June 11, 2009

small house with big noses

I grew up in a red house. No lie.

It was not a barn or anything, just a red house.

And my parents still live there, though I think they have plans to change the color.

The day after Lindsay's wedding, the extended family gathered at the red house for a catered lunch from Rattler's BBQ. If you have never had Rattler's it's the best bbq'd food around.

When little Kate first arrived in California at the red house, she declared in her pipsqueak voice "this house is small"; and shortly thereafter she informed her daddy and grandpa "you have big noses". She then pointed at her own nose and said "I have a small nose."

Goodness this child makes me laugh.
She looks mighty pleased carrying her cupcake. I think she just had a popsicle a few minutes earlier. And just minutes after eating her cupcake, I saw her swipe a cookie as well. My kind of girl.

My dad actually did build a really small house when we were kids. It was our playhouse. And it was red to match the house.

Dad set up a deathtrap...er..swing for the kids to play on.

And here are some snaps of the fam hanging out in the 'small house with big noses'.
Cousins Jared, June and son Luke

Hayley& Nick. Jessica is wearing my most favorite 'wee warbler' sweater. One day it shall be mine!

Doesn't Nick look JUST like a lawyer here?

Cousin Jamos holding Tweetle.

And what do you know...here is actual proof that this house is indeed red.
Mom, Olive, Grandma "Selmo" and Ont Nanie.

To mom & dad: Please don't paint your red house:)


  1. how fun..a red house!

    such a sweet family!

  2. Davoir- the red house days are indeed numbered...but never fear it takes us forever to get things done:)

  3. That little Kate is seriously one of the cutest little girls I've seen! Great pictures and I think red houses are cool!

  4. Ahhh...I just love family in general and after meeting your mom and sis and reading more and more about the whole extended family, I can't help but love your family. Love the red house and playhouse and the swing. Reminds me of a swing we made out of a bee box top and rope at our family reunion a couple of years back. So fun!

  5. No. Way.

    I grew up in a red house. And my 'rents still live in it.

    And once my dad put up a rope swing (on a tree which I later married my husband under). And the swing was kind of a death trap, because my dad and I were swinging on it one summer night and then went careening off of it and landed x number of feet away on the lawn.

  6. Fun to see pics of that day! As happy as I was to be off, I was sad to miss hanging out with everyone. Glad you photographed the day! :)
    And I love, love, love that Olive is sitting next to Grandma on the swing!

  7. Thanks for posting, D! That was a fun day, and all of your pictures came out great. Calvin looks adorable, I love the ones with him on the swing.

    Oh, and I'm fainting over Kate's sugar consumption. Dad caught her swiping a cookie too, and let her get away with it. (((shudder)))