December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

We did a lot of traveling this Thanksgiving. And Ollie does not like to travel. 

Ollie cried

Ollie cried a lot.

We got to mom's house wednesday night and spent the night with my sister Lindsay. Ollie cried from 2am to 4 am ish??? And then got up before 7.

During the Thanksgiving feast, Ollie cried the first half of the dinner. So there are no photos of the actual dinner, because I was too busy flipping out over the crying boy. But here is a photo of Lindsay's lovely pecan pie for dessert!

Here is the little sour bus. His shirt described him to the tee that day. 

Thankfully, after giving him motrin for his incoming canines, and oatmeal rather than turkey, he was as happy as a clam the rest of our visit.

These two were happy with Nemo and Squirt.

Here is the rest of us in attendance! We missed Hayley and Nick and Jess, Steve and girls!

Can't forget about Olive. Doing her famous head tilt.

Here is Nathan on the guitar.

If there seems like there is a disproportionate amount of photos of Jamie and I this's because there was a disproportionate amount of photos of Jamie and I this year.

What can I say? We were the only ones interested in playing with the camera.

But the biggest, bestest news came today. Our very own Lindsay got engaged last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are thrilled beyond belief. We love Jim very much and think they are just the cutest couple ever. Jim was with his folks for Thanksgiving this year.

Congratulations Lindsay and Jim!


  1. Looks like most of you had a happy Thanksgiving :) Oh man how I hate traveling with kids! ...but you know, time with family makes it all worth while.

    Congrats to your beautiful sister! I'll look forward to the beautiful pics you take while in attendance.

  2. Okay, is there NOTHING that you can't do? Seriously, you are one of the most creative fiber artists I know, your photos are amazing and your journaling engaging. You are adorable and your boys are such cuties. Sheez girl. I know you have no idea how talented you are! Take it from this old gal that's seen a lot...You are one in a million! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Thanksgiving post! I was waiting (not-too-patiently) and you did not disapoint! Everyone was in their best looks (sorry, i just love that line!) and it almost feels like being there! Your pictures are amazing. Sorry about Olls being the sour bus. But he's so cute in his Lemon Head shirt!

  4. Suzanne!! Thanks so much for popping by! I've been itching to get to your shop for a while now. I am FINALLY running out of some of my more precious fabrics that I have been pickling. Maybe when my morning sickness subsides I can actually make it out my front door:) Thank you, thank you, so much for your super kind words, though I hardly feel deserving--However, I will take a compliment from someone as talented and accomplished as you any day!!!! Merry Christmas to you too!!

  5. Thanks D! Cool pictures and I am happy my Pecan Pie got a mention :)
    Thanks too for the engagement congrats-- I'm a happy girl :)

  6. looks like a happy Thanksgiving indeed-- especially once Mr. Lemonhead cheered up! :) I think you must be a very patient person. If I was dealing with a child who wouldn't stop crying and preggo sickness, I think I would have been a big fat grumpo. But you seem to take it all in stride. I'm learning from you. :)

    The pictures are gorgeous-- I love how you gave them all a nice orangey tone... so warm and autumnal. It's perfect.
    Oh yay, congrats to your lovely sister!! You must be so excited for her... and for the wedding coming up too. I can't wait for the day when one of my sisters gets engaged, I think I'll be almost as excited as when I got engaged! :)

  7. Poor Ollie! I'm glad he came around...and glad you had a great Thanksgiving w/ your family.

  8. I love this post! The pictures are amazing, as always, and I'm teary-eyed over the announcement of Lindsay's engagement, even though I already knew about it from Jessica's FB page. Congratulations again, Lindsay!! Weddings and God-honoring marriages are the happiest things on earth!! :) I'm so excited for you, and that picture is just gorgeous, too! :)

    Ollie is the cutest little sourpus ever - and yay for Motrin, too. :) And you look beautiful, Davi! You can see a tiny glimpse of perfect-pregnant-belly in the picture of you and your dad. :) Wedding and baby - what a fun and wonderful time for your entire family! :)

  9. GREAT pictures!!!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Sorry about the grouchy Ollie, but he sure was stinkin' cute. lol. BTW... how are you feeling these days??????

  10. Hey Kourt...starting to feel an eensy bit better...but i still am very *iffy* most days! thanks for asking.

  11. Yeah, Grady pretty much didn't sleep at night either on our trip. Kind of a bummer when you have 7 people sleeping in the same space! It's so worth it though to be with family and make the most of the holiday. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  12. YAAY im so happy for your sister!! its so nic to have your sis marry someone you like so much. how exciting.
    youre looking great, by the way!