April 27, 2009

banished no more

After 6 years of exile, my dresser has finally come out of banishment!

This dresser project was so quick and easy, I almost feel guilty...

Kind of like I cheated or something.

It did help that I had the primer, aqua paint and sealer all in my garage.

The only thing I had to buy were the silver knobs.

I originally planned to have orange knobs but I had a change of heart. There was already enough action going on with the aqua paint and the brown wood. I think orange knobs might have been over-kill. Like it belonged in a kid's room. Who knows. I just think that the silver knobs looked very clean and authentic on this particular dresser.

And this is the first time in 6 years that I can open my drawers with actual knobs. I no longer have to cry to the heavens "why me??" everytime I try to fight these drawers open. 

I painted this dresser with my bedding in mind. John and I bought this comforter set for each other last month as our anniversary gift to each other. 

And here is the view of my dresser from my bed.

As you can see, I still need to accessorize the dresser.
Our room is still a work-in-progress, but is slowly getting better. It will just take time. Ever since I can remember, our room has looked like a ghetto bachelor pad. Especially when John's office moved in, after the boys were born. 


Oh you don't believe me?

Get a load of this.

bulletin board from our college days

mismatched file cabinet

lamp also from college days

decapitated imac

Just please don't make me give up my snow white bedding that my sister got me in college!

It seemed so hopeless to try to decorate my room with all the ugly office stuff. But I think with a little effort, we can make it look cozy and cute. John just painted a bookshelf and is getting rid of the file cabinet. He recently demolished his old particle board desk(you had to bang your hip into the door at just the right angle so it would open) and got a new desk on craig's list. So things are looking up. I used to die of humiliation anytime someone walked into my bedroom. I always wished for a lovely room like my sister had. 

Now I feel so fancy having new bedding and a matching dresser:)


  1. i love the dresser, im glad it was so easy!
    and i lovelove your bedding! what a pretty room youre making!
    i had to laugh at the lamp. thats pretty funny.

  2. The dresser [and bedding] looks divine! Good call on the silver nobs, orange would have been a little nutty I think, but everything is coming together just perfectly.

  3. I LOVE your bedding!!

    Um..and orange is never too much ;)

    But I think your dresser looks amazing!

  4. DAVI!! I'm so glad you finally bought that bedding :) And it makes me happy that you and John are making your room a priority - you guys are too cute!

  5. The dresser turned out so great! I love it. I am so glad that your bedroom is become less "bachelor pad." If you need anything these last few days before (and especially after) your little one arrives, just let me know. We are more than happy to help you guys in any way that we can.

  6. That dresser looks fabulous! Love the bedding also. It's so nice to have a nice, relaxing space for the master bedroom. I hope it comes together just how you want it! It looks fantastic so far!

  7. Davi what a fun project! You should see our bedroom ... it is so not decorated yet ... we are procrastinating since no one is really ever in there except us =) Ours looks very college status as well =) Um ... 2 days and counting?!?!

  8. Davi!!!! It's lovely! The bedding looks perfect, so much better than in my house. It needed the modern architecture that my 70's house couldn't give it. I love your headboard, too.

    I can't wait to see the rest.

  9. IMPRESSIVE! Glad you were able to finish up the dresser before the baby came! I am still looking for more projects to keep me busy. Made 2 baby quilts yesterday... and now trying to come up with a reason why I need to make a 3rd and larger one (to justify purchasing more fabric).

    Oh... and I feel ya on your whole ghetto bedroom situation. Kyle and I are still using plastic bins as our dresser... AND I have an end table as a side table... because the SIDE table is being use as a TV stand (with my college tv on it). We class it up over here. At least our bedding is nice. Hotel Collection from our wedding registry. But it looks like crap with all the other junk in there. Why is our bedroom the last priority??

    Thinking of you as the 30th gets closer.

  10. The dresser looks fabulous!

    I have that bird pillow - it is so wonderful!

  11. i love how the dresser turned out and even better that it was easy eh? :D I adore your bedding...I've decided that i'll always be lusting after new bedding even when I just buy a new set, i'm greedy and finicky like that ;D

  12. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the teal/orange/brown color scheme!!! Your dresser turned out great...I think it was probably a good call to keep the handles a little more toned down so as to not take any attention away from the fabulous teal drawers! :) And your new bedding is so cute...especially the birdie accent pillow!!

  13. Oh, and D, I see a very infamous pillow lurking underneath the lamp!

  14. you. you & your craftiness is just too much for me to handle :) can't you just open a store where we lil' people can come buy you stuff that is "oh so easy" to make? i'm in LOVE with that dresser. in LOVE! i might just break in & steal it tonight. don't mind me.

  15. I just LOVE decorating so I like to see other people's ideas too! I love seeing what other people come up with, so fun! You have adorable things, and I love that you have fun with it. And your recent pregnancy pictures are beautiful, I know I don't know you, but I hope you have an easy c-section and you feel great afterwards and enjoy that baby!!! You are so lucky to be at the end, I can't wait to meet our little one too! Oh I just love all babies!!!

  16. I love the dresser. I hate my bedroom furniture. Seeing yours makes me think that painting mine would make all the difference.

  17. *squealing* eeeeeek! I love it so much! And I completely agree that the simple silver pulls are perfect for the dresser. I love it all - the bedding, everything!

    I'm LOL about your "ghetto bedroom" comment. That is exactly how I felt about our bedroom at our old place, since we had the office in there also (I must say that I am so very excited that we no longer have the office in our bedroom now that we've moved!) and no matter what I tried to do to the rest of the space, the office part always looked like a disaster...because it was, with the icky furniture/set-up. I am excited to see how you will redecorate that area in your room, because you always do such amazing things! :)

  18. You are really creative! The dresser turned out very nice. Your bedding looks so cute. :)

  19. I found you from Lorie. I've been reading your archives and I've developed a little girl crush on you. You are so crafty and awesome and ugg I love your house. But now I know we are meant to be bloggy best friends because we have the same bedding, throw pillow and all.