June 16, 2009

Finn's 6th

"When your kids hit a certain age, you are supposed to let them pick out their own backpack and birthday party theme". As per sister Jessica, when I questioned her decision to let Tacy pick out the pink hello kitty backpack over 5 years ago. Finn was just a baby.

A Bob-the-Builder party? {{{Shudder}}}. Not for my boy, thank you. My wee brain insisted that all my birthday parties would be Martha Stewart-esque. And backpacks? Why, they must be neutral to match each and every outfit. However, I tucked Jessica's advice away...

Fast forward 5 years... I am lucky if I even manage any party at all...and you should have seen me in Target last week, hyperventilating over the McQueen party plates and cups for Finn's 6th birthday.

I dashed home and practically woke Finn up, just so I could see him smile at all the McQueen loot I bought.
Boy, things have changed around here. And it's not that bad. I'm happy when the boys are happy.

Which explains why I called 2 different Michaels to track down the McQueen-shaped cake pan. And drove all the way across town to the far Michaels because they were gone at the store near me.

I was absolutely determined to follow the Wilton cake instructions to the tee. No short-cuts.

I diligently mixed up all 8 different color frostings and put each color in its own bowl.

That only took me 2 hours.

I was so excited. This cake was going to be absolutely perfect!

Except that I completely ignored the part about greasing the bottom of the pan with SHORTENING, not butter or margarine.

I used margarine anyway. What could go wrong?

Well, McQueen's face could get ripped right off or something...THAT IS WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

Hm. This was going to be tricky. I was going to have to do a lot of guessing on where his eyes went and such.

The more I frosted, the messier things got. My vision of the perfect cake was going right down the toilet. The cake was looking like a disaster. I almost quit, but once I frosted the eyes, it started to look a bit more like McQueen. The directions seemed ridiculously backwards, so I finished my way.

Though kludgy and rookie looking, it was still McQueen, no doubt about that.

Kind of looked like McQueen was in a wreck, but Finn was happy with it! I was back in business! Vrooom!!!

John encouraged me to to take a cake class to improve my technique. He should know better than to entice me with yet another hobby that would gobble up my time and money. That's all that's missing in my life right now.

I wanted a photo with Finn and his cake. I made him change his shirt 3 times so the colors didn't clash with his cake, LOL. Old habits die hard. Some things will never change:)

I was kicking myself for not embroidering him a McQueen shirt.

Mom went out and got some balloons.

Of course I waited til the last minute to throw this party together, so it was very small and quaint. But we ended up having the best time ever. There was absolutely no stress.

The kids played soccer and softball outside in the most perfect weather ever.

Dad pitching to Finny's dear friend Zach.

John set up a homemade t-ball set for Ollie, who was in heaven; Nikki and Cade to the right.

We sang Happy Birthday,

Finn read aloud his favorite McQueen book to his party guests,

We opened presents,

And we visited with loved ones.
John's brother Mark; and Breanna holding Twain.

Happy 6th Birthday Finn! I feel like the most blessed mama on the planet to call you my son. I hope you can tell how much I love you, dear boy!


  1. So many comments, So little time! Here goes...

    *WOW Finn's 6?!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINN!!!

    *How cute that John gets his guitar out to sing Happy Birthday...seriously adorable! :)

    *Is there ANYTHING more precious than a bunch of little kids gathered around the Birthday Boy reading a story?! OMG SO cute!!

    *And is that John's TWIN brother...holy cow they look a LOT alike!

    *Oh yeah, and um GREAT JOB on the cake. If I had attempted such a thing, well lets just say that it would have looked like McQueen had been TOTALED in that wreck! :)

  2. oh, it's all so cute!!
    happy birthday finn!

  3. Davi I love that you made his cake. What a labor of love! It's perfect!! Oh, and look for an Erickson Family box in the mail tomorrow or Thursday. Goodies for everyone. Didn't know about the BD but my gift to the big boys fits right in. I hope you don't mind that I have adopted you. I love to shop and it was way more fun for me than I think it will be for you. Well, maybe.

  4. YEAH FOR 6 YEAR OLDS!!! happy birthday Finn.... We celebrated Eli's b-day on Sunday with everyone and today is his b-day so we have been out all day long doing FUN stuff and now i am so totally exhausted.. Gabe and Eli bought some remote control planes and are getting ready to go and fly them, i'm gonna take a nap and Cora is already down... Good Day!!!!

    by the way, you are so fun and cute with all of your planning.... Good for you mom :)

  5. What a fun party! Very cute cake-- hmm, cake class sounds actually kinda fun! Look like ya'll had a lovely time- I love that picture of Dad too!

  6. Gosh! SIX YEARS OLD? That's hard to believe. I'm sure even harder for you. Great job on the cake and the party!

  7. It sounds like the perfect birthday party too me. I think the cake is fantastic. How did you even find the time with 4 kids? You are an amazing Mom. Cake decorating sounds like fun, I have been wanting to take a class.

    Happy Birthday Finn.

  8. I got chicken pox for my 6th birthday.

    And I love homemade t-ball sets. My dad made us one out of PVC pipes.

    Happy Birthday, adorable Finn-the-eldest.

    mrs boo radley (the eldest)

  9. happy birthday finn!!!!
    i think the cake is fabulous, you are such a good devoted mom, davi!
    im glad he had such a happy birthday.
    oh ya and happy birthday tomorrow to ollie!!

  10. so so so fun. I'm so proud you even tackled the cake...I probably would have ordered a lightening cake from somewhere...vons... costco...oi. =) you're amamzing. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINNY!!!!

  11. Suzanne! Adoption? Where do I sign?


    You are too sweet and wonderful to us and we are so honored that you would shower us with your love. You are the best!

  12. I think the cake is AMAZING! WOW! And you seriously crack me up with your need for matching. I really thought I would be more that way than I am =) What a perfect birthday.
    Happy 6th Birthday Finn! You look so grown up!

  13. What are the odds...another blog I read posted this today. :)


  14. hehe... I love your sister's advice. Too funny! But true.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet Finn! Such a handsome boy. I'll have to share this with Emma. ;)

    by the way, I think you did AMAZING on that cake. I'm impressed that you even took it on. I've made fancy cakes before, and I know how incredibly time-consuming they are... so kudos to you. I don't know how you found the time! And it really does look quite, quite good. Just like a Lightning McQueen should!

  15. heehee cpa su, now my cake looks even more sorry compared to her masterpiece, that she thought was sooo easy.

    yah, that's what mine was SUPPOSED to look like.

    kill me now.


  16. OF COURSE Finn loved it, that cake is rockin! Adorable.
    My boy turned 6 a month ago, make the time stop flyin by!! I love that your hubby got out the guitar for happy bday, SO PRESH!!

  17. Oh, it came out great, D! I couldn't have done half as well! Frosting is trixy.

    Those are very interesting balloons-what is the dark blue one made from?

    Dad looks cute, SMILING in a picture for once! Who woulda thought? It must have been a super fun day!

    Happy birthday, Finny!

  18. J--the dark blue balloon is actually black..and I think it was just a normal balloon!

  19. I think your cake is amazing! I have no idea how you had the energy to take that on! Happy birthday to your adorable little boy. May I ask, what is Finn's middle name? I think it was written on a card in one of the pictures and I can't quite read it.

  20. Sunny--His middle name is Neil, after my father's middle name.

    Finn's full name is actually Finnley Neil, though I NEVER call him Finnley...

  21. Happy belated birthday to Finn! 6 is big stuff!!

    I felt exactly the same about the themey stuff....until you see your kid completely light up over the lamest character items. You then the realize the Martha Stewart-esque party is just more fun for mommy than kid. And that is just not right! My theory is that parties and pajamas are completely acceptable places for character themes to be displayed loud and proud!