April 21, 2009


Here is the randomness that makes up my life these days.

I was talking to my sister on the phone the other day, asking her "how on earth did little Ansley find the scissors to cut off her pigtails????", when Ollie was in the other room doing this:

He pretty much dismantled the keyboard. His brothers don't call him "trouby" for nothing. That's what I get for talking on the phone, I guess. John says it will take 3 minutes per key to fix. We thought it would be a funny joke to put all of the keys back in the wrong place when someone came over to use it.

Then the other night I was on the phone with my sister(again) when my neighbor's aggressive shar pei dog sauntered right through my bedroom door and started walking around my bedroom. It totally freaked me out. I am scared to death of dogs. 

I was chased as a child. They sense fear, you know.

This same dog has escaped on several occasions. He once lunged at John and tried to bite him in OUR garage. So there I was, panicking, standing up on my bed, and the dog starts to walk out into the living where my 3 darlings are watching a movie. 

Things could have been really bad. And ugly.

But thankfully, the dog turned around and walked back out the door. I was hollering at John, trying to warn him of the impending doom, but he did not hear me. He found the dog and escorted him back to our neighbors, who were very apologetic. They still have no idea that their dog was in OUR house. I am working up the nerve to tell them. Oh it's going to be so awkward.

And last night it was soooo hot, that I opened up my front door for some cool air. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now--Keep all doors closed. As I was locking up the house for the night, I heard some clanging in the front living room.

"Someone is in our living room trying to murder us", I told John, matter of factly.

A few minutes later, John was chasing down our latest intruder--a frog had snuck in the front door when I was not looking. It peed on our floor. So gross.

So between dogs and frogs, I am DEFINITELY keeping all doors closed from now on.

The other big excitement from last night was that I sold my old Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag on ebay last night! The last 20 seconds were absolutely thrilling. I frequently buy things on ebay, but rarely sell stuff. So I had no idea of the rush on the flip side of the table. I kept shouting to Finny every time the dollar amount rose. 

I actually just ordered a new Skip*Hop diaper bag yesterday. It may not be a fancy shmancy Petunia, but it was on sale for around $40. And I LOVE it. It's just me. It is burnt sienna, corduroy. 

The only thing that bothers me is the black color of the straps and accents. 

It absolutely BEFUDDLES me that these professional designers don't have a clue. They should have made the straps grey. But for the price, I am ok with it. 

I plan to embroider some mushrooms on one of the front pockets. If possible.

Have I mentioned my obsession with mushrooms?

Well, I love them. And I love to eat them too. Which is odd, since I scream bloody murder at the sight of mold...especially on food.

And I was delighted when new mommy Alisha permitted me to embroider some mushrooms on the blanky I was making for her little Zoe.

I'm so excited for Kurt and Alisha on their new bundle! 

And excited that my baby will have a little friend. Speaking of which, I am having lots of braxton hicks and tightening. Lots. But nothing overly consistent. I am just praying that I make it to my scheduled date. Thankfully, I squeezed in my maternity shots with Lorie on sunday evening. When her hubby Scott saw me, he asked "why are you sticking your stomach out?"

Um, thanks pal. 

So while Lorie is AMAZING, she definitely had her work cut out for her. And because I know her so well, I was obnoxiously interfering with her work. And I had no idea how to "rock the hip"(It's a pose). Do girls learn that in high school, along with curling hair and applying make-up? I was too busy with the geek squad, so I am at a disadvantage here.

And despite my inability to pose, or runaway Ollie or napless GeGe, I had lots of fun. I will post those when Lorie has time to deal with them. She is quite in demand and has lots of editing ahead of me. And she has given me veto powers and has promised not to post anything without me seeing them first, riii-iiight, Lor??? Ok. I feel better now. I am so not a control freak.


  1. ONE: I am DYING because Swee'Pea did that EXACT SAME THING to my laptop and I have yet to fix it (it has only been 6 weeks...). It is SO HARD to get those stupid things back on, I just get mad and say "I'll deal with another day" which of course means "I am never going to deal with this..."

    TWO: I have that EXACT SAME mushroom fabric that I love love love love love and I made my gardening apron and a cover for my gardening journal out of it. So. Cute.

    LOVE the new diaper bag... congrats on selling something on Ebay, too! So fun!!!

    Can't wait to see the maternity pics. I'm sure they will be stunning. :)

  2. no, not a control freak AT ALL=) i love you. and i LOVE the Zoe blanket! So cute!

  3. I absolutely love the blanket! Zoe loves it too. :) Thank you sooo much! I am excited about your braxton hicks.. but remember... NOT tomorrow. ;) lol

    Thank you so much for dinner again! We really appreciate it and it was delicious. And umm those cookies.. ya they are gone. lol

    Can't wait to see your maternity pictures! I know they will be stunning as you usually are.

  4. Can't wait to see the maternity pictures! That keyboard is too funny and that blanket is too adorbale! All you creative types make me jealous!

  5. Oh my gosh, I totally would have freaked out with both the dog AND the frog incident!!! We actually have a little dog in our neighborhood that wanders around and is always coming in our garage. He's a fiesty little mean dog, and Juliet and I just lock ourselves in the car and cry together until he goes away. hehe. Can't wait to see your maternity pics!!! You're almost there!!!!!

  6. He he I love how you write ... you give such clear visuals! I am freaked out by dogs also, I was chased by one when I was little, it bit my bum, and I got bum stiches! Frogs are just nasty. The blanket is so darn cute! And I love the diaper bag! Eeek pictures ... can't wait!

  7. you, my friend, are HI-LARIOUS! you're killing me over here. part of the geek squad! bahhhhaaa!

  8. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! seriously. you made me laugh so hard LOL!
    I adore that zoe blanket, i want one for myself!!

  9. Two words for you...SCREEN DOORS!!!! LOL!! The frog peed in your house?!?!? YUCK!

    I can't wait to see those pictures...I KNOW they will FABULOUS!

  10. Love the blanket!!!

    I joked with Lorie that the only reason I was having another baby was to hopefully get a Davi original. She agreed. :)

  11. you are too funny. I just love you calmly tell us of these adventures. hehe. I would have SO freaked out!! Poor thing.

    the mushroom blanky is adorable. Your blankets alone are a good reason to have a baby ;)

    oh, I can't wait to see the pics Lorie took of you!! I know they will be wonderful, because 1. it's lorie! and 2. it's you!

    I cannot believe that you are having your baby NEXT WEEK. Ahhh!!!! I am so, so excited and will be counting down the days. And praying for you, in these last days of pregnancy, that you can enjoy the time before Little One comes along and rocks your world in that wonderful but truly exhausting way that only babies can.

    why do I feel like I'm blathering with this comment? I'm not very put-together today. But I am thinking of you, friend!! Please let me know if there is anything you need.

  12. 1. Eeeeek and LOL about the frog!

    2. Bad dog. Baaaaad dog! I will speak to the neighbors on your behalf - I have no problems with peaceful confrontation when necessary. I don't do dogs-on-the-loose, especially where kids are concerned. When my brother was 8, he was seconds away from being torn completely in half by a neighbor's chow that knew my brother well, liked my brother, etc. The dog turned whacko in a split second and mauled my brother badly - and then got a good bite on my dad's arm when my dad tore him off my brother. Dogs are great, but I don't trust wandering dogs. Tell the neighbors!

    3. Ansley cut off her pretty piggies?? When?? How bad is it? Noooooo! Also, it's both scary and impressive that she could work the scissors at such an age!

    4. Hahahahaha about Ollie and the keyboard! The funniest part is that I pulled up this post just as my friend called me and simultaneously started freaking out about something "creative" that her 2.5 year old did right at that moment.

  13. Sorry - one more thing: my kids call Elise "Trouble", and now we do, too. Let's just say that she has completely earned that name, and she continues to prove it to us...

  14. i cant believe you are so close!
    and its hilarious all the weird things going on!
    everytime i see my beautiful mushroom blanket (on which i wanted to put a bug or tent :o) i think of you and how beautiful you/they are