December 14, 2008


I was reading a friend's blog, and she posted some photos of her kid's pet lizards. My first thought was "whoa, she allows lizards in her home?"

And then I remembered a little something from my college days, that had long since been forgotten. A completely buried memory.

When I was at APU, I somehow became the sole guardian of a certain fire-belly frog.

I named him Lover-Boy. He was pretty shnazy, with his bright orange belly.
I think I got him from my sister's friend, Angela?? How can I not remember such crucial things as to who gave me my first frog??? I think all of my real-life memories somehow got knocked out of my brain while I was trying to memorize the Kreb-Cycle and the Electron Transport Chain...

It wasn't until I read a blog, of all things, that my memory was triggered. And though I was a bit squeamish touching Lover-Boy, I gave him a very good home. I faithfully scoured the college campus every other day, with my little jar, searching for live crickets to feed him with. I got some VERY ODD looks and comments when fellow students asked "pray-tell, what on earth are you doing scaling that tree with a jar in your hand?"

And on a rare occasion, when I had access to a car, I would go to the pet store and buy a bunch of crickets. At the time, I thought NOTHING OF IT, storing a bag of live crickets in my dorm room, while my poor roommates shook in terror at all the chirping.

And eventually, when I could no longer care for Lover-Boy, I think I gave him to Jessica's old boyfriend(once again, very sketchy memory here).

How things have changed since then. I used to hunt for crickets for a pet frog, but now run for the hills at the mere mention of getting the boys a pet dog(you know, a normal person's pet). 

So boys, if you read this when you are older, please forgive your mama. She really was more adventurous, once upon a time.

 As much as I love dogs, I just cannot handle the thought of being responsible for one more creature that poops.


  1. LOL...that last line cracks me up!!
    Sometimes when Justin forgets to feed the dog in the morning, that's what I tell him. "I have enough things to feed, you HAVE to remember that one...I just can't handle any more :)"

  2. Ha! One more that poops! That's funny. I worry about the dogs puking...hubby takes care of the poop outside. =)

  3. Your memory serves you well! It was Angela's frog, and it ended up with Andy. He bought his crickets at the pet store, along with food for his turtle LD. LOL.

  4. Davi accurately remembered! :) Yea, remember we used to turn on the outside porch light at night to attract Lover-Boys dinner when you would come home? I wonder why you ended up with him rather than me?

  5. Haha! For awhile I wanted to be a bug scientist and was obsessed with all things squimish. Not so anymore.

  6. a frog named lover-boy! hehe!! love it.

    Amen to that last line... that right there is exactly why it will be quite some time before we ever get a dog.