April 24, 2009

my maternity photos

she kind of beat me to it, but here is my rendition...


"Hi, Lorie, it's Davi. I have an idea for maternity photos. Why don't we just drag the blue couch out to my backyard or across the street...I think I have something to wear that might work. It's nothing new, but it's the only thing that will fit...and I have some sweaters for the boys that will match".

Sunday morning arrives and it is HOT HOT HOT.

There were not going to be any sweaters that day. What were my boys going to wear in this sweltering heat?

Lorie made this adorable tie onesie for baby Rowan...No, I shouldn't copy. 

But I did. I will confess that I was an idea thief. I just could not resist the cuteness. Can you blame me?

A few years ago, I bought some vintage ties for John which he rarely wears(Can you imagine? If I was a dude I would wear them all the time). They would be perfect to cut up. Calvin's tie was a scrap of random fabric, but Finn and Ollie are wearing authentic vintage ties.

I am so thrilled that we took pictures across the street where we live, laugh and play every day. I am usually pushing the envelope, trying to find some fun spot downtown, but there is something special about pictures that actually represent the homebody that I truly am.

Finn and his trademark dimple.

In heaven with my boys:)

Calvin was making craaaazy faces that day!

But then he flips a switch and melts my heart.

I really was happy that day. It was a glorious evening.

Calvin was having a bit of trouble keeping up, due to his refusal to nap that day.

Just the 2 of us.

 And now we are about to become a family of 6. Eeek!

In typical Ollie-fashion, he is outta here.

And just to show I still have my sense of humor...

I let Lorie fish-eye my belly. Yes I am a brave soul. But this photo represents how most of us
actually feel in our 3rd trimester, right?

Just don't get too close to my face.

Battle of the bellies.


I am so uncomfortable lugging around this baby these days, but I am SO SAD that I don't get to be pregnant with Lorie(and the gang) in just a few more days:(

Lorie, you are the dearest soul and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your heart and soul into these pictures for my family. We love them and WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and special thanks to sweetie-pie Scott for helping move the couch and lending John his tee shirt. 


  1. They turned out so fantastic, friend. I love your beautiful belly and your beautiful boys. You of course are the inspiration behind me wanting a bushel of boys in my own house... I mean, who wouldn't want to be queen of the castle?! :) Your men adore you, and I do too. Can't wait to see what little bundle of joy you will be bringing into this world next week!

    EEK! How is it already time?! I'm all teary eyed now... :)

  2. Fabulous pictures!!! The blue couch was perfect outside, and I think you're right that it's just a bit more meaningful to take the photos in a spot you love and frequent so often. I can't wait to meet your newest one!

  3. ok these are awesome! I think I like the one of you, Calvin and the sun the best as a family picture but I'd hang a 11/14 print of your fisheyed belly on my wall. I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!

    You are darling, your family is darling and your new one..I can almost picture outside that womb room. Can't wait.

    Many loves.

  4. what a surprise of pictures on the green belt- I loved them all. Don't let John lug anything.See you soon.

  5. I love the pictures Davi! I am so proud of my talented sister-in-law! I love the t-shirts too. You both have so much creativity in you!

    I can't wait to meet this little baby!

  6. You're family is so cute!! Can't wait to see what next week brings!

    You're looking fabulous and I love that you used your couch! And of course the t-shirts are adorable... but I may be biased, since I was the recipient of Lorie's onesie... AND i already copied it myself. :-)

  7. Yeah, so I love EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!! Your family is stunning and you are a beautiful mommy and the love for your family just shows in every picture. I can't believe you are going to have FOUR kiddos soon! YIKES chica! :) Best of luck this week...praying for a great delivery and I can't wait to find out WHO is in that belly of yours!

  8. I love the couch in the park! So fun! You and your family are so beautiful...I can't wait to hear about your newest little one!

  9. The pictures turned out great. You are so creative...those shirts are adorable. You have such cute boys. I don't know how Gracie will be able to choose. hehehe. :)

  10. Ok, first of all, you look amazing!
    Second, we will be praying for you next week and can't wait to see pictures of the newest member of your family.
    Finally, when I read the title of your blog I thought it said, "My Maternity Pants". I spent the whole time I was reading it trying to figure out how the pants fit in. That is my brain on one baby - you are amazing to have four (almost)!

  11. your family is just so so adorable and i know as a mom of boys this compliment can be a strange one but you have some PRETTY boys! Seriously, they are just TOO cute! Very handsome.
    You look so fantastic for being days away from giving birth, these pictures made me smile!!

  12. These are the cutest ever!

    I left you a comment a few weeks ago about being a stalker but never talking..LOL..but I'm gonna start leaving actually comments!
    I found you through the lovely Talia!

    Your so pretty :) and your boys are too cute!

  13. sheesh not only do you win on the battle of the bellies, but is it me or do I look PATHETIC in that picture?? I think I was a smidge on the tired side=)

    love you friend, that was such a fun night! and I'm DYING FOR THURSDAY TO COME!!!!! =)

  14. im dying- these pictures are PERFECT! they are so you and beautiful and i love all of them.
    i just sent a onesie with a tie stitched to it for a friend who just had a baby, i love that look, i think its darling (and so much easier for little ones!)
    i think the sofa across the street was such a good idea.
    the ones of you and john are precious.
    and the one of just the boys with ollie standing in the middle.
    and all the others.

  15. It's official, I'm in love with that sofa! The pictures are beautiful and your boys are adorable. Can't wait to see what #4 is. Best of luck, I'll be saying prayers for you on Thursday!

  16. What fun pictures, D! I love all the stripey socks. And the couch, and your adorable skirt. Whose lovely black vehicle is that in the background?

  17. You are absolutely gorgeous! I love all the pictures! I am so excited for you! 5 more days! We will be praying for you! Love you!

  18. T minus 4 days! Holy smokes! Seriously, Davi, you're pretty much the cutest pregnant lady, tied with Alisha. And these pictures...just perfect. I can see them in your newly decorated room now. I can't wait to meet your new little one!

    Fantastic job as always Lorie.

  19. these are so sweet, and beautiful, and wonderful that they seriously made me teary-eyed. Your family is so precious!! And I cannot believe you will be meeting your newest little one in mere DAYS!! Oh, I am so thrilled and excited for you. I shall think of nothing else on Thursday!!

    LOVE the fisheye belly-- you are too cute for words.
    and your boys are so handsome-- you can bet I will be showing these to my girls ;)

    Lovely Lorie did a simply lovely job. As always. They're perfect!

  20. I LOVE the ones of you and John!!! I think those should be framed in your remodeled bedroom! I can't wait to hold your new sweet baby!!!

  21. WOW! I don't even know what to say other than WOW! They are amazing ... Lori is amazing, your family is adorable, the location was perfect ... WOW! I love the onle of you and your Hubby on the couch ... SO SO SO cute!

    THURSDAY!!!!! Oh my goodness we get to meet your precious little baby any second! Eeeek!

  22. This is stephanie, summer's sis-n-law, and i've lurked a few times but had to comment on your lovely photos. we just had our 4th boy too and it's lots of crazy fun, as it seems to be with yours. and as I always say, the family that Converses together, stays together (lame, i know, but couldn't resist as we're huge con fans too). Good luck with your delivery and recovery- I had a c-section too and was surprised by how quickly I recovered considering. Oh, and though your bump is lovely and large, you, my dear, are not. I gained 73 lbs. this pregnancy, topping 200 by the end!

  23. BEAUTIFUL! You glow, your boys are adorable and your family too fun!! I haven't seen you lately. I've missed you and am sad I will never see you with a belly again. :(

  24. Gorgeous as usual! I can't beleive he/she is almost here. I'm on the edge of my seat. And the sofa? Um, yeah, it looks so stinking cool on the grass! Enjoy you last day before more fun begins! xoxo

  25. So I have the funniest story...my daughter and I were just looking at Lorie's photog site and we came across your maternity photos and my daughter says "hey, that's my chemistry teacher!" It was SO funny!! So yeah, your hubs is/was my daughter's teacher last year! What are the odds?! :)