December 16, 2008

my Christmas card

This was my very first year taking my own Christmas photos. One Sunday, I went scouting for a site to shoot. I drove downtown looking for Most of the places I drove by had people milling about, so I totally chickened out. This was harder than I thought!

Then I caught something out of the corner of my eye. 
I backed up and discovered that it was locked up in an old truck repair yard. They were closed, but would open on Monday. I called the next day and they said "Sure, no prob, we don't mind if you take some photos here."

So on Tuesday, I gathered up the boys and John met us there after work. John was running a bit late and the shop closed at 4-ish, so I did not have a lot of time to dilly-dally.

Finn and Calvin were a lot of fun and I rather enjoyed taking photos of them while they were playing their little instruments.

Oliver, on the other hand, was so very difficult. He was completely over-stimulated by all the junk lying around. He was running around like a wild machugana. Here--there--everywhere--that child was a blur most of the time.

He did manage to find some incredible barrels though, much to his credit. Thanks Ollie!


After selecting some of the pictures, I started to construct my Christmas card. For me, the most fun part was adding some little wooden beads on the end of some hemp cord...which is a pity, because the beads were apparently pulverized by a herd of stampeding elephants that were sorting the mail at the post office that day!

So, here is what my card was supposed to look like, with beads intact:

It's really too bad that most of the beads were crushed, because my card really looks very ho-hum and bland without them(and no Ellie, I did not add corn to my envelopes--those were crushed beads, though corn would have been a nice touch if we were pilgrims).

I don't think I can ever look a tiny wooden bead in the eye ever again without some level of disdain and disappointment. Though in all actuality, they were just innocent victims of a hyper-aggressive post office system.

It's too bad we don't live in the good ole' days of the pony express. Though it would probably take months to deliver all those Christmas cards.

Regardless of my little Christmas card mishap, I am thoroughly enjoying all of your Christmas cards this year and I rush to the mail box each day to retrieve them. Keep 'em coming!


  1. That card looks great with or without beads because of those adorable boys! Nice job and great location!

  2. What a great backdrop. I loved your Christmas card! Thanks for explaining the beads...I wasn't sure, because mine were all broken, too. =( But, the envelope had a cool rattle to it when I picked it up!

    I, too, LOVE getting all the cards. It's the best part about getting the mail all year long!!

    and P.S. I LOVE how Jenn and I are always the first one to comment on blogs b/c it's still the middle of the night where you are and we're already up and around. hee hee

  3. We love receiving the cards also! Thanks for the explanation (the general consensus from mostly Josh was that it was popcorn in envelope). Like that made any sense. It is ridiculously cute either way!

  4. Creative and Totally Cool as always!!!

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  6. I love your Christmas cards, but was a bit confused when I opened it and something fell all over the counter! Hehe, after examining it for a little while I figured out what happened and thought of how long it probably took for you to string all those beads. :( But it is definitely my favorite Christmas card by far that we have received! Sorry ours was so boring! I did the handmade thing last year and just couldn't manage to get myself together enough to do it again this year! :)

  7. One bead made it all the way to our house! =0)

  8. Your card is incredible! Great job Davi! And yeah, when we opened it Ryan was so confused. He said something to the effect of " I didn't think Davi was one of "those" know the people who put glitter and crap in there to make a big mess.: Ha!!!!! Love the peace theme woman!

  9. You are crazy the card was flippin AMAZING! Only one of my beads broke, the rest are perfectly displayed on my fireplace mantel!

    I ran to show Ryan your card quickly only to be greatly disappointed in my own cards. Where does all of this craftiness come from Davi?! I was in awe! Christie's were amazing also! You ultra crafty girls! Next year I will be beckoning your expertise!

    Super unique cards like that just make your heart happy when you open them =) Thank you!

  10. Hee hee, "The Things We do" got one bead :) The cards look lovely as always D and I am happy to have an updated picture of my gorgeous nephews on my fridge!

  11. I got 3 beads!

    I am most intrigued by their little leather arm bands. Can you tell me about them? Where are they from? Do the boys wear them a lot or were they just for the photo?

  12. I love your Christmas card! My beads did not make it either and I was wondering why the string was hanging out of the envelope??? :)

  13. Woahhhh friend! You are like a creative madwoman during pregnancy and beyond (in a good way)! This motivation, and drive- I am so impressed! BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  14. SO SO SO CUTE! I'm so glad you shared the rest of your pictures because after seeing the ones on your card I wanted to see more!
    So adorable! and I still have two beads on my strings=)

  15. the card is awesome! your boys are so handsome they can pull anything off, really. ours had one little bead hanging on for dear life. when i opened the envelope i thought you had included confetti by the way the beads flew out!
    and i managed to lose you address ALREADY! can you PLEASE email it to me asap? or you can text it to me, either way!
    my new email in case you dont have it already is:

  16. The pictures are amazing and the cards turned out great! I figured the beads were broken by the post office...although disappointing, they were still cute. And I know it probably wasn't that hard, but I am jealous of your photo shop abilities. I really wanted to do something along those lines, but just couldn't pull it off and finally resorted to last night. Hopefully they will get out BEFORE Christmas!

  17. Oh I just LOVE pics of your boys! They are SO stinking cute!! Your cards are sorry for the lame USPS and their mishaps! =( But I think you did a great job and I know anyone who receives one will be delighted merely to get an adorable card of your stunning boys!

  18. I totally thought it was popcorn, too! I thought you had a "pilgrim" theme going or something... :)

    Adorable pictures, and very cute idea!

  19. some of your comments were sooo stinkin' hilarious, it ALMOST made the bead scaffafle worth it--Josh and Christie thinking it was popcorn--ya'll win the prize for making me laugh the hardest. and ryan wondering if i meant to send glitter crap...HAHA!!!!

    thanks to you all for being so sweet!(and mommy diffee, your comment was so so sweet--your card was great--loved the photos!

    becca, that family photo of yours was so breathtaking!!!!

    and amisigee--my friend ellie found the wristbands on etsy and i just had to order them! we just got them a little while ago. finn currently has a WWJD bracelet that he is completely enamored with!

  20. I got all three beads in tact!!! :) Guess I'm one of the lucky ones! It was adorable Davi, beautiful photography and sweet location! Nice scouting :)

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