June 2, 2009

I am my beloved's

and my beloved is mine.

No man without woman;
no woman without man;
and neither without God.

The above words were from my parent's wedding certificate. My father posted them on the inside of the gazebo that he made for my little sister's wedding ceremony.

He also made the Star of David for the outside of the gazebo, in honor of my mother's jewish ancestry.

I did not take my camera inside the church where Lindsay and Jim were married. Partly because John and I were overwhelmed with 4 squirrely boys, partly because I wanted to enjoy the wedding...that and the fact that there were actual wedding photographers on the job. Still, I wish I had a photo of dad walking Lindsay down the aisle.

She never looked so beautiful.
He never looked so handsome.
I was bursting with pride.

I did take plenty of photos at the reception, because by then, my fingers were just itching to start snapping some shots.

Here are the newlyweds, Lindsay and Jim. They are both so special, because they both have such good hearts. Like truly good hearts. Everyone loves them so much.

Goodness here peepers were especially blue that day.

A shot of the sisters.

I am not that much shorter...I had kicked off my heels for a few minutes.

Her colors were blue and orange. 

So, therefore, Twain and daddy were wearing blue and orange.

Lorie made Twain a tie-onesie just for the occasion. So sweet of her.

The day was so special and beautiful and wonderfully overwhelming. Every direction I turned, I saw another person I knew since I was a kid. Many of these people I had not seen in years.

Here is mom with my Aunt Jeanie. She flew in from New York. Last time I saw her, I was around 7 years old. It was awesome to see her again.

My cousin Shay. All the way from back East. Shay and Lindsay look alike.

Cousin Ryan. Such a handsome devil.

I think Ryan looks like my dad.

And of course, my sister Jessica and her troops were all there.

Jessica's decorated hubby. He gets to wear his spiffy uniform at every wedding.

Oh how I love these little girls.

My "Ont" Nanie hanging out with her grandson Luke. 

Cousin June with Luke. I just loved June's yellow dress.

My cute twinsies. Hayley and Jamie held Twain for a good chunk of the reception.

Jamie and Nate were so cute.

Nate was sporting an authentic vintage suit and tie. 

Cousin Hayley with hubby Nick. They currently live in New York as well, while Nick is in law school.

There was dancing.

And some apple cider.

But all too soon, is was time to say goodbye.

Tacy was particularly devastated and had everyone in tears.

Just as Jim was about to drive away, he pulled a fat bag of licorice out of his trunk and handed it to me. It is tradition in my family for the groom to 'buy his way into the family' with red vines:) I think it was my idea, concocted long ago(Correct me if I'm wrong, Jess!).

Jim, we love you and are so thrilled to welcome you into the family!!!!

Back at Lindsay's old house, John and Jessica took a few shots of me.

Loriloo lent me her yellow shoes. Thanks Lorie!

It was a most fantastical weekend.


  1. She looks SO pretty! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Great pictures, Dee! I was hoping you would post soon!

    The licorice started with one of my old boyfriends (either Jeff or Bobby) bringing over a ton of licorice, and we all teased, saying that he was trying to buy his way in. And then someone told John he had to keep up the tradition? Not sure how that went down, lol.

    Loved your blue dress, and your boys were so cute!

  3. okay, crying at that picture of lindsay and tacy hugging. ugh. these pictures are beautiful davi, it looks like it was every bit as amazing and beautiful as you described it.

    and I think I need to borrow John's tie for this weekend. You know, for Scott... not me. =)

  4. Lovely photos. Looks like a fantastic wedding! Your sister's eyes are so beautiful! Glad you had a great time.

  5. o-m-g!!!
    what a lovely day!

    and....uh..if God gives us Baby Love here on Earth....I'll totally buy that little orange hat..hehe!!

    you look so pretty :)

  6. Wow Davi your sister has amazing eyes! You are all three so darn adorable! I have been keeping an eye out for the wedding pictures =) Glad you posted them! XOXO

  7. Your dress looked amazing on you!! And the yellow accents with it...totally made it POP! :)

    Looks like a fun day and a beautiful wedding!

  8. What a special day! I love the pics! Lindsay looked so gorgeous! I think the shadows Jamie used made her eyes pop!! I felt a lot of love that day! Our family is now complete.

    I wish I had some licorice....and that I was still holding Twain. :)


  9. What beautiful pictures! And what a stunning bride your sister made. :) All of it was just lovely.

  10. what a beautiful, beautiful day!! And full of so many beautiful people too-- I really love ALL the pictures you took and how you captured the colors and the faces. Your sister is simply a gorgeous bride. Wow.

    and you, my dear, look amazing!! That color is stunning on you. That last picture of you and Twain?? It's so beautiful and perfect it makes me want to cry!

    ahhh, I am just so glad you got to have such a wonderful family day filled with amazing memories. :) Congrats to your sister!!

  11. oh man! that last picture has me in tears!! it's just so wonderful to see a mom in her element, lovin' on her babies! you are SO beautiful, davi! looks like you have a wonderful, fun family! i LOVE huge parties like this! awesome! xo.

  12. Such a beautiful family you have, and yes, Cousin Ryan is handsome!

  13. these pictures are great, davi
    i LOOOOOOOOVE their cake! you three sisters soo look related. you loke fabulous, all of you! im glad it was so fun and beautiful.

  14. oh ya and i think the tradition with the red vines is too funny.

  15. Davi... your photos are absolutely beautiful, i felt like I was there - your love for your family shines through each one! Thank you :) and I love you friend!!!

  16. Thanks for posting D!! I am happy to get to see some pics of that day. Sad I missed your "shower" :) I so wanted to be there!