April 15, 2009

custom tees

A friend asked me the other day if I had an official website where I post pictures of the embroidered tees that I sell.

I have always dreamed of making a cute little website, but in all honesty, I never had enough time to give it justice. And then I found out I was expecting another baby and had terrible morning sickness. And now I am on maternity leave because I can barely get up and down anymore.

All this to say, there is no website. It actually seems like a very fun project...even more fun than the actual work itself, LOL. I had plenty of ideas. But now everything is on hold. I have no idea what raising 4 children will be like. I suspect it's going to be harder than I think. I have no idea when I will sell tees and blankets again. 

My friend asked me to post pictures  and here are a few photos I found on my computer. Most of them were custom orders.

For the mommy-to-be who wore cowboy boots on her wedding day.

For a family with the last name of "Seals"(Seal drawings by the Ellie Grover).

For the principal's daughter(yellow jacket mascot)

For the wee descendant of General Sherman, I embroidered the Sherman tank. Or just 'the tank'.

For the son of a soccer player.

And for some whimsical little girls. Their artistic mama drew me these images to embroider.

And just because. A gift for a friend who I think is a rare bird. 

I was initially going to use some funky orange fabric, but Loriloo kept saying "this blanket isn't for you...". The swiss dot fabric is from a vintage tablecloth I had been saving for such an occasion as this! 

These birdies look familiar, no? Same ones on my pillows. I could not help but embroider them again, because I am hooked on their tail feathers. Plus, the 2 birds together as a set were just too convenient to pass up!

So thank you to all of my sweet and dear customers who made the last few months so much fun for me. 


  1. Great work, Davi! I love it all so much! I can't pick my favorite, they are all so cute. The new blankie is just beautiful! I have a skirt in the works for Tacy with the same fabric. And the bird is adorable! I'll post Em's dress so you can see how he came out in brown and green and pink.

    One of these days, we'll be back in business together!

  2. Have you ever sold through etsy.com?

    I think that would be a wonderful avenue...if you haven't already explored it. Much less work than managing your own site.

  3. YOU'RE SO TALENTED!! But I already knew that... since "the tank" was for us. :-) We love the onesie and I'm sure we will be getting lots of comments on it very soon. :-)

    Hope you're able to make a website soon! Try BluDomain... they have stock sites geared towards photographers... but basically they are "gallery" websites. I'm in the process of launching a blu site for myself. I think the least expensive you can get out of there is with a $200 price tag. (for site and hosting... so it depends on what you were wanting to spend.) Or... if you have a mac... you can make on there too. Just at thought.

    Good luck in your business adventures. Oh... and of course you could make a KILLING on Etsy. Then you don't have to deal with the money exchange... just hook it up to paypal!

  4. Wow Davi that is amazing ... REALLY amazing! You have talent =) Talk to you soon =)

  5. wow...those are seriously awesome! I adore the birdie set SO SO MUCH. You could make SO much money through etsy.com! go for it girl!
    I envy your talents, seriously. Do they ever end?!

  6. ooh, i love that tank!! when you're back up to it, i need to get you to make some more shirts for me...we've outgrown all the other ones! =)

  7. I think I have a pretty good guess as to who that last set is for... or at least I know someone we both know in common that it would be perfect for.

  8. All of those are AMAZING but I am simply DIEING over the birdie stuff. TOO cute!

  9. Those are SO stinkin' cute! I love embroidered onesies! Your new addition is going to be looking good with your mad sewing skills! I have no such skills when it comes to being crafty, so I just admire other peoples craftiness.

  10. reading this and seeing more of your lovely, amazing work only made me feel that much more special and blessed to own some of it. (i LOVE my birdie set more thna I can even say. So does Rosalie :)

    hopefully you will find yourself with time to spare again soon, for your creations! I'm confident you could make a killing no matter how you sell these things. you're wonderful!

  11. girl, you are good! SO good! i would buy every one of those if i could! :) do you ever make toddler tees? wink. wink.

  12. I love looking at all your cute designs and tees. I can't wait to order some for my little girl... you know when you are ready that is. :)I am so excited for your little one toe be here already! it is sooo close!

  13. My heart!

    I read your blog ALL.THE.TIME..but rarely comment..not sure why..because I'm kinda the comment queen.

    Just loving these...and hoping God gives us a baby to keep so I can order one of those cowboy boot ones.

  14. Girl, you put any of my craftiness to SHAME! You just have an eye and talent and you're just too darn cute--just like your designs. :)

  15. I love your work! I saw the onsie you made on Colleens site, and yours and hers style is exactly what I would love to find in stores! BUT I CAN't.. :(

    You really aren't going to be selling for a while...?? ;)

    I am due in July with a lil boy, he will be our third, and much unexpected since we were done at number two. Ha

    If you know of anyone that sells styles like yours, please pass along the info! Or if you got the urge to make more again... let me know!

  16. Stop making the onsies and make little boy t-shirts. The ones with the ties, in size 5 and 4. For me. I want to buy they, they are ADORABLE! Good luck with the C-section. I love the materinity photos.