June 24, 2009

2nd Annual...

Father's Day Photo Shoot!

"You've got 15 minutes", says He.

"I'll take what I can get", says She.

So off we went, to take our 2nd annual father's day pictures. Last year we took some across the street. I thought it would be a fun tradition each year, to take photos in the same vicinity.

I was not quite able to get the shots I wanted in just 15 minutes, but since it was HIS day, I wanted to honor HIS request. 15 minutes of photos. That's it.

I chose the following photos...

...because Calvin looks so gleeful with his stick,

because everyone is gazing adoringly at Twain,

because Finn is truly hugging John,

because John looks so excited with his bunch-o-boys.

because this is typical John, holding his babies,

because I like weeds,

& because who wouldn't want D-A-D shaped rice krispy treats?

Happy Father's Day to John, Dad and Ron!

I think you guys are swell.

You are the hardest working helpers I have ever encountered in my life. I love you all!


  1. Calvin does look QUITE gleeful with that stick!! :)

    What sweet pics of all of your boys...even if it was a timed event. Women work better under pressure anyways, right? ;-)

  2. awwww... I wanted to do a Father's Day shoot with my hubby and all his girls but we ended up being gone all day long so it didn't happen :(

    But yours turned out adorable, even with the 15 minute limit! (so funny that he gave you a time limit. hehe) I especially love the one where everyone is looking at Twain. It's so true that every pictures has something quite special and lovely about it!

  3. SO cute! I love the one of Finn hugging John!

  4. goodness, these are presh. you got some super cute shots for only fifteen minutes davi, im impressed!
    you have quite a handsome bunch of men there, lucky lady!

  5. oh wow!
    they are so great!
    mmm..now you've got me wanting those treats..lol.

    And I'm seriously IN LOVE with that orange hat..and that baby..wow!

  6. oh I love you. and I love your little family of men. and looking back at the pictures from last year I'm almost teary at what babies they all seem and how big they all have grown in a year...and now with another one. these are precious friend, and I'm SO glad John allowed you 15 minutes, because you both will be sooo glad you kept up this tradition.


  7. Too much handsome to handle. ;)

  8. these are beautiful! and please tell me how you convinced your husband of even 15 min...mine refuses over and over...
    lorie's right that you will be so glad for keeping this tradition.

  9. what an awesome daddy!! shoot, for 15 minutes, you did WORK!! :) awesome job lady! you sure do have some good lookin' boys in your life!

  10. Great use of 15 minutes! Cute brood.

  11. great pics in just 15 mins! your boys are all so handsome! I love their shirts too!

  12. Oh my! I'm Kelli and stopping over from Jenn's blog. I have to say that your boys are adorable!. Great pictures.

  13. Oh how cute! How did you do that in 15 min?!?! I am SO impressed! You have the cutest little boys ever Davi, seriously! I just love them all =)

  14. What beautiful pictures! I looked at last year's and wow, how they have grown! What a precious tradition you've got going on.

  15. Look at your boys. SO precious.

    There is absolutely NO way my husband would allow a photo shoot on HIS day. So kudos to John for being a good sport. 15 minutes is way better than no minutes! :)