June 18, 2009

sweet little treats

I ♥ cupcakes. They are so cheerful.

A little while ago I stumbled across this adorable
cupcake blog.

"Whose blog is this?", I wondered.


"Are those Katy's eyes peeping behind that mug of coffee?"

Why yes, that is my friend Katy! What a surprise!

I had no idea that she was such a cupcake connoisseur. I was just itching to sample some of her yummy goodness.

Well, a few days ago I got to experience some of her heavenly creations.

But not before snapping 219 photos of them, to be exact. But who is counting?

I just could not help myself. It was so much fun to capture pictures of cooperative subjects, for a change.

However, it was getting harder and harder to resist these charming little numbers.

They were practically begging to be devoured!

That's it! I can't take it anymore!

I polished off one...the drizzled frosting was absolutely DE-LICIOUS! Seriously mouth-watering.

So I ate another...

...and shared some with my boys.

goodness, is there only one left?

WARNING. These cupcakes may be highly habit-forming.

Mosey on over to Katy's Sweet Little Treats...because everyone needs a little sweet in their day!

And if we are nice to her, she might even do a special post on how to get her super thick and gorgeous eyelashes. Right Katy?

Also special birthday wishes to sister Jessica, though she is protesting today because her kids had the pukes. I wish I could send some of these scrumptious cupcakes your way, Jess!

And it's Ollie's birthday today too! Happy Birthday little Oolie Boolie!{When Ollie saw these cupcake photos on my blog, he got all excited and said "mmmm" & asked "mow-wah?" (more) and threw an absolute fit of devastation when he could not crawl into the screen to eat some more.}


  1. oh, yum!!

    Happy birthday to your sweet Ollie :)

  2. wow really mouth-watering!
    could you link us to a recipe? especially of the frosting?

    and happy (late) birthdays to your boys!

  3. Yum, I wish you had sent some of them my way, too! And thank you for the birthday well-wishes, which I will stash away till Monday. That's when we're opting back into my birthday.

    The pictures came out so, so, so cute!

    Happy birthday, little nephew! I love you!

  4. If only we could crawl into the screen and eat whatever we wanted! That would be fun.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLLIE!!!! How fun!!

    And my, my, my, it's quite rude of you to post such delicious looking cupcakes without offering any to me! :) They do look amazing though...I will for sure check out her blog so I can get even hungrier!

  6. oh wow I'm hungry for a cupcake right now. uber jealous!

    happy birthday jess and ollie!!

  7. Those look so very yummy! And happy birthday to your little Ollie! Are all of your boys' birthdays pretty much back to back? May, June.. What month is Calvin's?

  8. YUM YUM YUM! And so super cute! I could not have taken so many pictures before eating them all ... GOOD JOB DAVI!
    Happy birthday Jess and Ollie!

  9. Mmmm, those look so yummy!

    And happy-happy birthday, Ollie!

  10. Amazing! Love the cake shots.

    Happy Birthday, lil' mobster!

  11. thistle_peg! so sorry, but I don't have the recipe:(

  12. I LOVE CUPCAKES TOO! And these are exceptionally adorable. Great pictures, Davi!!