April 13, 2009


I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock beeep beeeeeping at around 8:15. Time to rise and shine! Don't know quite what I was thinking. Church started at 9:30 and I somehow thought that gave me enough time? Ordinarily, it would have. 

But you see, I was very distracted this morning.

As every boy woke up, I rushed in to the kitchen to see their little face light up as they saw their Easter basket.

These tumblers? Big hit. Go get some at Target. They are the playtex insulated tumblers. 

Of course the McQueen pj's were the hit of all hits. The boys were THRILLED beyond belief. 

I predicted that Ollie would be most interested in his wooden ball and the green Easter grass.

I was right.

Finn kept asking a million questions about where everything came from. When I half-seriously told him the Easter bunny brought it he instantly said, "No, the Easter bunny just wears a costume". He does not believe any of that, so if your kid still believes in Santa or the Bunny, steer them clear of Finn. He will just burst their bubble. 

He then wanted to know if mommy or daddy bought it. I said, daddy made the money and mommy went shopping.

"How did you know what we would like?", Finn inquired. "Do you just know what to buy us because you pay attention to us and know what we like?" and "you must love us because you bought us McQueen pj's".

Not sure how to respond to all that. I want him to know I would love him just the same even if I had no money and could not buy him anything. Maybe I'll save that speech for a rainy day.

We then scurried off to church and enjoyed a wonderful service.

We were a smidge late and so the building was jam-packed. The second I entered, a nice young man in the back instantly jumped out of his seat and offered it to me. I knew then, at was at that point of the pregnancy. Where you look like a ticking time bomb

I thanked him, and told him I was fine. Another guy carried my seat (John was still dropping off boys) so I could sit by Lorie. Tick-tock, tick-tock. I must have looked huge. It made me a little distracted and every now and then I would nervously look at all the people I would have to pass if my water unexpectedly broke during the service.

When we got home, I snapped some shots of the boys in their Easter clothes.

smiling one minute

crying the next.

peephole Gege

Ollie was giddy with excitement for reasons unknown to the the rest of us.

The first shot I've ever taken where all 3 boys look happy.

We then spent the loveliest day ever at John's parents house. Brothers Mark and Pete + their families spent the day with us. 9 kids.

Stuffing our faces.
Doing the whole egg hunt.
Stuffing our faces.
Resting and talking.
It was perfect.


  1. Is it just me or is Ollie looking a LOT older right now?! He is so precious. The boys are all dolls and I love their Easter outfits =) YOU look amazing also! I still cannot believe how perfect and cute you look at almost 9 months Davi! I can't wait to meet your precious new addition soon! 2 weeks and 4 days ... right?? Not that I am counting =) XOXO

  2. 1. "daddy made the money and mommy went shopping." (good answer. i'm totally gonna use this line one day.)
    2. finn sure asks a lot of q's :) i'm scared for that day..how do you just come up with answers so fast like that?!
    3. i think i've said this a million times, but man! you make cute kids!

  3. Ok, I'm having a hard time believing you are huge b/c it's been FOREVER since you posted a pic of YOU...and this Kansas Mama is behind the times.

    Glad you had a good Easter...the boys are adorable!! And Ollie does look a lot older now.

  4. Davi I need a picture of the 3 boys smiling. Could that happen?

  5. yes, sadly ollie got his first official hair cut on saturday...i kept saying "ollie, what did they doooo to you"...sniff, sniff.

    of course i can get you a pic mom!

  6. ok ummm i just noticed for the first time, ollie is the spitting image of john! it jumped out at me in two of the pictures.
    this is such a pretty post. i love the faces and the hair and the pants.
    and cool arm cuffs.
    and i want to see you in these! i want to see this beautiful belly soon to reveal a beautiful baby!
    *so soon!*


  8. Okay, I totally agree that
    1) Ollie is looking older
    2) He looks a lot like John
    3) All of your kids are beautiful!

  9. Does Finn sleep with his watch on?! LOL!!!

    And while I've never met Calvin, I can see why you call him "squishy"...I think if I ever meet him he better watch out b/c I'm might not quit hugging him...he looks just so lovable!! :)

    Glad you had a super Easter...your boys looked completely adorable!

  10. ahhhh! They are SO cute in their little outfits!

    and I love how your barn makes such an amazing backdrop for photos!!

  11. Davi! Where did you get those pants and belts?? They are super cute :) I'm sure you have heard by now that I too will have a 'little band of brothers'. Looking at your blog and teh cuteness of your boys is one of the only things that cheers me up :) (Just kidding it's not that bad!) But I really would love to know where those pants came from, Im pretty sure they're not knuckleheads... right?

  12. haha, I can't believe Lorie didn't tell you :) Yep, twin boys it is. Crazy. It will be quite the household... Im excited to watch you and Sara brave the '4 kid thing' for atleast a few months before me, I'm counting on your survival :) So.. any tips for being a mama of 3 boys?? Ahh!!

  13. Your boys are just adorable! I'm glad they were so happy with their Easter baskets. What little boy wouldn't be?