December 12, 2008

our tree

This is what happens when you let your husband and 5-year-old go pick out the Christmas tree.

Meet Mr. Stumpy. Fat all the way to the top, and then, BAM! There's the skinny top.

I really should have gone with them, but John somehow convinced me that it would be easier if just Finn went with him. I had a long day and was too exhausted to argue.

Tonight, I got my second wind, and got out the clipping shears.

I like my trees to be sparse--that way my ornaments aren't awkwardly thrust forward by the wayward branches.

I know what you are probably thinking...I butchered a perfectly serviceable tree. But I am happy with my thinner tree.

Here are some of my ornaments.

John let the boys decorate the little tree. 

They pretty much clustered all the ornaments at the bottom, LOL. Here are some of the *survivors* from last year. 

John was so busy videotaping the boys decorating their tree, that I forgot to take photos of them. By the time I realized it, they were all tucked in bed:(


  1. I like your thinned out tree better, too. I totally agree about needing space to hang the ornaments. I don't completely fluff out my fake tree so I have room between the branches.

    It turned out beautifully!

  2. It's lovely! Each ornament shown to its best advantage. Whatever happened to all of those periwinkle ornaments? I think we scoured every Target in a 200 mile radius! Were they victims of a new dawning?

  3. LOL- I LOVE that you chopped your tree- it looks great. And that cupcake ornament! Love it.

  4. Looks great! I think it looks better thinned out too so that you can see all the ornaments. I love the mystery machine ornament! :)

  5. I like the thinned out version better. I also love, love, love your crafty/knitted ornaments.

  6. Oh my goodness. I totally love the thinned out version better too. I like gaps so the ornaments can hang properly. :-) I'm love'n your ornaments too!

  7. Your tree is beautiful! We have a fake tree that is very fake looking with a ton of gaps. I love that you added gaps to your real tree!

  8. your tree is so cute! I especially love the little cupcake ornament. I think the thinned-out version looks perfect with all your adorable things on it.

    and the boys' ornaments are so fun... isn't it so nice to have a little tree that the kids can decorate?

  9. Barbie dream house? Killing me.
    xoxo Jamie

  10. I love all your cute ornaments!!! I'm such a mix-match tree girl. I love it. And I think the thinner version of the tree is fab. =)

  11. Your tree is purdy!! And that cupcake ornament is ADORABLE!!! Did you make it???

  12. please explain the barbie dream house ornament...=)

    your tree is LOVELy and I can't wait to see it in person.

    I'm thinking a stitching day in our pj's some time this week? we'll drink hot cocoa and let our boys run wild. sound okay?

  13. ahem...and why exactly does the Barbie dream house need explaining? doesn't every girl want one?

    and yes, stitching to our hearts content whilst the boys run wild sounds heavenly.

    and jess, the perriwinkle ornaments were breaking...and of course they were also victims of the new dawning. i sold the rest at my garage sale for $5 total. i think we spend at least $5 per ornament--such depreciation! a

    and no CPA Su, i did not make the cupcake--got them at Anthro a few years back. but i bet Lisa can make them!

    and Jamos! pleased as punch that you popped by! what a treat!