I would choose but I don't have 3 little boys who like to play music! :) This is why California homes need basements...I sure am going to miss my basement when we leave here.

  2. Ok, so there's an option -- dig a basement! (They realy ARE wonderful things, and we had one in CA, but it's hard to add one after the fact. hee hee)

    Anyway, I like the craft table idea. And if you find an inexpensive one, then you can always chuck it later and turn the room into a music room when you have more instruments to fill it up.

  3. Oh, dear. What a dilema. I do like the idea of digging a basement! But until that happens, I'd probably buy the craft table. To fold laundry on. And the boys will love it, and they can build forts under it.

  4. hmmm that is a tough one...if i were you i would get a cool funky antique table- i think this would be very functional for all sorts of occasions, especially with an ever growing family :o)
    BUT i think i would also try to figure out a way to turn the front room into a sitting/music room. you dont like it much anyways so it might be fun to rearrange and get a new feel in there. you dont need the front room to be the conventional "living room" in my opinion. *love

  5. I have been there before! We had a pool table pre-baby =) I had been begging Ryan to get rid of it forever! I was dying for a formal dining room table.
    Could you make the room a recreation room? It could be a music room with a smaller round table for crafts?! Can it be both?! If you got a nice storage cabinet from Wal-Mart you could keep all your crafts in it up against the wall, a couple of totes or decretive boxes could double as something for the kids to sit on, and something to keep your materials in. Any kind of redecorating is expensive, just take it a step at a time =) I am excited to hear what you do with the room!!

  6. Decisions, Decisions...that is a pretty big space back there, but I like the idea of doing a combo. I have a vision, but I'm not sure how it would work out. Maybe some type of booth/bench seating (with storage under it). I don't remember if your breakfast bar takes up the whole wall where the pool table used to be, but if not, it would be cute there with a smaller table. then have the drums on the other side of the room. Then you could rock out to the beat of the boys drums while crafting :) Oh also, my dad replaced his windows this fall and has a bunch of old ones, but they are the all glass kind (with no grid), just thought I'd see if you wanted one...or Lorie (I need to remember to ask her).

  7. A friend of mine kinda did both. Her husband and boys are into music too, but she does crafts and is a freelance journalist so she needs a place to write.

    They got some of those ottomans with the storage underneath for the guys to sit on and play music (guitars and violins). All the music books can be stored in there.

    Plus It's one of those really great old Westchester homes so it had all this awesome storage already built in.

    She bought a nice desk from World Market for her crafts and writing.

    Since both are journalists they have all this great old newspaper memorabilia they've been collecting over the years that they used to decorate and tie everything together.

    Obviously I haven't seen your space, but I think you could make it work for both and not have either one be an afterthought.

  8. I would do the craft table, since it would be something that could be done now and something that the entire family would use very, very much. It would be useful and it would fill the space. Then I would work towards the goal of making the front room into a music room - I'm making the assumption by what you've said that you have a family room also? If that's the case, and you don't love the front room anyway, I'd go that route. There isn't any rule that says that you have to have a formal living room. My dad and step mom made their formal living room into a music room, and that worked out so well. We all detested the front room because it was completely sterile (white couches and black lacquer tables) and nobody was ever comfortable sitting there anyway. Everyone would hang out in the family room/kitchen area. So the front room became a music area with a huge drum set, bongos, all of my dad's guitar stands and guitars, the piano, etc. And after that, it was a nightmare keeping the boys away from all of the instruments (they were 1 and 3 at the time), but it still looked cool. LOL.

  9. I vote for option #2, but I can see where you're torn! I just happen to think that having a craft/sewing room would be absolutely fabulous (I would LOVE To have one!)!! Keep us posted on what you do. But just think, in the mean-time, you get to put up your Christmas tree!! =)

  10. CRAFT table...the boys are still small and I am sure the corner of the room will be ok for now and plus you will definitely love and use the craft table!(although I have never seen your home, I thought I'd add the the advice) barbies friend misha-we have yet to meet1 :)

  11. yay, you sold the pool table!! How cute is your hubby with the cinnamon rolls... what a great sales tactic. :)

    Hmmmm, decision, decisions. I love what other people suggested about using it for both those needs. That way everyone gets what they want! but whatever you do with it, I am quite sure it will be lovely and useful. It's so nice that you actually have OPTIONS now with it out of the way!