December 20, 2008

meet the scream extractor...

...Finn's latest obsession. The scream extractor is the contraption from the movie Monster's Inc that hooks up to a child to extract a scream for energy.

And here is Finn's artistic rendering of the scream extractor from the movie. Pictured here is Randall, the purple monster, extracting a scream from Mike, the green monster.

(Finn's caption...something...something...N SA HLO TOO THU SKE ISTKR= ...AND SAY HELLO TO THE SCREAM EXTRACTOR).

And the red monster pictured below is Randall's sidekick, Fungus. The other night, Finn suggested that we name our new baby "Fungus". Nice try Finn!

Meet the whole cast(this is for you Jessica). My sister Jessica is too afraid to watch this movie. Sorry to those of you who already know the characters. I do not mean to insult your intelligence.

Finn's cast. Finn likes to cram as many things onto the paper as possible.

In case you had not noticed, Finn's favorite character is Randall, one of the main villians. He is a slithery and horrid monster and I can't understand why Finn likes him so much. I find it rather disturbing, though I guess it's not too abnormal, considering a lot of little boys like villians such as Darth Vader.

In this drawing, Randall is standing near Boo's flowered door(Finn's caption: Randl the noow scar ledre= Randall the new scare leader).

And here is Boo's actual door. Jess, Boo is so cute. I love the movie because of her.

Finn also likes to draw the other villain, Mr. Waternoos. He's the attractive octopus-like creature to the right.

I love it that Finn drew the little red vest on "MESTR WODR NOOS".

Meet the lovely creature, Roz.

I pretty much died when Finn drew Roz. The boys refer to Roz as a "him", LOL.

These yellow monsters, the CDA(Child Protection Agency) are a big part of the movie.

Finn likes to draw mass quantities of CDA monsters.

And here is the cute couple, Mike and Celia.

They really are cute!

And Finn is not the only one that likes to draw monsters these days. Calvin has been getting in on the action too. I will always treasure his little yellow sun monster.

Finn has literally been drawing page-after-page of creatures these days. He still likes to draw Nemo. He has also been drawing the animals from Word World, one of our favorite TV shows. If you look closely, you can see that all of the animals from Word World are constructed from the letters that are used to spell them. 

Another representative sample shown below is Super Why. I am not too fond of the show, but the boys like it.

And as I type, Finn is in the other room drawing yet another picture of Randall. He just told me "Randall is funny because he disappears and then comes back". With all this drawing, I really do wish I had a giant craft table in my family room. I searched high and low for a table at all of my favorite antique stores, but came up empty-handed:( I will just have to be patient while I wait for the right piece of furniture.


  1. I love it! He's an amazing artist, such great use of color! So many kids prefer black, sigh. He is so detailed! And his spelling is great, too! And lol, those monsters are very creepy. No wonder I'm askeered!

  2. He is so creative!

    You have to take that kid to Disneyland some day... there is an awesome Monsters, Inc. ride at California Adventure that he would LOVE! Randall "disappears" and "reappers" throughout the whole ride. Fun times! :)

  3. Your boys are so creative... Monster's Inc is such a cute movie. I love Boo in it too. She makes the movie.

  4. Precious. I spent forever trying to figure out the first few words on that first picture....

  5. The pictures are great. What an imagination:)

  6. Um...hello, your kid is amazing. He's going to blow his teacher out of the water next year! I see animation in his future ;)

  7. cutest drawings ever!! Wow, what a little artist. I love his spelling too, it's adorable.
    We LOVE Monsters Inc.-- it's one of my girls' favorite movies. And I'm thinking that Finn and Emma would have a great time together, because I have sheets and sheets of drawings over here too. Everytime you post Finn's drawings it makes me think of MY little artist. :)

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