April 16, 2009

have mercy!

it's like the plague is going around or something. i am not sure who started this whacky meme, but it's a doozie!

Now right this second take a picture...no cheating, no makeup, no hair fixin'...just as you are.

those were the instructions from the adorable and talented
suffering summer.

was i brave enough to play along?
did i cheat?
i did not grab my lip gloss. believe me, i wanted to. that is the first thing i grab when i have to take my picture.
and just minutes earlier, i almost put some mousse in my hair because it was so flat.

so here i am, no lip gloss or mousse.

and while we are at it, i may as well take a belly shot. this post could have been called "i told you so". nobody can deny my girth at this point.

in just 14 days, we shall know the gender of this baby! we are scheduled to arrive by c-section April 30th! for those wondering why i'm having a c-section...long story. let's just say finn was just 6 lb 3 oz and 3 weeks early and i was still too narrow to fit him out, even with the vacuum. i am no hearty hebrew, that's for sure!

and to think, i just cleaned this bathroom LAST NIGHT. looks like i forgot to clean the mirrors. there are splotches in every shot. how shameful.

dare ye play along?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! April 30th!!! I can't wait!! You look sooooo good! Your skinny little legs make me so mad. Mine ballooned up just like every other part of my body.

    P.S. THANKS so much for your comment about the Target nursing tanks! I had NO CLUE Target even sold nursing stuff. I went there today and got three thanks (white, black and grey) which will be perfect to wear at the hospital and when we're at home and getting all sorts of visitors and the last thing I want to do is put on a bra. :-)

  2. Thank God you didn't tag me because I look like crap today. Laundry, ironing, unpacking, ugh! Picture post coming later this evening of the pics we took at your house - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  3. YAY! you are having the baby on my wedding anniversary!!! :) And I vote for a girl...just in case you wanted my opinion! ;-)

    BTW-you look great and I can not believe it is almost time for you to have this wee little baby!!

  4. adorable. and you are still about half as big as I was!
    Can't wait to "meet" this new little one:)
    Thanks for playing along.

  5. I am so excited for you guys - 14 days..... Wow, that came fast. Are the boys getting excited? Do you have your boy and girl names picked out yet?

    And i have to say even without the moose and lip gloss you still look wonderful ;)

  6. SO excited to meet your little one. I think your "girth" is adorable. Oh and thanks for the tag. I took a picture as soon as I read it, but haven't had a chance to upload it. Tomorrow...

  7. You look gorgeous! I am so excited to hear what you're having. I'm sure you have the cutest names picked out.

  8. Yay for April 30! :) Can't wait to know the gender of the littlest one! I can't believe how skinny you stayed! (aside from the stomach :))

  9. If i was pregnant I would hate you for your tinyness and your adorableness...ok, let's just be real, i DO hate you! :P I cannot cannot believe that you are going to give birth in 2wks!!!!! aAAA!!! and how cool that you're waiting to find out!!!!! omg, so exciting.
    this tag is so fun, i'm loving seeing everyone :D

  10. You look beautiful even without the lipstick. You definitely have the pregnancy glow. :)

  11. really now?! :)

    p.s. lovin' that belly of yours! you look AWESOME!!

  12. I can't wait I am so excited for you! Seriously excited! You are having that baby NEXT WEEK (if not sooner)Davi! Are you ready? Is there anything you still need? Can I bring you something?

  13. I am so excited tp meet your little one!! Zoe and I can't wait to go shopping! Can't wait to see you tonight! And for the record I think you look amazing!!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful! We have been so busy with the move, and without internet service for two weeks, and I have been out of the loop. But by the time that you read this, you will have only SIX DAYS left until we...er...you...know the gender of your newest little bundle. Yippeeee!!