December 22, 2008

end of an era

Presents were wrapped with the utmost of care. 

My spooky Christmas tags.

Presents were unwrapped. We love our birds, cups and saucers Lor!

( btw, the green shirt I'm wearing...look familiar Christie? She wore it to church one Sunday and I just had to have it. So yah, I'm a complete and total COPYCAT. Hope you aren't too disturbed, Christie).

Hot chocolate was consumed and faces were stuffed.

Lorie led us to her latest spot, where many photos were taken.

I love this green tool table. Too bad it's probably full of lead, or I would have dragged it home.

Could we take ourselves any more seriously??

Above photo by Ellie Grover. I am around 18 weeks pregnant here. This is my most documented child yet. My morning sickness is fading fast. I'm a little nauseous most mornings and completely exhausted by most afternoons, but I am starting to come out of the black hole I have lived in the past few months. Don't expect too much from me though. I'm still pretty pathetic:)

And that brings us to this girl.

This girl called Ellie Grover, who has single-handedly turned my life upside down from the moment I met her.  She has challenged the way I see just about everything. She is wise beyond her years and talented beyond measure. And so sweet and kind. She's one of the few people I can talk to on the phone without getting stage-fright. As a kid I hated talking on the phone. My mom used to me to talk on the phone with my friends. I think I hate the phone because I cannot see your eyes. Ok, I am rambling.

But she is leaving me. Leaving us.

For good. 

She is moving far away and I am so sad. 

She first told us of her plans to move months ago in Starbucks of all places. Lorie and I did not take the news too well. In fact, we made such blubbering spectacles of ourselves, that we had to leave because everyone was staring at us.

So we went to Target. 

More stares. So we went home. 
In one week, Ellie will be gone.

Good-bye dearest Ellie Grover. I miss you already. 


  1. I'm so sad for all of you girlies! You are so blessed to have such a strong friendship. I pray that the Lord will keep you close through all the miles.

    BTW-those pictures are A-Mazing! Every single one of them. You 3 Amigas are just beautiful!

  2. You make me want to cry. I'm so envious or your close friendship and I hate that it's going to have to be far away now.

    But WAY cute pictures!

  3. So sad that your friend is moving!

    But OK the phone comment thing totally made me laugh because I'm the exact same way, only my mom didn't force me to talk on the phone ever. My husband does though. I can think of all these things I want to say before and after the phone call, but during it just always seems to turn into awkward silence and weirdness. I'm starting to get a little better with certain people, but it is definitely still something to work on.

  4. ugh. beautiful. perfect perfect day.

    love you friend.

  5. being here and FINALLY starting to make new friends has made me really realize never to take good friends for granted. im sorry shes leaving you both, i know how hard it is.