June 30, 2009


I know I've been MIA lately. Just popping my head out of my laundry pile to say "BOO" for a few minutes. We took a spontaneous mini-vacation to the beach this weekend, and I am still recovering from all the sand that followed us home. I will post pictures of our trip soon.

And I've also been very busy working on Twain's birth announcements. It's taking me forever this time around(having 4 kids has slowed me down quite a bit).

But I am having plenty of fun experimenting with my new toy.

Seriously, too much fun for 1 girl to handle!

And here I am lifting weights while my cricut is chirping happily away.

I have been trying to get into more healthy shape for let's see...oh the past 2 days.

Before I say goodbye, I must tell you about my exciting field trip to Trader Joes this afternoon. I know Trader Joes is old hat for many of you, but it's a rare treat for me. Since we are on a strict budget, we(meaning John) have been shopping exclusively at Winco. I know that Trader Joes is relatively affordable, but Winco is still cheaper, overall.

For a looooong time, I have been wanting to eat more healthy foods, but it just did not seem economically feasible. But after reading this post, I was more motivated to try. If she could do it on a budget with 6 kids, I could too. It is just a matter of changing my priorities. Many people eat healthy and are willing to spend less on other goods. And perhaps less on cricut paraphenilia.

And so I think I am willing to spend less on the clothes category{gasp} and more on the food category. Well, let's not get too crazy. Maybe the supplies category could take the first hit.

So off I went with my little wad of cash.

While at Trader Joes, I saw a dad shopping with his 4 sons, with their cart loaded to the brim.

I want to be them. I do! I do!

And there I was, with my measly stash of food, but I was awfully proud.

I held up the peanut butter aisle for almost 15 minutes, while at least 3 or 4 people had to say "excuse me" and reach around me for their jar of choice. I finally found some with omega-3, that suited my fancy.

Isn't it handsome?

And I bought some eggplant humus because it had less calories than the regular kind.
It is quite zesty and tasty, fyi.

And the vanilla almond granola bar took at least 15 minutes to chow down, it was so dense and chewy. I felt like a goat or pigeon. And I loved it.

Ok, back to my announcements. I am hoping to get them out before Twain's 1st birthday...


  1. Ahhh! I am oh-so-jealous that you got a CriCut! A teacher at my school had one in her class this year and made the most darling things on the planet with her students! Where did you get yours??? I keep seeing them on sale, but Zi swear, if I bring home one more crafting or cooking device, Popeye may have me locked up....

    Can't wait to get a sweet Twain announcement in the mail!

    Oh. And I need some serious motivating on the envelopes. Doing them right now and I am so frustrated I think I will just shove my budget folder under my pillow and read a book instead! Ugh. Budget.

  2. Becca and I were just talking tonight about Trader Joes...then I read your blog...it's a sign I need to go shopping there!!!

  3. i love your random blog story goodness. the end.

  4. OMG - the cricut. I'm so jealous. I just saw the infomercial for that a few weeks ago and was tempted to get it at Wal-Mart the other day. You must tell me how you like it!

  5. I LOVE Trader Joe's! You gotta try the flat bread with the hummus. Warm the bread on the stove a minute and its absolute perfection!

    Ps.. Some random customer at Joannes was trying to talk me in buying a cricut a few weeks ago. I had never even heard of such a thing and now I am seeing them everywhere!

  6. I'm so, so jealous of your Trader Joe's. Do they think Midwesterner's don't want healthy, affordable-er food? Apparently not, because we still don't have one!

    I'm anxious to hear about the Ezekiel muffins.

    And dying to see your beach pictures!

  7. yay, a Davi post! I've missed you. Although, I've been rather MIA myself, especialy when it comes to commenting on people's blogs...

    so we are twinsies this week, friend. Because for one, I am also trying to get back into shape-- 3rd time to the gym today. Go us!! :) Secondly, I also visited Trader Joe's this week, and we even bought some of the same things! I love love love that place. YUM. And I love how everything is so much healthier too! Thirdly, I'm working on Rosalie's "birth announcements" (can they still be considered such when she is 3 1/2 months old? see, you're WAY ahead of me) this week! It's taking me forever too, so I know what you mean. Can't WAIT to see yours, because I know they will be incredibly adorable. :)

    see... twinsies!!

  8. Olive Oyl--I LOVE my cricut and use it almost everyday. I bought in on sale at Joann's. They currently have a smokin' sale at micheals.

    I say buy it and let popeye lock you up--as long as you can play with your cricut in your confinement:)

    & hang in there with the budget. you can do it!

    Jenn-- LOVE the cricut.

    Lin-thank for the flat bread tip. I warmed it today and it was delicious!

    J-They didn't sell ezekial muffins at traders:( i had to buy trader joe's brand instead.

    Talia--twinsies indeed! Love it! and yes, "Go us!" with the exercising. It's definitely something to be celebrated!

  9. I am a Winco/Trader Joes/Fresh And Easy kind of girl. I do MOST of the shopping at Winco and then find special little gems at the other places =) I wish I could do ALL my shopping at Vons/Trader Joes/Fresh and Easy! Sigh ... someday!
    I can't wait to see the announcements! How fun! Let me know if you need any help girlie!

  10. HOW IN THE HECK do you have time to MAKE his birth announcements! Seriously impressed lady! I wish I had the skill to make Rowan's. Buy I'm leaving that to the "professionals" on Etsy. :-) I have no skill when it comes to stuff like that.

  11. I love the Cricut and want one so badly. How fun that you got one, enjoy! I also LOVE Trader Joe's. I don't go as often as I'd like to but it's a treat when I do. Thanks for saying Boo.

  12. I LOVE Trader Joes, I've been making MUCH more of a conscious effort to eat healthier and watch my portions lately (as well as ATTEMPTING to sneak in some exercise) and going to places like TJ's and Whole Foods can make that plan a whole lot more inspiring! Now...if only I could get my KIDS to eat the stuff I buy!!

  13. have not even seen your announcements yet and im already green with envy! costco just made my son's birth announcements, so you can see how creative i am :)

  14. I LOVE Trader Joes and miss it so much during the summer! Good luck on your quest to eat healthy...

  15. I just bought some hummus at TJ's, this afternoon. I blame you. LOL.

  16. Your photos! I just came to your blog instead of boring google reader and WOW- does it make a difference! Your header- daaaarling. Way to go on the healthy eating- especially when it costs. And something tells me your announcements are going to top them all.

  17. I must ask...can your cricut cut felt?