April 11, 2009

Is it normal...

...to be this ridiculously excited while preparing the boys' Easter baskets?

I am having so much fun playing with the boys' Easter loot. Let me show you what they will wake up to tomorrow!

Calvin and Finn have similar baskets.

The main attraction?

McQueen pj's. They are going to be so excited, I can hardly stand it. Just today Finn was talking about some kid at church who had a McQueen shirt. 

"Did you ask this boy his name?", John asked.

"No", Finn said. 

Of course not. Finn rarely initiates an actual conversation with a stranger.

And here is little Oollie Boollie's basket.

I finally get to give him the little bowling ball set I bought him last month.

They all get these insulated thermos-tumblers. Summer's quickly approaching!  I was super stoked to find them all in a different color.
Trying out my new tilt-shift lens...haha.

Mmmmmmm. Sixlets. Remember those? 

I found these cute McQueen candy cases at Kmart, of all places, today.

Well, that was fun.

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. i love the stuff you chose to put in your kids baskets! SO cute, my 2 yr old would FLIP over the lightening mcqueen stuff!! we have those cups and love them. i love them b/c theyre still spill proof and my boys love them (mostly my 5yr old) b/c they don't LOOK like baby cups, it looks like my coffee cup! Genius.
    Can i just say thank you for not putting a RIDICULOUS amount of stuff in your kids baskets? I have seen some baskets that make me feel like i'm a horrible parent for not spending $50 on each of them. Your baskets look very similar to ours and I love that. so thanks ;D

    oh! and Happy EASTER!!

  2. I hope they loved them! Those pj's are so cute! And I am sure the candy cases will be toys that will get lots of play time. lol I hope you guys have a great Easter!

  3. so cute! and ya, i was really excited about elijahs basket too- a cute thomas the train tin to tote his cars (or lunch) around in and i filled it with cool safari animals. he was excited about thomas and when he opened it and saw the animals he squealed.
    happy easter to all of you!!

  4. I had a TON of fun doing it too...the thing my kid liked the most - spoons. He carried them around almost all day. I'll be posting pictures soon.

  5. I totally had fun shopping for Gracie's Easter basket goodies. That's part of the perk of being a mommy.

  6. our Easter baskets for our kids were so similiar! My girls got jammies and cups too! Great minds think alike. :)