April 8, 2009

"i am my kid's mom"

And that is how she opens her famous radio talk show every single time.

photo taken by Loriloo when I was just 17 weeks along. And to think... I thought I was huge then.

When John told me he heard Dr. Dobson interview Dr. Laura on Focus On The Family yesterday, I knew instantly that it was going to be riveting.

Though I rarely listen to her show anymore, I have always been amused and somewhat fascinated by her blunt, sometimes brutal, advice.

So last night, when John replayed the interview for me via podcast, I was all ears. I seriously hung onto every single word. And when John was being a bit too noisy in the background, I made him rewind on 2 separate occasions, because I missed the all important words "and" or "the".

Dobson kicked off the interview by commenting on how Dr. Laura did not even want kids until she was 35 years old. She had believed the feminist movement that had deemed husbands and kids as "barriers". So she got a PhD in physiology and other degrees from USC. 

But she felt "empty".

At this point of the interview she is close to tears as she reminisces on how "she almost missed it". 

Almost missed having a child. All in the name of feminism.

This was a very uncharacteristic side, that is rarely seen on her show. Her brazen and bold mannerisms practically define her. Yet here she is, on Focus on the Family, all choked up talking about the pride and joy of her life, her son Derrick.

And near the latter part of the interview, she comments on how frequently she is asked by students and understudies, "Why do you always open your show with 'I am my kid's mom' when you have so many more prestigious degrees?"

And her simple reply, "because it's the most important job I've ever done in my life". And there she is crying again.

Causing Dr. Dobson to confess that he cried for 3 days when his youngest went to college. It was truly one of the sweetest interviews I have ever heard.

I may not agree with everything Dr. Laura says, but I agree 100% that being a mom is the most important job I've ever had as well.

Even though tonight was HARD. And I was juggling just to survive.

Lorie named this shot "juggling".

John was in bed with a migraine.
I was deliriously exhausted from napping too long.
The boys were simultaneously wild and cranky.
Nobody liked my supper, except Ollie.
There was crying and fussing and ridiculous demands.
At one point I thought I was going to pull my hair out.
Not to mention all the braxton-hicks and tightening.

And there is no job I'd rather have.
John took this photo of us Sunday night. We all look atrocious, but I was so stinkin' happy with all of my boys sitting with me that I just had to document.


  1. I know exactly how you feel Mama! I've had all those emotions. It's worth it though. Being a Mom is the best thing in the entire world. I love listening to Focus on the Family. It helps me to focus on my family. ;) You have some cuties on your hands!

  2. Sometimes after I am about to rip my hair out because of something Swee'Pea has done, I turn around and there he is... all smiles and giggles and ready to give me a hug and a kiss. For all the spilt food, pee in my shoes, poo in the tub, broken dishes, and stained carpet he has brought into this house, all I can think of at the end of the day is how much love, joy, wonder, excitement, and pure bliss he has brought into our lives. Being a mother is an amazing gift... and you are going to have it four-fold! What a glorious thing, to be a mother to your precious boys (and your boy or GIRL on the way!).

  3. I didn't know those things about Dr. Laura (talk radio gives me the willies. LOL), thanks for sharing. I can TOTALLY relate. I never got what all the hub bub was about being a mom...until I became one. I don't wish that I'd started earlier, because the timing seems to be perfect (God is amazing that way, huh??)...but I sure do love my kiddo more than I'd ever imagined I could!

    Can't wait to meet your next one!


  5. I have decided that there is never a convenient time for my husband to get a migraine!

  6. Hi D! I actually listen to Doctor Laura everyday on my lunch break-- mostly because I get exhausted by political talk radio, but I actually enjoy listening to her. I also don't agree with everything, but I think she has some very good ideas. Glad you enjoyed!

  7. I heard that interview and thought it was special too! You're such a sweet mommy!

  8. Hello...found your blog on my friend Molly's blog and i love reading your posts and seeing all the pics of your beautiful boys. I have two boys and one on the way and feel like I have these kind of days a lot. But, it is so worth it and I wouldn't have it any other way either! Good luck with #4! Sometimes I wonder how I will juggle another boy, but it always seems to work out! I am 17 weeks now so I could really relate to your post! Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Now I'm teary too. I absolutely couldn't agree more!

  10. I listend to that interview too and thought it was great. Being a mommy really is the best even on bad days!

  11. Now really Davi ... did you have to go and make me cry?! I loved this post. I am fond of Dr. Laura (most of the time) and a huge fan of Focus on the Family!

    I love that God puts people out there who are willing to share their own convictions and experiences and let others learn from them or be encouraged by them.

    You are a treasure Davi! And I would not even say being a mom is the best job ever ... I would just say it is a miracle! XOXO

  12. amen and amen, dear Davi. LOVE this post, and the sweet pictures that go with it! we all have "those" kinds of days, but what's important is realizing how blessed we are even in the midst of it all.

    And you are such a wonderful mommy to all your little ones...

  13. Ummm, totally tears coming out of my eyes. I also love how the quote is the reverse of "you are your mother's child". Our kids help shape us too. And you're a beautiful mommy, inside and out. Seriously, on the days that I feel like I can't handle all three for one more minute, I think about you. You have 3 all the time and a fourth on the way. I think you should get the employee of the month award! :)